Is the 25 -year -old pregnancy and 34 -year -old pregnancy different?An elderly woman appears to talk about the pregnancy experience


I want to know how I can be so easy to conceive at the age of 33. Do I have a childbirth at the age of 34?

Older age is not good for pregnancy, early pregnancy, older, more difficult to give birth … Really?Are these absolutely absolute?

I am 32 -year -old, pregnant at the age of 33, and give birth to a baby at the age of 34. The whole process of pregnancy is smooth.I tell you with my own experience that these are not absolute.

Whether women are easy to get pregnant, whether it is easy during pregnancy, and personal constitution, it has nothing to do with age. As long as there are not more than 35, there are no many flows, and it is basically no problem.

In fact, the 25 -year -old pregnancy and 33 and 34 years of pregnancy are not much different. What is really different is your constitution, whether your diet is healthy, and whether your schedule is regular.

Many people have entered a misunderstanding. Before pregnancy, they did not regulate their body consciousness, and they were supplemented after pregnancy.It is now promoting eugenics and eugenics, and the correct order should be to take pre -pregnancy conditioning as the top priority.why?

Because when your uterus environment is not good and your body is not healthy, the soil you breeds life is not high enough.Soil is like uterus. Can a inferior soil bred high -quality seeds?The soil is not good, how can you fertilize, can the seeds grow well?

I am a Chinese medicine enthusiast, let me talk about my experience.

I have always been on time, and I suddenly delayed the holiday for a week, thinking that it was just a short -lived disorder, and I didn’t think about it.

One day after dinner after get off work, my chest tingled a few times, and I did n’t have a holiday for a week.I asked myself repeatedly, is it pregnant?

Due to the pressure of work, I have a great hair loss. Even if I do n’t wash my hair, my hair can be seen everywhere in the bedroom.I’m afraid of baldness, and I am drinking the problem of Chinese medicine to regulate hair loss. I took two treatments of traditional Chinese medicine.While taking Chinese medicine and moxibustion, time was not within the plan, it was a bit surprising.

That night I didn’t sleep well. I kept thinking about it in my heart, hoping that I was not really pregnant.When I got up the next morning, I was still not assured. I hurriedly hung up and asked the boss to leave in advance.

After a few days, I went to the hospital according to the registration time. It was still the Chinese medicine medicine who asked for himself two times. He dictated his symptoms, and the doctor immediately opened a diuretic list.

Then I was sitting on the chair of the hospital and waited. After about an hour, I went to the machine to get a report.The report was frightened, and HCG was positive on it. I rubbed my eyes a few times to determine that I was right.

I stood in front of the machine with a test list and set for more than ten seconds. Am I pregnant?impossible?It is impossible to recruit it at a time.My husband and I are in conflict. I feel that the two people are not very stable. I would rather believe that all this is not true.

I walked from the lobby on the first floor to the doctor. It seemed to have gone for a long time. I was silent in my heart.Hanging the retraining number, sitting on the chair, waiting for the call.

After walking into the doctor’s office again, after the doctor got the report, he glanced at it, congratulations, and became pregnant!I asked the doctor, really?The doctor nodded.

The doctor said that traditional Chinese medicine was not prescribed, because of pregnancy, the Chinese medicine was suspended, so I went home to raise a good tire.

I did n’t go home for lunch at noon and dinner outside.After eating, rush home by the subway.

After my husband came home from get off work, I pretended to be calm, as if nothing happened.I have been struggling to tell him immediately.When I was sleeping, I decided to tell him.I said that there was something to tell you, I went to the hospital for examination today and found pregnancy.

Husband was surprised, but the surprised expression only stopped for a few seconds, and immediately changed to happiness. It was so easy to say that it was so good!

I think this is to tell my parents, so I sent WeChat to my mother and told my mother.Unexpectedly, my mother was happier than me, and immediately sent me a red envelope of 66 yuan.

Go to work the next day.

In the following days, there was no pregnancy, no major adverse reactions.Everything is always.The more obvious response is just the smell of the trench oil.

The company’s lunch and dinner. Strangely, after eating in the company for a few days, the company’s meals responded greater.As soon as I got the meal, when I smelled the company’s meals, I was nauseous and wanted to vomit.

Finally, after weighing, takeaway at noon, and go home for dinner at night.At noon, most of them are light meals, or relatively healthy recipes. When I go home for dinner at night, there is no feeling of disgusting. According to this, it should be a problem with the oil for the company’s meals.

Since pregnancy, the inspection has been experienced again and again, and every maternity leave has greened.

Early pregnancy is critical, determining whether the embryo can survive in the mother’s uterus steadily, so these problems must be valued.

The first question in the early pregnancy: remember to check progesterone, as well as HCG value.

HCG is the key indicator of normal embryos. Humanity itself has the process of survival of the fittest, so not every fertilization is high -quality, and the bad ones will be eliminated early.The indicator is mainly on this HCG.

