Is it pregnant?It is said that this is the most worried question of couples

Speaking of Auntie, I don’t know how many couples contain their love and hatred.When there is no sexual life, when the aunt comes, it will not care at all, and when you have sex, every day when the aunt is late!

My aunt has been postponed for a long time, and she even has an illusion: I feel like I came, and I didn’t come to the toilet!It feels coming, not here!Here, not!Repeat countless times every day … The mood of a man will follow up and down ~

The little fairy would rather die and wash the sheets as required that the aunt came every month, so the question comes. Is the aunt who is pregnant without a month?

Let’s answer first: If you wear a condom when you love love, rest assured that you may be at the end.

Women’s menstrual cycle is generally 28 days, but now there are fewer on time for 28 days, but it is a normal category in advance or delay for 7 days.If it is more than 7 days, it is best to go to a regular hospital to see a doctor.

The delay that the menstruation that makes many little fairies often feel uneasy is often caused by the following three factors:

1. malnutrition

What time is it, and it is still malnourished?Do you often say that you often lose weight on your mouth?IntersectionIntersectionThat’s right, diet weight loss is one of the culprits of delayed menstruation!In order to control the weight, the most commonly used girls are eating less, but eating too little long -term can make the body’s energy insufficient intake, causing a large amount of fat and protein in the body to be consumed.Menstrual tide leads to neurotidine.

2. Long -term depression or poor mood

The influence of spiritual factors on the aunt is really not small, and there is a word called physical and mental exhaustion.If you have a long -term mood, anger, or suffer from some kind of irritation and trauma, or due to the tension of learning, work, and fatigue, the ovaries may not be ovulated and affect estrogen secretion, leading to delay in menstruation, dysmenorrhea or amenorrhea.

3. Cold stimulation

The ice stimulus will greatly increase the incidence of menstrual disorders, including rain, swimming, drinking cold drinks, etc., especially cold drinks!IntersectionIntersectionIf my aunt hasn’t come, is there a bit more if I want to drink the cold drinks recently?The reason is that the cold stimulation causes the blood vessels in the pelvic cavity to be excessively contracted, causing ovarian dysfunction to disorders, causing a lack of lunar passage or even amenorrhea!

The above three are the main reasons for the postponed aunt. If you are unfortunately stepped on the Zhonglei District, it may appear even after two or three months!However, after more than 7 days, the small circle strongly hopes to go to a regular hospital for examination!Intersection

Because some gynecological diseases may also lead to postponed aunts, including cervical adhesion, premature ovarian failure, polycystic ovary syndrome, pituitary tumor, etc., the sooner the problems are found, the better.

The posture of most aunts is not because of pregnancy, but reminding you: Recently, pay attention to your body, don’t burn yourself!

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