Is it superstition?Guangdong women dare not install air conditioners after pregnancy, the room is so hot as the sauna room

There is a saying in the people that after women are pregnant, they cannot nail nails, and even move to large furniture.

Especially in rural areas, if someone is pregnant, many jobs will be prohibited.For example, installing air conditioners, moved wardrobes, decoration, etc., are directly put on hold, until the child is born, it will continue.

Although there is no scientific basis, most of us’s point of view is that it is better to believe that it is unbelievable. The health of pregnant women and babies is the most important thing. Others are trivial matters.

Then if there is no air conditioner in the summer, how can pregnant women spend it?

In Guangdong, a woman was pregnant, but she and her husband did not dare to install an air conditioner, for fear that such a move would affect the health of the baby in the belly.

For this reason, the woman’s room is the same as the sauna room, and there is no way to live at all.

The incident occurred in a rental house in Guangdong. The woman was almost 5 months pregnant. She and her husband deliberately rented a relatively old -fashioned house to allow his wife to recuperate at home.

It is not that they do not want to live in communities and apartments, but pockets are not allowed.

This house belongs to a private house. No one lives for a long time. Although it is remote, fortunately, it is relatively spacious.The point is that the rent here is cheap.

You know, now in Guangdong, rent a house, you really want to live better, the monthly rent is basically more than 2,000 yuan.For workers with a monthly salary of thousands, the rent of about 2,000 yuan is too high.

The rent of a woman’s house is cheap, but there are also disadvantages, that is, the house is old, there are many spider webs on the roof, and the dust is large.

To this end, her husband had to buy some rainbow cloth and block the roof. With the decoration of the rainbow cloth, the room was OK.

With the arrival of hot weather, the woman encountered another problem. The room was too hot, just like sauna rooms.

The house they live in is 2 floors. The first floor is too dark, and the area is relatively small. There is no room. The room is located on the second floor.

The weather in Guangdong is not ordinary heat.Under the scorching sun, the temperature of the room is basically more than 30 degrees. The room temperature is not suitable for living people at all.

Although the fan cools down, the wind blowing out of the fan is hot, which makes women stay in the room very uncomfortable.

At first, women and husbands also wanted to install air conditioners, but relatives and friends persuaded women not to pretend.Pregnant women’s homes cannot be nailed, otherwise there may be accidents.

A relatives and friends also cited many examples, scaring the woman and her husband to dispel the idea of air conditioning.Now, they can only boil.

Every day, the woman’s husband will pour the roof with water, hoping that this will cool down the room and let the room cool.Unfortunately, such a method has a small amount of money and has little effect.

"This is a crime!" Netizens commented.

Whether the baby’s health is not too related to the installation of air conditioning is feudal superstition.

According to this, there are so many pregnant women in the hospital, and the construction of the hospital’s construction will not affect anyone.

Even if you really need to consider the problem of nails, you can always buy a mobile air conditioner or air -conditioning fan.Don’t say that even the air -conditioning fan dares not to buy it, which is a bit superstitious.

The air -conditioning fan can add water. The cooling effect is significant. If there is a refrigerator, add some ice, and the temperature of the room can be reduced to about 28 degrees.

This summer by a ordinary fan, the woman is not afraid of heat stroke. The pregnant woman itself is afraid of heat. Don’t get sick and lose.

Some people also think that women are pregnant, and do n’t save money for renting a house. Renting a house with air -conditioned houses will have thousands of dollars a year, so why not suffer.

But there are also objections. There is no money to fight workers. After pregnancy, it costs a lot of money with children.

Everyone had to sigh, watching us seem to have nothing to worry about, but some people’s suffering is still staged every day.

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