Is vomiting too uncomfortable during pregnancy?May wish to try these "stop vomiting" tricks, or it can help you reduce the pain

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When you brushing the video, I saw a favorite female star and listened to her about her pregnancy journey:

The second child, coupled with the elderly mother, is not easy for this female star.Since pregnancy, she is not very comfortable, and many problems have been detected during pregnancy.

Throughout pregnancy, this female star has always been in high tension and anxiety.Originally, the body was not very good, and the result of severe pregnancy vomiting.

In her words, the whole pregnancy was either vomiting or on the road of vomiting.

For the sharing of female celebrities, the comment area has aroused heated discussions. Some people think she is arrogant, and some people expressed their feelings.It can only be said: physical fitness is different, and the performance and response during pregnancy are different.

Why do you vomit more than during pregnancy?

First, consider the rejection of the mother.After women, women will become particularly sensitive after pregnancy. Coupled with changes in progesterone, they will have a strong rejection of food.

Second, consider the influence of psychological factors.Obviously it is a good thing, but I do n’t know why, after pregnancy, it will be inexplicable and anxious, because of the emotional and psychological effects, there will be more pregnancy.

Finally, consider the factors of living habits.Most women’s pregnancy reactions are manifested in the morning, especially when brushing their teeth and wash their faces after the morning, which is due to sleeping one night, which leads to an increase in gastric acid in the body.

Of course, each expectant mother’s pregnancy is different. Some people have a slight performance, but some people’s performance is very strong.Mainly, pregnancy vomiting is still related to personal constitution, hormone level, and fetal development.

Will pregnant vomiting affect the development of baby baby?

Even if pregnancy is uncomfortable, but for the health of the baby, most Baoma has endured uncomfortable and carried the pregnancy response.

But what impact does expectant mothers worry about: pregnancy vomiting, will it have any impact on the development of the baby?

In other words, vomiting during pregnancy is a normal physiological phenomenon. As long as it is within a reasonable range, it will not affect the baby’s health.

However, if the vomiting of expectant mothers is particularly serious, dehydration, or poor diet, you need to pay attention.Everyone knows that the nutrition of the baby’s baby is derived from the mother.The nutrition of the mother is derived from the daily diet.

Simply put: As long as pregnant mothers can eat a small amount to ensure that their nutrition is sufficient, even if the weight in the early pregnancy does not change much, it will not affect the baby’s development.

Of course, if the pregnant mother vomits greatly, even eating is a problem, and the body is obviously thin, then it should be another matter.At this time, you need to ask the doctor in a timely manner to supplement nutrition in other ways to ensure that the body and baby’s body are healthy.

Preventing vomiting during pregnancy, these living habits must be persisted

1. Develop the habit of eating less meals

Pregnant mothers do need to supplement nutrition, but they need to adopt a gradual method, especially mothers with severe vomiting during pregnancy. They should pay attention to diet.Eating less and meals is the dietary principle that pregnant mothers must adhere to and follow, and are suitable for the entire pregnancy.

Eat a little less for each meal, which can minimize the number of vomiting; and then eat less meals, which is conducive to nutritional absorption.

2. Develop the habit of resting more

Even if I am pregnant, I still feel omnipotent. This is the most authentic look in many women in life.I really want to say: I am pregnant, which is not the same as before. I need adequate rest and need to protect myself.

In fact, when people are tired, the pregnancy reaction will be more obvious, so giving themselves sufficient rest time, maintaining a better physical condition, and reducing pregnancy vomiting.

3. Adjust the previous eating habits

In addition to eating less meals, pregnant mothers love to adjust their eating habits. The spicy, fried, barbecue and other foods that I especially like before. It is recommended not to eat it for the time being after pregnancy.Another is that if you are particularly exclusive to a certain food, try to stay away.

During pregnancy, it is best to choose low -salt, low sugar, low -fat foods, and the taste should be light.Just pregnant, as long as you add more protein, others can be done later.

Anti -vomiting small tricks, please arrange it, let’s arrange it

1) Steam apple

When vomiting is severe, and even when you feel uncomfortable, you can steam fresh apples and eat it. Not only can it relieve vomiting, but it can also protect the stomach.

2) Supplement vitamin B6

Many pregnant mothers say that vitamin B6 also has the effect of alleviating vomiting, but how to take it, it is best to combine the doctor’s order.

3) Yogurt

Lactic acid bacteria have a good protective effect on the stomach. When the pregnancy reaction is strong, you can drink some yogurt to supplement the protein and promote digestion and absorption.

Written at the end: Vomiting during pregnancy is a calamity for many pregnant mothers.But pregnancy was originally a painful and happy thing. I believe that I have survived the pregnancy reaction, and everything is happy.

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