Is there any leucorrhea if you are pregnant? 6 moves to prevent abnormal leucorrhea during pregnancy

As a new mother, I do n’t know what changes in the body after pregnancy. You must know that some changes in your body in time are conducive to protecting the health of expectant mothers.Everyone knows that women will not come to menstruation when they are pregnant, so many women will still have leucorrhea when they are pregnant?How to prevent abnormal leucorrhea during pregnancy?I will introduce them one by one for your reference.

Will there be leucorrhea if you are pregnant?

Will there be leucorrhea if you are pregnant?Women will still have leucorrhea after pregnancy, and the vaginal mucosa will become thinner. At this time, the vaginal leakage will increase than usual. As long as the leucorrhea is normal, there is no need to worry about it, and there is no need to do specific treatment. Pregnant women need to be vigilant.It is abnormal vania secretion to prevent the occurrence of gynecological inflammation.

If an abnormal leucorrhea secretion occurs during pregnancy, you can accept routine leucorrhea checks to see if there is an inflammatory response in the results. If there is inflammation, you need to further determine the type of pathogenic bacteria. Because women are taboo after pregnancy, there are taboos, so existing existence existsPay attention to the appropriate anti -inflammatory treatment after inflammation.

After pregnant women have leucorrhea odor, increase in leucorrhea, abnormal leucorrhea color, etc., they must not choose oral anti -inflammatory drugs for treatment. Otherwise, it will only lead to the repeat of the condition. Pregnant women should pay attention to changing their underwear, personal hygiene, and timely prevent inflammation.

How to prevent abnormal leucorrhea during pregnancy?

1. Wash the vulva daily.

Specific mothers need to clean the outer pussy every day and wash it with warm water.

2. Drink plenty of water and eat more vegetables.

Drink water regularly every day to promote metabolism. In addition, vegetables should be eaten more, which will help prevent and relieve symptoms.

3. The washbasin and towels should be dedicated.

The expectant mothers should prepare a dedicated washbasin and towel for themselves. Before use, the pots and towels should be cleaned, and the towels should be placed in the sun.

4. Change the underwear in time.

Downs the underwear every day. When you have the sun, you must put the underwear in the sun and expose it. It is best to use cotton underwear for underwear. The breathability is better.

5. Wipe back to backwards.

After changing the habit of wiping forward, avoid the infection of bacteria as much as possible, and wipe the habit of wiping from the front to the back. If possible, you can also use warm water to clean.

6. Wear flat -angle, loose cotton underwear.

It is normal to increase leucorrhea during pregnancy. When expectant mothers are sleeping at night, it is best to wear flat -angle and loose cotton underwear. You must also change your panties. You cannot use items such as toilet paper or toilet cotton.Essence

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