Is mango a "accelerator" of uterine fibroids?Doctor: These 6 things, please evacuate the dining table

The problem of uterine fibroids is believed to be more aware of female friends. This is a kind of benign tumor for women, which has a great impact on women’s lives.

As a very important reproductive organs for women, many women also see the uterus more important than their own lives, but this fibroids grow in the uterus of the female reproductive organs, mainly due to the condition of cell hyperplasia in the uterus.Also known as uterine smooth fibroids.

As a kind of benign tumor for women, this may see the word "tumor". Most people also feel very likely. They are afraid that this situation will be dangerous.Nakua will not have a large area of metastasis. Don’t be too nervous. You can also be restored and relieved through certain treatment.

Of course, some patients have some symptoms due to the growing parts of the uterine fibroids.It is difficult to control too fast, which will affect the body.

For some female friends, the reason why the uterine fibroids have caused uterine fibroids have not yet been clear in the medical community, but analyzed by those who have existence of uterine fibroids are also closely related to the following reasons.

The first is genetic factors.

For some female friends, the reason why renovary fibroids have a certain connection with genetic factors, such as genetics is also a problem that has always been difficult to overcome.

If there are uterine fibroids in the family, the chances of the latter are relatively high to suffer from uterine fibroids, especially some direct relatives. If the mother suffers from uterine fibroidsLarge, it is also necessary to conduct regular inspections.

Secondly in physiological factors.

Even if the growth of uterine fibroids is affected by hormone levels, for female friends, the amount of estrogen secretion in the body will change with age.

Especially in women’s life, work pressure is too strong, and the spirit is too tense, it will cause the body to respond to stress, the endocrine system is affected, and the occurrence of endocrine disorders will also cause a certain stimulation to the uterus. It will cause uterine fibroidsThe problem occurs, so you must pay attention to proper conditioning in life.

Finally, pathological factor.

In fact, for female friends, if you have gynecological diseases, such as vaginitis, cervicitis, etc., the chance of suffering from uterine fibroids is relatively high, and a series of complications will occur.

And if women have unhealthy diet and work and rest habits in life, they will gradually cause problems with uterine fibroids. Therefore, in life, they must also pay attention to the care of the uterus and avoid affecting the body.

Therefore, uterine fibroids are closely related to the above points. I hope that women should pay attention to their own care in life, especially in daily diet.The problem of uterine diseases occur, so can mango be eaten?

For some patients with uterine fibroids, they can eat mango. The nutritional value in mango is rich in nutritional value, which can help supplement the required protein, carotene, and vitamin C.

It can also play the effect of reducing phlegm and relieving cough, clearing heat and diuretic. The nutritional components can also enhance the body’s immune function and play a effect of reducing the risk of disease.For some people with uterine fibroids, they can be used appropriately in life.

However, when eating again, you must pay attention to the control. After all, mango is a kind of armal fruit. If you take too much at one time, it will also aggravate the occurrence of the disease, which will lead to the increase in the cervical fibroids. Therefore, you must pay less attention to less.Eating, in fact, for patients with uterine fibroids, what really wants to eat less is the following foods, please stay away.

Food rich in estrogen


For some female friends, if the problem of uterine fibroids does not want to worsen, it is best to touch some foods rich in estrogen to avoid causing endocrine disorders in the body, promote the growth of uterine fibroids, and increase the occurrence of diseases, such as royal jellyStill evacuate the dining table as soon as possible.

② Nourishing food.Like some supplementary foods, the damage to the uterus is also relatively large. For example, red dates and longan are easy to cause fire, and it will also promote the aggravation of uterine fibroids, which will affect personal health.Stop.

③ Spicy food.Excessive intake of spicy foods will stimulate the damage to gastrointestinal mucosa, cause the high incidence of gastrointestinal diseases, and also prompt the endocrine disorders in the body, increase the problem of uterine fibroids, affect personal health, and it is recommended to eat less.

④ Foods with cold and cold.If you take too much food with cold and cold foods, it will also cause the problem of wet and cold qi to increase, and at the same time, it will also cause the problem of curing dysmenorrhea, which will promote the growth of uterine fibroids and be not conducive to uterine health.Dinner table.

⑤ Hair.If you don’t want the problem of uterine fibroids to become more and more serious, it is best to eat less like some hair products. For example, fish and shrimp are easy to promote the development of the disease. Try to control your mouth and care for the health of the uterus.

⑥ High -fat, high -calorie food.Like some high -heat and greasy foods, if you take too much at one time, in addition to causing obesity, it will also cause endocrine disorders.Send it.

As a common gynecological benign tumor, uterine fibroids are also known as fibroids. Most patients do not have obvious symptoms, and they are also found during ultrasound examination.

A few patients will also have uterine bleeding and other conditions, accompanied by the problem of back pain back pain, so many people do not understand the problem of uterine fibroids. If you find it, you can perform related surgery.The situation is also recommended that you perform surgery.

1. Cause infertility

If infertility occurs in patients with uterine fibroids, it is also explaining that uterine fibroids cause uterine deformation during the growth process, which will also hinder the bed of the pregnancy sac and affect the development of the embryo.

In addition, if the uterine fibroids compress the fallopian tube, the lumen will not be smooth, which will affect the sperm bed not only affecting conception, but also the risk of miscarriage. Therefore

Second, the complications are serious

Like uterine fibroids, complications will not occur, but some patients will experience increased menstruation, shortening menstruation, or anemia. Like the most common mucosal fibroids, this situation will also be prone to problems with discomfort.At this time, we must pay attention to timely related surgical treatment.

Third, the growth rate is too fast

If the growth rate of uterine fibroids is too fast, it is also necessary to increase their vigilance. It is easy to compress other organs, cause discomfort, affect personal health, and the probability of villain is relatively large, so it is necessary to actively remove surgery.

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