It’s easy to choose Huajia, teach you 4 tips, flower armor is lively and fat, the method is very practical

In the blink of an eye, in April, the flower armor on the market was so delicious and cheap, and was loved by people.Huajia is also known as flower clams. Its method is very rich. It can be used to cook soup, making the soup base delicious, the more fresh and fresh; it can also be made into garlic fans flower armor, hot street snacks, or good jams.Or let’s stir -fry the flower armor, unite and eat again.

So what should I pay attention to when buying flower armor?What are the techniques to choose Huajia?Should I choose closed mouth or open?How can Huajia vomit sand quickly?Today, I will share with you the tips for choosing Huajia.

1. [Look at the opening and closed mouth]

One of the simplest ways to buy a flower clam is to observe whether the tongue of the clam tongue is spit out in a static state. If there is a flower clam that spit out the tongue, gently touch it with your hands, and see if your tongue stretches back.Shining back means that the clams are alive and can be preferred.

Conversely, if the tongue spit out, but touch it with your hands, it does not shrink back. Such a flower clam is dead, it is not fresh, remember not to buy it.

2. [Select large and heavy clams]

According to the first step of selection skills, we can easily know whether the clams are alive or dead.Next, choose a large and weighted clam. Some of the clams are large and the surface looks fresh, but it is very light on the hand. This kind of flower clam has been dead for a long time.Black stinky, accidentally buy home and cook, the whole pot of vegetables is stinky.So you still have to pay attention when you buy a flower clam.

3. [Do not break the shell]

If you see a crash, do n’t choose if you see a broken shell, because the clam is broken, and it won’t be long to survive when you buy it home.Essence

4. [Two clams to touch the sound]

Once I bought a flower clam, because there were too many people who bought the clams, I picked up a lot of clams and showed a closed state.The seafood boss said, let me help you pick it up, and the guarantee is all alive.Then she knocked on two clams and could judge whether the clam was alive.When I saw the boss picking the clams quickly, I asked her how to judge that the clam was alive. She said that the living clams first had a weight when I hit it.Open; if there is an empty clam, you can obviously hear the empty sound at knocking.

5. [smell the smell]

In addition, you need to pick up the flower clams and smell it. See if there is a odor. There is a odor that the smelling clams.

Although the flower clams are delicious, the vomit is too troublesome. If the sand is not clean, the flower clams will have sand, which greatly affects the deliciousness of eating flowers.So how can I quickly spit out the clams and vomit sand. This is also what many people want to know. Today I will share with you how to quickly spit the sand.

1. First rinse the flowing water on the surface of the clams for 2-3 times to clean the residue on the surface;

2. Put the clams in the seal box, add an appropriate amount of salt, and cover the lid;

3. Shake the lid for about 2-3 minutes, so that after shaking, you can make the clams quickly spit the sand, and the sand is very clean, and it tastes better.

The above is to share with you the tips and tips for choosing Huajia and Hua Jiazha. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. If there are shortcomings, everyone gives more suggestions.


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