It is difficult to get pregnant for eight years of marriage.

There was a patient before, and a child was born normally, but then I couldn’t conceive when I wanted to get pregnant.What is the situation here?

In fact, this female patient was 32 years old and had been married for eight years.After one year of marriage, he had a boy, but unfortunately, the boy died of illness when he was three years old.

So the patient’s spirit was strongly stimulated, and the menstrual cycle began to be disordered, or early, or after the wrong.Since then, although it has not been adopted for contraceptive measures, it has not been pregnant again until the consultation, and it has been three years.

During the consultation, it was found that the menstrual color of the patient was dark red. After being stimulated by spiritual stimulation, the menstrual flow was unstable, sometimes there were many, sometimes less; breast pain before menstruation, uncomfortable chest, and small abdominal pain.

Sometimes I feel bad and depressed. Sometimes I am irritable. It is easy to get angry, upset and irritable, and it is easy to get out of control. The patient does not want to eat, always feels weak, does not want to move, and always wants to lie on the bed.

After watching her tongue coating, she was thin, and found her pulse strings.

No abnormalities were found in gynecological examinations, and fallopian tubes were unobstructed.

On the whole, this patient was suddenly stimulated by mental stimulation, which blocked the liver veins, which caused liver qi to lose abolition and tide. After the liver’s abolition function became not good, it would stagnate.

The liver is lost, qi and blood disorders, and the two veins cannot be connected, so it has led to years of infertility.

Therefore, in the treatment, the liver should be relieved to relieve depression and regulate blood.I used Beltic Liver Decoction and flavor. The medicinal materials mainly include Angelica, Chi Zhi, Achyranthes, Cao Cao, Kawabezi, Melonia, Sapa, Sausan, Green Skin, Licorice, Wang Bu Xing and other medicinal materials.

Later, the prescription was improved through the specific symptoms at the time of retraining. After three months of treatment, he became pregnant again. The patient’s family was very happy.

Therefore, when the liver’s excretion function is normal, it can ensure that the body’s gas strip is smooth, the qi and blood are running normally, and the physical and mental health.

Note: This article is only used for experience exchanges and does not take clinical guidance.If you have similar diseases, you should seek medical treatment in time and take medicine under the guidance of a doctor.

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