On the one hand, progesterone is related to the secretion of HCG embryo, and on the other hand, it is mainly related to the mother. The general point of progesterone represents the mother, and the mother provides a channel for nutrition to the embryo.

Welcoming is also like double -sided glue. This embryo and uterus are glued together. The progesterone is high, and the nutritional channels are rich, and the fetus is easier to grow well, and the uterine sticks tight.

On the contrary, the progesterone is too low, there is no nutritional supply in the past, the viscosity is not tight, and whether the embryo is coming out, it will cause early natural abortion.Therefore, abdominal pain, backache, and bleeding are all symptoms of threatened abortion.Now that you do n’t provide nutrition, you are not enough, you can use external use of medication. The nationwide tire preservation medicines are basically the same.This low value can be kept.

The second problem in the early pregnancy: HCG value

HCG does not compare with others, just compares to yourself.The blood value is less than 10,000. When a few hundred in early pregnancy, it is normal to double at least double, and some may be three times in the early days.The general embryo that is more than twice as much is more or less problematic. During this period, it is generally recommended to win the fittest, because there is no significance of preservation.

On the one hand, there are more than a thousand blood value. Some people may be thickened endometrium.On the one hand, the inside and outside the palace is not confirmed. If the palace is outside the palace, the HCG is doubled on the one hand, indicating that the embryo itself is not very good, and the significance of guarantee is not great.It is used to keep the medicine and use it, and finally stop.

After so many needle medicines, he finally had to clear the palace and suffered.Therefore, if you are pregnant naturally, you generally listen to the destiny when you double the badness. It is not recommended to keep the fetus. The suffering is not result.

The medication and tire protection should be confirmed in the palace pregnancy. Like test tubes, the probability of generally outside the palace is not high. Unless the real uterus environment is too bad, it is not comfortable to put it in the palace.Therefore, the test tubes are normal medication.

The third problem in the early pregnancy: suitable for fetal stopping drugs

HCG doubles, low progesterone, or backache, abdominal pain, or brown. At this time, you can keep your fetus when you go to the hospital.On the day of the medicine, this will improve.Some of them are not good, and brown continues. Many of these are not absorbed by the medicine, and some will add moxibustion.

Moxibustion is commonly used in a tire point: Zusanli, Taixi, Sanyinjiao, hidden white.If there is a waist and abdomen swelling, you have to add Baihui.

Many people can’t stop taking medicine. When they stop it with moxibustion, they feel that moxibustion is better than medicine. In fact, it is not. It is just that they do not absorb the medicine. After the moxibustion, the drug is absorbed.Of course, moxibustion these fetal acupoints are also nourishing the kidneys, nourishing blood, and increasing the absorption of the spleen and stomach.Therefore, as long as the medicine is right, the effect is not good, and those who do not absorb it, coupled with moxibustion or fetal or usually take medicine, they will do more with less. The premise is that the medicine must be prescribed.

Next, the most important point is here. When you take the fetal protection medicine, when will you stop? In principle, you must take the placenta to start working, because these fetal preservation medicines are mainly replaced by progesterone, progesteroneIt is mainly equivalent to providing nutrition. At about twelve weeks, the placenta began, and the placenta replaced progesterone, and the placenta provided nutrition for the fetus.

It is also not stopped, and it must stop and stop suddenly.For example, you start eating two slices, and you must slowly reduce to one piece of 3/4, one and a half, one, 3/4, half of the tablets, 3/1 tablets, just stop slowly.Do n’t eat it yesterday, and it suddenly stops today. This way, you ca n’t respond, because the problem of drug discontinuation causes a lot of embryos.

In this detail, some doctors do not remind, but do this detail can make the baby give birth steadily.Of course, some people have suddenly stopped drugs, and rarely.So on the sake of conservative, you must stop the medicine slowly.If there is any peaceful time after stopping the drug, such as the frequent reaction of early pregnancy, the breasts are lighter, and the vomiting is mild.You immediately go to the hospital to take a look. As long as the fetal heart is still there, take the medicine and then slowly stop the medicine.

If you do n’t go to the hospital, some people are happy to wait for the card, and find that the embryo is stopped before and after the drug is stopped.Especially when it is difficult to get pregnant, it is really a thunderbolt.

Now that you are pregnant, another important task is, prenatal education.I knew two months after pregnancy, I bought a few authoritative prenatal education books to learn, and officially opened the road of prenatal education.

In fact, prenatal education can be advanced in advance. From the moment of finding pregnancy, you can do prenatal education.Early prenatal education (1-2 months) was mainly emotional and healthy things.Mood must be stable, don’t be angry and crying frequently.At the same time, eat more healthy and nutritious things. When cooking, pay attention to health.

Daily prenatal education is indeed difficult to persist for the average person, but thinking of the future of the baby, he insists on gritting his teeth, and in the process of talking and interactive with the baby, happiness is born.I don’t tirelessly talk to the baby every day. When I do things myself, I say hello to the baby.

