Is the pregnant belly "showing"?Maybe the fetus has such abnormalities

When you are pregnant, there are always friends who will say to your stomach, "Oh, so big!"

However, some pregnant mothers encounter different situations. Not only did there be no seat in the bus, but they were often lost by the elderly at home.

Is the size of the belly related to the consumption of pregnant women?

Experts say that the pregnant belly is "unprepared", which is mainly related to the following four factors:

1. Genetic

Children’s body condition is generally similar to parents. If the parents are more petite, the fetus will not be too big, which is the so -called genetic effect.

2. Nutrition of pregnant mothers

All the nutrition of the baby comes from the mother. If the expectant mother is malnourished during pregnancy, it will affect the baby’s growth and development, and the natural pregnancy will be smaller!

3. Mom’s lifestyle habit

Many people do not know that some of the bad habits of mothers are also related to the size of the pregnant belly of pregnant mothers, such as drinking and smoking.

4. Mother’s health status

If the mother suffers from certain diseases before pregnancy, it will also affect the growth and development of the fetus to a certain extent, such as iron deficiency anemia, which will inhibit the growth and development of the fetus, and will seriously cause the fetal growth in the uterus.

Although the pregnant belly can reflect the health of the fetus to a certain extent, Baoma cannot take the size of the pregnant belly as the sole judgment criterion.

In addition, it is necessary to remind Bao moms that regardless of whether the fetus is too large or too small, you must consult the doctor in time to see if there is the following abnormalities.

Damn 1. huge child

The doctor will judge that the baby is huge based on the palace high, abdominal circumference and first dew, and the specific indicators are weight ≥4000g and palace height ≥37cm.

B -ultrasound checks the double diameter of the fetus> 10cm, the femoral long diameter is ≥7.5cm, and the length of the abdomen/femoral cricket is> 1.385, which is very likely to be huge.

In addition, pregnant mothers have a huge child with the following manifestations: thin abdominal walls, tire blocks during the cardiopathic, too large abdomen when standing, and pregnant mothers often have symptoms of severe abdomen and difficulty in breathing, and their weight growth during pregnancy has grown rapidly.Furthermore, too much amniotic fluid is also a huge obvious feature.

Experts suggest that you have a huge child, and the chances of maternal and baby production are also relatively increased.Therefore, pregnant mothers must do a good job of prenatal diagnosis and understand the timely processing methods in order to effectively reduce the complications of mother and baby.

Abnormal 2. Fetal development is slow

After 28 weeks of pregnancy, doctors will allow pregnant mothers to go to the hospital to measure the palace height every week. If the palace heights are 10 % lower than the normal value twice in a row, or the weight of the pregnant mother has not increased, the fetal growth may be slow.

B -ultrasound checks the number of fetal head double diameters in 3 weeks ≤4mm, 28 weeks of pregnancy <70mm, and 32 weeks of pregnancy <80mm, which can be determined that the fetal growth is limited.

Expert opinion: Limited fetal growth may lead to low blood oxygen volume during production, increase the risk of distress of fetal baby, and lower birth assessment scores; the risk of hypoglycemia, low body temperature, hyperactivity of red blood cells, and hypotonic calciumHigh, severe ones can cause death.

Furthermore, babies who are too light at birth have a higher risk of suffering from heart disease and hypertension.

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