Is lamb, is it a "accelerator" of liver disease?Reminder: These 3 kinds of vegetarian dishes are recommended to eat less

The liver is the "general organ" of the human body. At the same time, the liver is like a large "chemical factory". It participates in human detoxification metabolism and other functions, helping to discharge the toxin garbage in the body and maintain the normal function of the human body.

However, because the liver is relatively fragile, bad behavior habits and diets in life can cause liver damage to induce liver disease.

In addition, because the liver has no pain nerve, it is difficult to be discovered by the human body when the liver disease is found, and the best treatment time has been missed, and it has reached the late stage to affect personal health.

But in fact, when liver disease, the body is not inorganic to follow the following symptoms. I hope you don’t ignore it and learn to protect liver health.

1. Fatigue and weakness: Liver lesions can affect the body’s energy metabolism process, leading to fatigue weakness and fatigue.

2. Jaundice: During the liver disease, the liver cannot excrete biliary pigment normally, resulting in jaundice phenomenon, skin tone and yellowish yellow.

3. Nausea and vomiting: During the liver disease, the ability to secrete bile secretion of liver cells will cause bile stasis and cause nausea and vomiting.

4. Pain in the liver area: Pain may occur around the liver during liver disease.

5. Liver -to -liver lesions can affect the function of liver cells. Liver tissue will produce more lymphatic fluids and cannot discharge normally, leading to ascites.

6. Hepatrobia: Hepatogenous diseases may cause hepatoba, causing the liver to exceed the normal size range.

7. Digestion: Liver disease can cause symptoms such as loss of appetite, indigestion, dry mouth and other symptoms.

8. Decrease platelets: Liver lesions can affect the ability of the liver to release platelets and cause platelet reduction.

9. Finger is awesome: liver lesions can cause abnormal fingers and nails.The fingertips of the fingers may suddenly become larger, the nails deformation, discoloration, etc.

10. Skin itching: During the liver disease, the ability to excrete bile excretion of liver cells will cause bile stasis and cause skin itching.

Therefore, when the liver disease is transformed, there will be some abnormal phenomena in the body. I hope you will not ignore it in your life. If you want to raise the liver, you should pay attention to adjustment. Some people point out that lamb is a accelerator for liver disease.Too much will cause liver disease problems and affect personal health. Can you still eat some mutton?

As a food with high nourishing value, lamb can help warm up and sweat, help nourish the body and care for their own health.However, many people think that patients with liver disease cannot eat mutton, and it is easy to promote the serious development of the disease and believe that this is a hair product.

In fact, the calories of mutton are relatively high. Excessive intake can lead to excessive anger in the body, and it will also increase the fat around the liver, leading to the problem of fatty liver problems.

However, for patients with liver disease, it is not unable to eat it. If there is a strong liver fire, it is not recommended to eat mutton, but under normal circumstances, you can eat mutton and will not promote liver disease.

It’s just that when eating mutton, you should pay attention to controlling the amount. Try to choose some boiled lamb, like some grilled lamb or other methods, which may cause excessive fat intake and increase the burden on the liver, so you must also eat mutton reasonably.

Many people think that eating too much meat will cause the condition to worsen the condition, but in fact, some vegetarian dishes in life may not hurt the liver, please avoid it as soon as possible.

1. Pickled vegetables

For some patients with liver disease, you should also pay attention to reducing the intake of some pickled pickles in life. Although it is very delicious and meals, a large amount of salt will be added during the marinating process, which will produce nitriteWaiting for ingredients.

This is also a substance listed as 2A carcinogens by the WHO. If you consume too much, it will stimulate the risk of liver dysfunction and induce liver cancer. Therefore, it is recommended to touch less.

2. Spinach without water

Many people in life like to eat some spinach, which is rich in iron, which can help prevent iron deficiency anemia and ensure personal health.

However, you must pay attention to simmering in advance before eating spinach, because the oxalic acid content in spinach is relatively high, and it is easy to combine with the calcium in the body to form calcium oxalicate that is difficult to decompose.Damage, induced liver disease, hopes that you still control your mouth.

3. Poor fungus

Like fungus is also one of the vegetables, and the trace substances are also sufficient, which is conducive to personal health.However, when eating fungus, be sure to pay attention to the hair time. Like some long -bubble fungus, it is easy to produce cinocular toxin.

This is also a very strong carcinogen, which can easily stimulate liver cancer and endanger personal health, so you should pay attention to controlling the time of soaking, especially some.Essence

Therefore, in life, you must avoid the above -mentioned incentives of the liver to protect the health of the liver. In life, many people think that taking liver -protecting drugs often helps the liver. So is this really the case?

Taking liver preservation medicine can prevent and reduce the symptoms of liver disease, but it cannot completely prevent and cure liver disease.Hepatimony preservation is mainly to protect the liver and promote liver cell regeneration. It is generally suitable for mild liver injury and liver fatigue.

Therefore, for those who have liver disease or high -risk, in addition to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, regular medical examinations and related treatment are also needed.

In addition, the misunderstanding of liver preservation also needs to be paid attention to.Some businesses producing and selling liver -saving medicines will be propagated too much, claiming that their liver preservation drugs can completely cure liver disease or let the liver indicators return to normal, which is inaccurate.

Liver preservation medicine is only a means of auxiliary treatment, and it cannot replace regular medical treatment.In addition, some liver preservation medicines may contain certain ingredients and may have a burden on the liver. Therefore, they should be cautious and used according to the guidance of the doctor.

In short, preservation of liver medicine is not the magic medicine of liver disease, and it cannot be completely prevented and treated with liver disease.Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and receiving standardized treatment is a more important measure.

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