It turns out that Chinese reporters are so difficult to stay in India

For a period of time, Chinese reporters have repeatedly suffered injustice and discrimination in India.After the three Xinhua News Agency reporters in India in 2016 were forced to return to China due to difficulty renewal visas, many Chinese media reporters recently applied for visa renewal applications and were forced to leave the country by the Indian side.I am one of the storms.

In February 2017, I went to the president of the Xinhua News Agency New Delhi Branch and stayed in India for 6 years.The root cause of the country is good for reporters abroad to carry out news work, but this has become a rhetoric of the Indian party to issue a "deportation order".On March 15 this year, the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs told me that I had to leave before March 31 through emails, and there was no reason for the reason.Under the inquiry, the reason given by the Indian side was the resident time for a long time.

I submitted materials to the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in early February this year to apply for a visa expired on March 7.Seeing that the overdue date was approaching, I asked the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs many times inquiring the approval progress, and never answered it until I finally waited for a "deportation order".When I was separated, I couldn’t help feeling that the Chinese reporter’s bitter Indian visa for a long time is really difficult to work in India!

Difficult to work and life

In 2017, India shortened the validity period of the visa in India to India to 3 months or even less than one month, and repeatedly tossed Chinese journalists to apply for renewal.The validity period of the visa of the Indian party to other countries is usually 1 to 2 years.My colleague Jiang Lei has issued visas for only 25 to 33 days since August 2019, which has only been valid for only 25 to 33 days.moon.

Visa policies have brought many inconvenience to the work and life of Chinese reporters in printed.According to the Indian provisions, various necessary documents and services such as reporters’ certificates, driving licenses, bank accounts and even mobile phone numbers of Chinese journalists are linked to visa. The short -term visa causes that its continuity cannot be guaranteed, causing a series of problems.

For example, the visa period is too short, and the holder cannot open a local bank account.Jiang Lei was able to apply for a local bank card after 4 and a half years in India.However, less than 3 months, the bank card was frozen because of the delay in the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs delayed to Jiang Lei.

For another example, according to the regulations of the Indian News Agency, a journalist certificate in Indian reporters in India usually continues once a year, and the validity period is "synchronized" with the visa.Therefore, Chinese reporters often face the problem of short -term validity period and after expirement.Jiang Lei has been in India for 5 years and has not applied for an Indian journalist card.Without a reporter’s certificate, the resistance of Chinese reporters in India’s news work can be imagined.

Difficult to visit relatives, go to office

The most concerned about reporters abroad is the domestic family members. However, the Indian government issued a short -term visa to seriously interfere with Chinese reporters in India to return to visit relatives.

During the epidemic, my colleague Zhao Xu raised his brain to plan to return to China to visit relatives.EssenceDue to the uncertainty, his vacation plan has been revised and dragged again and again.

During the abroad, many colleagues had urgent incidents at home, but they could not return to China as soon as possible.Zhao Xu’s father had a sudden cerebral infarction in November 2020, but due to the above factors, he could not return to visit until January 2021.Fortunately, the elderly improved during this period, and there was no regret that could not be recovered.Jiang Lei waited for her to return her back to China until the appropriate visa period was nearly 5 months pregnant, and then returned to India within the validity period of the visa for 3 months. When he returned to China, the child was 1 and a half years old.The various practices of the Indian government have caused tremendous psychological pressure on Chinese reporters in India and are very inhumane.

In addition, since 2020, the Indian side has refused to approve Chinese reporters to apply for a regular application, which has caused the rotation of Chinese media reporters to be blocked.Zhao Xu was scheduled to work in the New Delhi branch for 4 years, but when he was fully appointed in November 2021, he could not leave because the Indian side did not "release" the reporter.Due to the Indian visa policy, the Xinhua News Agency New Delhi Branch currently has the only "over -service" Zhao Xu "holding a certificate".

Unprovorate "leave the country"

It is understood that before the end of March this year, the two reporters from Indian media in other Chinese media were also forced to leave the country for no time.

A Chinese reporter stationed in India was informed by an email of the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in November 2021 that after the vacation was over, there is no need to return to India.At least 2 months will expire.The reporter was forced to interrupt vacations and rushed back to India to deal with work transfer, retired housing, closing bank accounts and other affairs.Soon, he received a notice of leaving the country within 10 days, and rushed back to the country in early December 2021.

Another Chinese reporter stationed in India was renewed in October 2018.The Indian side did not give a reason for refusal and asked him to leave before the visa expired.He was forced to leave China in December of that year.

In retrospect, the Chinese colleagues and I have suffered from all kinds of difficulties in India in the past 6 years. I sincerely hope that this unfair and discriminatory treatment can end, so that Chinese reporters in India can work with peace of mind, and reported the cooperation between Indian news and China and India.

Reporter: Hu Xiaoming

Participated reporter: Jiang Lei Zhao Xu

Production of Xinhua News Agency International Department

Produced by Xinhua News Agency International Communication integration platform

Source: Xinhua News Agency

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