Is the leucorrhea drawn before ovulation or after ovulation?Many expectant mothers are wrong!

Regarding ovulation, most sisters may know one or two, but if they want to understand, they basically guess.As we all know, women will excrete their eggs once a month, and they are ovulation during the past few days, but many sisters with menstrual disorders are difficult to find their ovulation period, so they will be judged by leucorrhea.So, whether the leucorrhea roses appear before ovulation or after ovulation? May wish to take a look.

Under normal circumstances, after the menstruation is clean, the private parts will secrete the secretions, which is often called leucorrhea, which may need to be secreted more after seven days, and it will become thinner.

At this time, the leucorrhea will be drawn, which means that ovulation will be ovulated within 24 hours to 48 hours. Generally, after ovulation, the leucorrhea brushes will gradually disappear, and the leucorrhea will return to the normal stateAt the same time, it is relatively sticky. If you want to succeed in pregnancy, you must pay attention to this.

Signal 1: ovulation and bleeding

First of all, we must understand that the eggs are discharged from the follicles. When the eggs are discharged, the follicles will break. At this time, the hormone in women will be in a downward trend. In this case, the endometrium cannot be maintained., Therefore, there will be a part of the phenomenon of falling off, which is the real cause of ovulation and bleeding.

Signal two: The body temperature will be slightly higher during ovulation

You should know that our normal body temperature is generally about 36 degrees. If women are in the ovulation period, the ovaries will become luteal at this time, and it will be accompanied by progesterone, the body temperature of the human body will increase by 0.3-About 0.5 degrees, this situation generally only lasts 1-2 days, and it will return to normal afterwards.

Signal 3: Abdominal pain during ovulation

We all know that there will be dysmenorrhea during menstruation, but in fact, during ovulation, some sisters will also have lower abdominal pain, but this situation varies from person to person, not all women will have it.Only 15%of women currently have abdominal pain during ovulation days.

Ovulation day is the time for every pregnancy couple to firmly seize. Once you miss this opportunity, you have to wait another month. Therefore, the preparation couple must be well prepared to welcome their own angel baby.

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