Is it so harmful to eat sugar during pregnancy?Will the fetus become stupid?

It is really a tangled thing to have a diet when you are pregnant. On the one hand, you are worried that there is a problem with what you eat, will it affect the fetus, and on the other hand, you are worried that you do n’t eat well. The fetal nutrition cannot keep up!A friend of the enlightenment brothers recently encountered such a situation, always worrying about insufficient nutrition!But worry about food unhealthy!In this case, she was panicked!During the checkup, he even checked that the blood sugar was too high!You must know that the blood sugar is too high to affect the intelligence of the fetus. Sure enough, the dog’s blood that was directly scolded by the doctor was dripped!So how to control excessive blood sugar during pregnancy?

First: regular inspection is the key

High blood glucose is a troublesome thing. It is also clinically called to call this "gestational diabetes". Not only do you need to pay special attention to the three meals, but also to check the blood sugar regularly!In order to better control blood sugar!

Second: Diet is critical

The biggest difficulty in controlling blood sugar is diet!Not only should we maintain a balanced nutrition, but also reduce blood sugar!Be a regular diet and eat less meals!The suggestion is as follows, the staple food is recommended to bring coarse grains. The fruits should choose low calories as much as possible. For example: fruits such as strawberries and bananas are absolutely not eaten!The calories are too high!Chocolate, cake and other high -sugar foods should also be avoided as much as possible!

Third: Reasonable exercise

Exercise can not only control weight, but also help blood glucose management during pregnancy. It is recommended to have one hour of outdoor sports every day, mainly for walking, swimming, yoga!Remember not to exercise too much, all movements are at its core!

Fourth: Drug treatment

Drug treatment should fully follow the doctor’s knowledge. Don’t hear the way of a kilowatt width, listen to some recipes of the people!Otherwise, the tragedy really regrets it!

Fifth: What are the foods that reduce blood sugar?

There are really many foods that reduce blood sugar during pregnancy. For example, the bitter gourds, pumpkins, onions, and cucumbers we often eat are very good foods that reduce blood sugar!

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