It is best not to put 4 items in the bedroom during pregnancy. If you hurry up, it will affect the health of the fetus

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After pregnancy, every pregnant mother is very careful, especially when it is. In the third trimester, it is inconvenient to move a day and one day. The pregnant mother is more careful for the safety of the fetus. After all, she is pregnant in October.It is the biggest wish of parents, so the health of the fetus will always affect the heart of pregnant mothers.

In fact, every stage of pregnant mothers pregnancy is very important. In addition to the closer to the pelvis in the third trimester, the pregnant mother should be careful. In the early stages of pregnancy and the second trimester, you must be extra careful.Pay attention to the laws in diet and schedule. Some items in the bedroom are also worthy of attention, because some items emit the smell of the baby, which will affect the health of the baby. Pregnant mothers should not use it.

TOP.1 aromatherapy

Some families’ bedrooms will be fragrant. Different incense has different effects. The incense placed in the bedroom mainly plays the effect of soothing and sleeping. For some people with poor sleep, it is a very good choiceHowever, it is best not to put incense in the bedroom of pregnant mothers, because the general incense and chemical ingredients are added in general incense. Long -term use will affect the development of the fetus.

TOP.2 Mosquito coil

It is very uncomfortable by mosquito when sleeping in the summer, especially when pregnant mothers sleep at night, it is inconvenient to make mosquitoes affect sleep.It is definitely not small to poison mosquitoes, and it will also affect the development of the fetus. Therefore, the mosquito net or physical mosquito extinguishing the mosquito mosquito extinguish in the bedroom of pregnant mothers in summer.

TOP.3 camphor ball

Everyone knows that the "camphor ball" is used to prevent the clothing from moisture, especially some high -end clothing at home. In order to prevent insects and prevention, some camphor balls will be placed.This kind of toxic elements such as benzene have been heard for a long time, and pregnant mothers will have dizziness, nausea or allergies. It is best not to store it in the bedroom or wardrobe.

Top.4 Plants absorbing oxygen at night

Many homes like to raise flowers. Green plants not only make people feel relaxed, pleasing to the eye, but also natural air purifiers, but also achieve the role of decorative rooms.It will stop the photosynthesis. If you put it too much, you will fight for the oxygen in the bedroom with the pregnant mother, and the fetus will also be nutritious.

It is best not to keep pets during pregnancy, because ordinary pets will have "bow -shaped worms" infection. Even if the prevention needle is used, it will not be eliminated, which will cause fetal malformation, genetic mutation, or organ development.Bacteria can also cause abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding, miscarriage, premature birth and adverse reaction during pregnancy, so try not to keep pets during pregnancy.


Each pregnant mother wants to be healthy and beautiful, so be sure to avoid the above 4 points. If you have no way to change it, you can prevent the health of the baby.Only will it be born smoothly, and here I wish every pregnant mother can produce smoothly!The baby is healthy and happy!

Finally, do you have these four items in your bedroom as a pregnant mother?Do you think it is suitable for nourishing pets during pregnancy?Welcome to leave a message in the comment area.

I am a mother of Baoer. I would like to share with you the knowledge of pregnancy, and every bit of the growth of children, remember to pay attention to me!

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