Is the tumor marker high not far from cancer?

At the moment the medical examination report gets the hand, if the column of the tumor logo shows the normal value, will it scare you?Do you think you have been followed by cancer?Don’t be nervous, the doctor tells you the truth about the tumor logo.

Tumor logo may not be "marked"

The word "logo" in the tumor logo can be understood as specific, so this word can be translated into tumor -specific substances.But is this substance diagnosis of tumor diseases really specific?

It should be said that some tumor markers have certain specificity, but most of the tumor logo specificity is not very strong.In other words, the tumor logo is high, and there is no tumor disease.Being a metaphorical metaphor, tumor logo testing can only be found "suspects" but cannot be convicted!

Therefore, it is not necessary to worry too much about checking the indicators of tumor logo.Once the numerical abnormalities occur, you must first rule out some interference factors that may affect the experimental detection results, such as drinking, poor sleep, and use of drugs, especially individual Chinese medicine may cause an excessive increase in tumor logo value.

The ganoderma spore powder often taken by elderly friends will cause CA724 to rise.In addition, the spiral alcohol, golden cicada, and red gold node capsules may also produce such results.The increase in tumor markers is caused by many reasons.For example, AFP (fetal protein), in addition to primary liver cancer, pregnancy, active hepatitis, and reproductive system tumors may increase. The specific conditions should be determined in conjunction with clinical clinical.

Therefore, the increase in tumor logo is not necessarily cancer.

Normal value may not be at high pillow without worry

So is there no tumor if the tumor logo is normal or decreased?maybe.For example, some clinical diagnosis of advanced ovarian cancer patients CA125 has been normal, and there is no significant change before and after surgery.Another example is that even if the early diagnosis of primary liver cancer like AFP has quite significant tumor markers, its positive rate is only 79%to 90%(AFP diagnose the positive threshold of primary liver cancer> 400NG/ml).In other words, there are patients with 10%to 20%of primary liver cancer. AFP is normal or mild.

Check it out of loneliness?We must pay attention to these three situations

It is said that the reader may be confused here. Since the tumor logo and the tumor disease are not correlated, why should it be detected?

I want to say not only to detect but also pay attention to the results.Tumor logo testing has positive significance for early detection of tumors and early diagnosis of tumors.In particular, the following three situations should pay more attention to: there is a family genetic history of tumor disease, and the results of the results of tumor screening have increased; the increase in the results of the single test is particularly obvious, and the upper limit of the normal value is several times;The presence is elevated.

In these three cases, the detection of tumor logo is very meaningful and should be treated carefully. If there are abnormalities, you need to go to a professional hospital for further diagnosis.

Tumor logo shows great skills in this field

In addition, the tumor logo is also widely used to judge the malignant degree, metastasis, and recurrence of the tumor.Clinically, the tumor treatment effect is generally judged according to its dynamic changes.The detection of the logo also helps doctors choose individualized treatment solutions for tumor patients in a timely manner.

So how to better use the tumor logo to serve us?A combination of tumor logo is a method.Tumor logo combined testing can effectively improve the positive rate of tumor detection. For example, the preferred tumor logo of lung cancer is CEA, NSE, CY211, and replenish tumor markers to SCCA and CA125;The tumor logo is CEA, as well as alkaline phosphatase (ALP), R-glutamyl metastase (GGT), etc.

It is not difficult to see here that the examination of tumor markers should be used as a doctor to learn scientific use and objectively analyze, making it an important detection method for us.Then do not worry blindly after getting the test results, treat it rationally, and ask a professional doctor.In this way, the role of tumor logo detection will be used to the extreme.

Text/Wang Guili (Beijing Xiaotangshan Hospital)

Source: Beijing Youth Daily

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