Is the entertainment circle ceiling? Is she wearing underwear?Intersection

Recently, a sister brushed into an extremely grabbing event!IntersectionIntersection

South Korea’s first beautiful chest Liu Zhimin actually collapsed the house by his own chest …

It is said that Liu Zhimin’s figure has always been envious and jealous of many netizens.

Especially the characteristics of big breasts, Liu Zhimin also frequently searches because of this …

However, these days, Korean netizens found that Liu Zhimin’s figure was suspected to be fraudulent

A set of comparison charts are attached to the real hammer ~

They are Liu Zhimin Street to take pictures on the circle and music festivals

Obviously, it can be observed that Liu Zhimin’s chest in the picture is not a little …

Some netizens said they were quite shocked. Can this chest be faked?

Some netizens also said certain that it was a long chest, but now it is just taken out

Some people think that this comparison chart does not explain the problem ~

If the chest position is low, you do n’t wear a gathered underwear, and you only stick a milk sticker. There will be such a big difference.

Some netizens said that she was "thin and thin", and when she lost weight, her chest would become smaller.

Could it be that Liu Zhimin couldn’t escape the fate of slimming first?

Recently, there are also many sisters in the comment area of a sister who have spit out. There was no intention to lose weight, but not only lost weight, but also lost her chest.

By the way, this situation has also brushed a lot on a platform

Some people even have lost weight from spring and summer more than summer.

But, some people also report that they are not only thin in summer, but they are fat?Intersection

There are two digits in winter. After a wave of weight loss in summer, the number directly breaks through the three digits …

This fertilizer is doubtful

Saying good summer will make people thinner, why is there an exception?

In fact, summer is indeed a pretty friendly season.

If the season’s influence on people in accordance with the seasons, thinning in summer is really a matter of water!

Some sisters may think that it can lose weight in summer because of sweating.

After all, you can sweat if you walk casually in summer. How can this calories consumption less?Intersection

This is an easy point of confusion mentioned by a sister before -the how much sweating and the amount of calories consumed.

Therefore, it can only be thinner in summer because the calorie intake becomes less!

Many people have experienced it, saying that as soon as they reach the summer, their appetite is very bad, and they have no appetite to eat.

Obviously, it was time to eat, and my stomach was so hungry, but when I opened the takeaway software, I didn’t want to eat anything.

Some people have a nausea when they smell the taste of the food

I didn’t want to eat before I was hungry. Now, I do n’t want to eat anything when I am hungry.

In fact, the decline in appetite in summer is quite normal, and it can even be said that it is a god -free buff in summer to lose weight ~

First of all, the decreased appetite is related to the hypothalamus. On the one hand, the hypothalamus must help the body to maintain a constant temperature, and the other function is to stimulate feeding behavior.

However, due to the rise in the summer, it is difficult for the hypothalamus to balance their working load.

As a result, even if he was hungry, he didn’t want to eat.

Then the increase in the amount of sunlight in summer can promote serotonin secretion.

You must know that serotonin itself also has the effect of inhibiting appetite.

Of course, in addition to the decline in appetite caused by various reasons, longer in summer will help the body to synthesize more vitamin D.

A sister also found relevant research documents. The vitamin D caused by the cause of Rizhao can reduce the formation of new fat cells in the body and reduce the waist circumference

Overall, the reason for the thinning of people in summer is inseparable from the high temperature and the time of light becomes longer.

Interestingly, this also explains why northerners are generally more "mighty and majestic" than southerners.

There have been studies and surveys of the body size of the residents of North and South China.

In addition to the differences in eating habits in North and South, this is definitely related to the temperature and light duration of the North and South.

Especially in the summer, daily high temperature weather in the south, temperature has a greater impact on appetite.

So, the problem is here ~

Under normal circumstances, it is reasonable to say that people will lose weight in summer, so why do some sisters get fat as soon as they reach summer?Where is the problem?

In fact, the reason is still "eating"!IntersectionIntersection

Although the appetite has fallen in summer, I just don’t want to "eat well."

Especially at noon, the temperature thief is high. I can’t mention a little interest in normal meals, but the cold drink of ice cream is not refused.

Sometimes I order milk tea in the afternoon, eat some fruits in the evening, and I also take a lot of calories in virtual, and they are all foods with low sugar content.

Then there is no good meal at noon, and may be hungry in the afternoon.

At night, eating fruits is relatively restrained, and some people are likely to overeat.

It has become longer during the day, it is too dark, and people’s nightlife has become rich and colorful. Sleeping for one night, the supper also has a high probability to arrange it.

The types of supper are often not very healthy. Crayfish, barbecue, instant noodles, sometimes with beer …

In short, I don’t eat less all day together, even more than before entering the summer.

The last point may be to get the air conditioner. In summer, the loss of appetite is largely related to the environmental temperature and the environmental temperature is high, so the appetite will be suppressed and you ca n’t eat it.

However, if you stay in the air -conditioned room all day long, the indoor temperature is still very low, and you need to wear the extent of a quilt and a jacket, the situation will be said.

First of all, the adjustment of the body temperature of the hypothalamus was snatched by the air conditioner, so he could manipulate the body normally, and the reduction of appetite BUFF in summer also disappeared …

Then, in the low temperature environment, in order to protect themselves and increase the body temperature, the human body will actively increase calorie intake.

As a result, appetite not only was not suppressed, but was promoted …

Some netizens also explained this problem with their own experience. I have never understood why it is thinner in summer …

Until one summer, the city where I was located frequently power out, everything understood, the summer passed, and I lost 10 pounds at once.

Therefore, sisters can correspond to themselves. In the summer, they have not become thinner or even fat. Is it because of stepping on the above pits?Intersection

After finding the problem of the problem, let’s change it, and July and August can let us sprint, everything is not too late ~

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