It turns out that these words on the brown sugar packaging are fake, don’t buy it wrong!

Female compatriots like to drink brown sugar water, especially when that comes.But do you know?The brown sugar you eat is likely to be fake!IntersectionIntersectionNot all red colors are called brown sugar.

For example: red sugar!In appearance, it is almost impossible to argue with brown sugar, and even many people think that red sugar is brown sugar!

Of course, it is normal for consumers to argue. We put brown sugar and red sugar together and found that the bottom of the appearance cannot be divided, almost the twin sisters.

What is red sugar?

Red granulated sugar is the squeeze (sugar residue) in the production of white sugar, which can be understood by showing us a picture:

Brown sugar will only come from sugarcane, and in addition to sugarcane, red sugar will also come from beet.Brown sugar retains the original ingredients of more sugar cane, which is better than square iron, calcium and other elements.The red sugar is no lustful sugar. It is different from the twin brothers.

So seeing this, we should not eat things "red sugar" on the packaging in the future, which is tantamount to drinking white sugar water.However, in the special business environment of the Tianchao, we must not be sparse in the way to sell dog meat from the head of the sheep. Yes, many manufacturers are printed with brown sugar on the packaging, but it is actually red sugar!Next, we will simply teach us a few tricks to avoid red sugar.

1. How to avoid red granulated sugar based on the ingredient table?

Real: Really brown sugar, the name of the front packaging should be "brown sugar", and the ingredient table should be "sugarcane or sugarcane juice", as shown below:

Fake: Divided into several different situations.

Some businesses are particularly sincere, and the big word directly notifys that we are red granulated sugar. We may not understand it before, but after reading this article, we must scoff at this situation.

Some are slightly disappointing, but they are still written on the product sales page:

There are also ghosts sneaking in the opposite side of red granulated sugar, and the front is still written with brown sugar:

There are also pure brown sugar, but in fact, in order to reduce costs to add glucose:

Even more exaggerated is to use white sugar as the primary ingredients to fake brown sugar (the more advanced the sorting in the ingredient table, the more content), can you also make a snack if you make a fake!

2. Choose according to the place of production

(Product sugar output value national proportion nationwide; brown sugar share and output value)

As long as brown sugar is made of sugarcane, and sugarcane grows only in the south, the "brown sugar" produced by Inner Mongolia and Hebei can use beet sugar areas can not be considered.

Guangxi and Hainan’s brown sugar share and output value are very low, and the probability of buying red sugar is high, such as the figure below.Try to buy brown sugar in Guizhou, Sichuan, Jiangxi, and Fujian, all of which are the main producing areas. The probability of buying is a high probability. Yunnan and Guangdong can also consider it.

Third, distinguish from the flavor and taste

The sugar content of brown sugar is about 90%, and the sugar content of red sugar can reach 99.3%.Therefore, the real brown sugar is not too sweet, but it is very fragrant, and it will have the mellow flavor of sugarcane; and the taste of red sugar is relatively rushing and sweeter.OK, have you learned?

Brown sugar’s food supplement secret

Nutrition seasoning: Try to use brown sugar to replace sugar in daily cooking and diet, which can control the overall intake of sugar and use brown sugar nutrition.

Warm stomach: When making cold dishes, it is suitable for brown sugar. The taste is better. Most of the raw dishes are cold, and a little brown sugar can warm the stomach.

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