When the fetal baby moves, interact with her.Listen to prenatal education every day, but I rarely listen to prenatal education music in the third trimester. At this stage, I start to be drowsiness again. I will take a nap for one hour every afternoon.During the day, I talked to the baby baby. At night, I was busy doing part -time on the Internet. As soon as I was busy, I forgot to put prenatal music for the baby.

Thinking of more than 2 months of pregnancy, I felt guilty without listening to prenatal education music every day.It was better to be busy doing part -time on the Internet at that time.

Fortunately, the baby is very good now. I don’t know if it is the role of prenatal education.

The most important birth check -up during pregnancy must not be missed.

One is the NT examination of 11 -12 weeks, and the other is Tang Siek, but the accuracy of Tang Si is relatively low. Generally, it is recommended to do non -invasiveness. Although the price is much more expensive, it can go to a lot of hidden dangers.Non -invasive is divided into ordinary and upgraded editions. At that time, I pursued steadily, and I made an upgraded version of non -invasive, 1,600 yuan.Of course, if you are more than 35 years old, consider directly to wear sheep and buy a peace of mind.

The child who was born with genetic problems not only suffered parents and harmed the child.

The last one is the four-dimensional, it is best to do it at 24-26 weeks. This is the most comprehensive malformation screening. You must not miss it.

When doing NT and four -dimensional, I will communicate with the baby two days in advance. If she obediently, she will cooperate with the doctor. The result is a time.Too many pregnant women do not cooperate when they do these two examinations, which led to a lot of time in the hospital.

Listening to the people around said that there is no pregnancy in early pregnancy, and there will be in the middle of pregnancy.I guess I am the exception.

There were not too many discomfort in the whole pregnancy. Soon in the middle of pregnancy, I still did not vomit, but the amount of meals increased.

As soon as I arrived in the second trimester, I started iron and blood.I bought a few bottles of German Tieyuan and eaten from the second trimester to postpartum.Fortunately, there are no anemia for several routine blood tests during pregnancy.You know, I have a blood routine before pregnancy, and my anemia is a bit serious.

At this stage, there is an important checkup item, sugar.My results are not very good, and blood sugar is a bit high.

Pregnant women have high blood sugar, and they are prone to huge children. Fetal growth is limited, premature birth, fetal malformations, prone to newborn respiratory distress syndrome, newborn hypoglycemia, and so on.If you do not intervene in time, it is very unfavorable to the fetus.

I went to the nutrition department of the hospital that day to open a sugar control recipe.After returning home, eat strictly according to the doctor’s sugar control recipe, drink millet porridge or cook noodles in the morning, quit rice at noon and at night, and eat miscellaneous rice, such as black rice and purple rice.From the second trimester to the third trimester, I eat the most purple rice.

Purple rice contains a variety of vitamins such as protein and folic acid, as well as trace elements required by human body such as iron and calcium. It has the function of nourishing blood, nourishing yin, and treating neurasthenia.The growth and development of the fetus.However, it is the nature of glutinous rice. It is not easy to digest. Do not eat too much at a time. It requires an appropriate amount of consumption. Otherwise, it may cause indigestion, abdominal distension and other discomfort, which affects the normal development of the fetus.

The blood sugar was reviewed several times later, the blood glucose was controlled, and it was always stable.

The calf began to be cramps in the middle of pregnancy.During the second cramp, I consulted Dou Mom, and Dou Ma recommended calcium supplement. It is said that the effect is good.I stopped the medicine of calcium supplementation in the hospital and started taking the liquid calcium supplementation recommended by Dou Mom.After eating for a while, the calf is not cramps, so, so, after giving birth.

Soon in the third trimester, no them said with pubic bone pain and frequent urination. It was just 1-2 times a night every night. I could only lie down and sleep on the side, but I ca n’t lie flat, but from the beginning of the pregnancy, I lay sideways.Lying on the side can alleviate the discomfort of pregnant women, but also prevent fetal baby from hypoxia.

One month before giving birth, I remembered that I had to do a good job. At this time, I didn’t go to work and had time.The in -laws do business and are busy every day and do n’t take care of me.In order to take care of me, my mother will come back and live. In this case, I can make it easier without cooking at noon.

The days when my mother lived was very comfortable.In the morning, middle and evening, my mother made a good meal.

My mother said that I was pregnant in my 30s, not as fast as pregnant women. Walking is as fast as ordinary people, and she can climb the building.In the afternoon and evening, I went out to take a walk with her, and her mother laughed, and she couldn’t even leave me.

I can go so smoothly throughout my pregnancy. There is another very important reason. I have been insisting on moxibustion for many years. Moxibustion has a very good effect on conditioning.

After graduating from college, from work, I don’t eat cold things.During the holiday, he resolutely not drink cold water and does not touch ice water.After getting married, I immediately performed a medical examination.

This is my course throughout pregnancy. I hope my experience can help everyone!

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