Is the stomach of a pregnant woman?

Is the stomach of a pregnant woman a contraction?

Pregnant women’s stomach is generally fake contraction, not the contraction of childbirth.

Usually, the problem of hard stomach occurs in the third trimester. From 28 weeks of pregnancy, fake contractions often occur in the abdomen. If pregnant women stand or sit in the same posture for a long time, they will feel that the abdomen will harden.False contraction is normal.This type of contraction is different from the contraction before childbirth. It is characterized by irregular, no pain, short duration, and emitted abdomen hard, which will not cause real delivery, so it is called fake contraction.

As long as the pregnant mother’s pregnancy test is normal, it is not four to six contractions in one hour.It is not controlled by the wives’ will.) Without severe abdominal pain, hard stomach, and falling from the abdomen, expectant mothers do not have to be too panic.But if the false contraction appears frequently, it is regular and accompanied by abdominal pain, and once every 15 to 20 minutes, you should go to the hospital to see.

Pay attention to the following points of hard belly:

1. Pay attention to the number of fake contractions.

2. Observe whether it is accompanied by strong abdominal pain and abdominal falling phenomenon.

3. Pay more attention to fetal movements in the late pregnancy.

4. Take more rest and nutrition should be balanced.

5. When stroking your belly, don’t turn around at will, because your baby may also turn around, which can easily cause contractions.Remind the expectant mother to stroke in one direction, and can gently hit the belly when communicating with the baby.

How to alleviate the stomach of pregnant women

The stiff stomach brings discomfort to the expectant mothers, which can be relieved by the following methods:

1. Change your activities or posture.Sometimes walking can alleviate your discomfort, and sometimes resting can relieve false contractions.(If it is a contraction during the real delivery, no matter what you do, the contraction will not stop, and it will gradually strengthen.)

2. Take a hot bath and relax.

3. Drink a few glasses of water, because pseudo contractions may sometimes be caused by dehydration.

4. Try to relax practice, or do a slow deep breath.Although this does not stop fake contraction, it may help you cope with the feeling of discomfort.

5. Keep good sleep and diet balanced, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, combine work and rest, eat less meals, and appropriately supplement calcium and vitamins.

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