It is said that Angelica blood supplementation is good, but experts remind: Angelica "body" and "tail", different utilizations need to be symptomatic!

Angelica is called a blood -replenishment medicine, which is often used for medicated health, but do you know?Not everyone is suitable for adjusting the body through Angelica!Listen to what the experts say ↓↓↓

Chief Physician Ni Cheng, Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine Physics and Reproductive Medicine Research Center

Angelica is not right, not only can not condition the body, but it may also cause serious consequences such as stomach pain, bloating, and diarrhea!


People with blood deficiency or blood stasis, or those who have symptoms of blood deficiency and blood stasis, are suitable for replenishment treatment by taking Angelica.

Note: Different symptoms have different symptoms, and the angelica parts that should be taken are also different!

Angelica effect

People with blood deficiency are suitable for taking Angelica

The selection of blood deficiency is used to supplement the angelica, and the effect of nourishing blood and nourishing blood is good.

Blood deficiency manifestation

Blood can help the human body supplement nutrition. When the human body is full, the viscera, meridians, and tissue organs can get nutrients through blood; when the human body loses less blood, it may cause blood deficiency and show the above symptoms.

Experts remind: As long as there are symptoms of blood deficiency, both men and women can take Angelica replenishment.

Experts teach you to look at each other, look at the eyelids, and whether there are blood deficiency symptoms in self -test ~


Observe your complexion through a plain face. If you find that the face is white Wuhua and his complexion is yellowish, the tester belongs to blood deficiency.

Inner side of the eyelid

Observing the inside of the eyelids, if the color of the eyelids is pink, it shows that the testers have abundant eye blood and nutrition; if the eyelid color is found to be light red, it means that the tester has symptoms of blood deficiency.

Through the diagnosis, the test person was found to be yellowing and light eyelids.It is more suitable for taking Angelica tonic.

People with blood stasis are suitable

People with blood stasis or blood stasis tend to take angelica tails, and blood circulation and blood stasis have good effects.

Experts teach you to look at your tongue, whether there is symptoms of blood stasis in self -test ~


Looking at the tongue, if the tongue of the test is discovered, the tongue is darker and the depression of the tongue is purple, indicating that the test person is a blood stasis constitution.Note: The deeper the color of the tongue body and the vein of the tongue, the heavier the blood stasis.

At the same time, people with blood stasis and blood deficiency are suitable

Long -term blood deficiency can cause blood stasis. Patients with blood stasis due to deficiency are suitable for taking full -angelica into supplement.Angelica can also regulate menstruation and relieve pain, and feminine taking Angelica after childbirth can help recover.


Angelica can moisturize the intestinal laxatives. It has symptoms of blood deficiency, blood deficiency, or symptoms of blood deficiency and blood stasis. People with dry stools and habitual constipation are suitable for taking Angelica.

People who are thin or water -like in the stool are not suitable for taking Angelica, and rashness may increase diarrhea.

Angelica dietary supplementary prescription

Angelica Ginger Lamb Soup

Winter tonic, recommended Angelica ginger and mutton soup.Angelica nourish blood; ginger is cold in the warmth; lamb is warm in the warmth; Angelica ginger and mutton soup is suitable for people with insufficient stomach cold, yang qi, and blood deficiency.

Experts remind: People with yin deficiency should eat as little as much as possible ginger and mutton soup.

Angelica Blood Drink

Angelica replenishment of blood; astragalus nourishing qi; jujube nourishing qi and blood, 矫 当, and making the three into tea generation, suitable for people with blood deficiency or qi and blood deficiency for a long time.

Angelica is small and has a lot of effects,

Blood deficiency uses the body, blood stasis tails, tail,

Blood deficiency and blood stasis, use the body and tail,

Do you remember?

Health Tips: Please go out to wear masks, wash your hands frequently, ventilate more, and go to the crowd densely.

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