Is pregnancy vomiting related to children’s IQ?What are the differences between children born with pregnancy and no pregnancy?

Panpan is 26 years old and two years after he is with his boyfriend, his stomach is a bit uncomfortable.I bought a pregnancy test stick, and found that there were "two bars" in one test.

This made Panpan and her boyfriend confused, and I don’t know what to do.Fortunately, the boyfriend is still responsible. He said to Panpan: "Get married, I am responsible for being born, my family is good to you."

Within a few days, Panpan went to see the parents of her boyfriend, and the prospective mother -in -law held Panpan’s hand kindly, "We will definitely not treat you … I just want to know, have you been pregnant recently?"Intersection

Panpan shook his head nervously, and his mother -in -law said worriedly: "Oh, that’s not okay. We all said that it would be pregnant, and the children born were clever.You see how smart he is, don’t you consider you again "?

The prospective grandfather interrupted his mother -in -law’s speech: "What do you think of what you said, what is it?

The prospective mother -in -law no longer speak, and Panpan felt a lot of good heart.

Nine months later, Panpan gave birth to a healthy baby in the hospital, weighing more than 7 pounds, and the prospective mother -in -law liked it.

I believe that everyone has seen pregnancy and vomiting on TV and in real society. Women who are pregnant are vomiting with trash cans or toilets.Intersection

Pregnancy vomiting is one of the manifestations of early pregnancy reactions. Most expectant mothers begin to show pregnancy around the fifth week of pregnancy. Generally, severe nausea and vomiting will occur in the morning and evening, and there are almost no factor.According to statistics, three of the four pregnant women will vomit nausea when they are pregnant.

Therefore, it is not as long as pregnant women will vomit, but most people will show pregnancy during pregnancy.

So, what is the cause of pregnancy vomiting?

1. Change of sex hormones.When women are pregnant, they can know whether they are pregnant by measuring the content of hormones in the blood. This is because once a woman is pregnant, the sex hormone in the body will change hugely. Generally, it is upward.The method quickly adapts to the changes of hormones, so severe nausea and vomiting occur, which is common.

2. It may be an immune response.Because of the male sperm, in fact, for the mother’s body, the body’s immune system detects sperm and fetus, and it will produce huge exclusion. However, due to the existence of the placenta barrier, the fetus will still survive safely, but the motherIt may bear the consequences of autoimmune, so severe vomiting will appear.

3. Protect the fetus.Early pregnancy reaction vomiting is also a prompt to some extent. It reminds that expectant mothers are pregnant and have to do a test, and they can no longer mess up.At the same time, it is also helping expectant mothers to control the amount of food to avoid affecting the baby’s survival.

Therefore, it is a normal thing for pregnancy. Of course, if you do n’t have a pregnancy reaction when you are pregnant, then you belong to the rare pregnant women. In fact, there is nothing.

Some people say: The greater the pregnancy vomiting response during pregnancy, the higher the IQ of the children born?Is there a scientific basis for this?

In Canada, some scientists conducted long-term follow-up investigations on more than 100 children 3-7 years old, and whether their mothers who asked their mothers had severe pregnancy during pregnancy.We have a higher scoring in memory and IQ.

American Medical Journal has also published related investigations. Researchers conducted long -term follow -up investigations on thousands of pregnant women. As a result, the more severe pregnant women who were pregnant, the higher the child IQ.Such research and so on.

In fact, these studies are not reliable, because they are subjective and lack of statistically significance, it can only be regarded as a long -term follow -up survey research.

In fact, children’s intelligence is determined by multiple factors!

First, it is related to the cultural background of the mother.Whether the fetus is born with intellectual defects is related to the education level and cultural background of the mother.If the more education level of the mother and the higher the cultural background, the more the child accepts the more conducive to the development of intelligence.

Secondly, the fetus is nourished in the mother’s body.Children’s intelligence is positively correlated with brain development. If the child seriously lack nutrition and some necessary vitamins in the mother, then the health of the child and intelligence can be imagined after the child is born.Therefore, it is recommended that you do not picky eaters during pregnancy, which will cause huge problems for children.

In addition, the acquired education.NELCC accounts for about 30 %, and the development of intelligence accounts for about 70 % of the intellectual development.There was a news before, saying that a patient with cerebral palsy listened to mathematics at university, and has published a high -quality SCI research article, which is enough to illustrate the impact of acquired education on children’s intelligence.

Therefore, pregnancy vomiting is just a small response, and it has almost no effect on the child’s intelligence. Don’t try to speculate that your child’s IQ is not high. Most people’s IQ is actually similar.

Everyone hopes to have a smart and beautiful baby, so how to let their children win on the starting line, some Baoma frequently move, such as eating various supplements, such as buying some instruments, and so on.

In fact, doctors think that these points are enough.

1. Eat a little fat before pregnancy.When preparing to have a baby, Baoma is best to get fatter.Studies have said that women with thick thighs contain more DHA substances, which are conducive to the development of the baby’s brain.At the same time, the energy accumulation of a slightly fatter body is more energy accumulation, which is conducive to providing more energy to the baby.

2. Prenatal education can be done.From 6 months of pregnancy, you can be a prenatal education. This can be passed on the brain cells through sound and light to stimulate the child’s nervous impulse to achieve the effect of developing the brain early.Children’s learning ability will be stronger, and IQ may be higher.

3. Supplement nutrition.During pregnancy, it is necessary to supplement sufficient nutrients. During the formation of the baby, a large amount of nutrients, such as folic acid, vitamins, minerals, etc., in case of excessive lack of folic acid, they may have cerebral palsy.Therefore, you must add nutrition when you are pregnant.

4. Checkout.The checkup can not allow your child to improve the IQ, but you can check the health problems of the fetus. Now there are a lot of technology to check whether the child’s development is normal and whether there are malformations.

All in all, pregnancy vomiting may have something to do with children’s IQ, but doctors believe that "scientific preparing for pregnancy" is more worthy of advocating.

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