Is my test tube road (6) Will the test tube pregnant mothers bleed in the early stage?

I had three blood at 5-8 weeks.

The first bleeding was just one week after the pregnancy was only tested.

After a week of class, I also climbed to the fifth floor to meet. I returned home to find brown secretions at night. I didn’t know what to do. At that timeAll kinds of beautiful pomelo, pregnant mothers net brush, the next day, my attending doctor just took the clinic and went to draw blood. When the result was normal, the doctor said it would be bed, and a needle progesterone was added every day., Go to the hospital.The brown secretion logistics was one day, and the next night I couldn’t wipe it out the next night. I felt a little relaxed, and I continued to stay in bed and dare not move.

The HCG value tested by the first blood

The second bleeding is in the sixth week

I went to the supermarket and climbed the parents’ house on the third floor. When I got home, I felt like a flow came out. When I went to the toilet, I found that there was a blood. I was frightened and I was lying on the bed. I didn’t dare to move.Flowing, blame yourself.

HCG level at a time interval

The next day I went to the hospital decisively. The doctor stopped my aspirin, and added a split ketone every day. He also opened a kidney -breed child pill.

By the eighth week I bleed again [Tears]

Summary I have a little activity every time I have a small amount of activity, and there will be a small share. This time, bleeding, my husband and I sighed, and I felt that I would not have been bleeding. Will I spend the whole pregnancy in bed?During this period, my pregnancy was serious, and the smell of oil fume could not be smelled. I could only drink some porridge and eat fruit every day, but the bleeding really worn my last fighting spirit.Seeing the fetal heart buds, the medicine for the fetal protection [prayer] The doctor would stabilize after three months.

HCG measured in 5 weeks

Recalling this paragraph, I really feel very sad. I took a leave of abortion for a month and a half. Later, I did not bleed from 8 weeks. I went to work on the 10th week.

In fact, at that time, every time bleeding went to the hospital, and there were our test tube groups, and many sisters had bleeding. Maybe after the test tube was successful, the bleeding in the early stage, the brown discharge is not a small number. If there is a situation with our situation,Almost Bao Ma must pay attention to bed and go to the hospital to find your attending doctor. She will help you keep your fetus according to your situation.

I believe that every baby is strong, I hope that every pregnant mother is safe and smooth [prayer]

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