Is it frequent to women with frequent urination?Know 5 reasons and do it in your heart

Some female friends have the phenomenon of frequent urination. After this phenomenon appears, many female friends feel very embarrassing. So is female urine frequency frequent disease?First of all, what are the reasons for the frequent urination of women?In this way, we can do it in our hearts. Let’s take a look at the reason why women have frequent urination.

1. Drink more water

If female friends drink a lot of water, naturally and the amount of urine will increase, and the urine output will increase, then the number of urination times will increase, and there will be symptoms similar to frequent urination.Many women are still sensitive to the wind of the disease due to their love of their bodies. Once they find that they have frequent symptoms, they will lean on the disease. They will increase the psychological burden of women, which is not good for women’s physical health.Therefore, female friends must relax their hearts.

2. Urinary tract infection

Women’s urethra is short and wide. This special structure is different from the male urogenital system, which makes women particularly vulnerable to urinary tract infection.In addition, women come to menstruation every month, and menstruation is particularly prone to over the urethra, making the urethra more likely to be infected.If women’s urinary tract infections occur, there will be frequent urination, so if there are symptoms of severe frequent women in women, you must go to the hospital for examination to prevent further aggravation of urinary infections.

3. Reasons for the bladder

If the bladder becomes small, then the amount of urine will also become less, which will cause women to have friends multiple times.The most typical is women who are in the middle and late pregnancy. There are often frequent urination. It is because the increasingly increasing fetus compresses women’s bladder and makes the bladder smaller.In addition, the stones of the bladder can also cause frequent urination, so it is worthy of being valued.

4. Section of inflammatory inflammation

The inflammation of the urinary system can also cause female frequent urination, urgency, and pain.In particular, inflammation such as cystitis, urethritis, and other inflammation make women’s frequent frequent urination. Therefore, if frequent urinary symptoms often occur, you must check whether there is inflammation. If there is inflammationsymptom.

5. Psychological effect

Some women often have some problems because of their psychology, and often have friends, but when they really go to the toilet, there is no urine can be discharged.This psychological illness should pay attention to relieving and treatment, otherwise it will have a particularly impact on women’s work and life.

In the article above, the reason why women want to urinate frequently.If female friends have urinary tract infections or drink too much water, there will also be frequent urination. In addition, when female friends have inflammation of the nighturia system, urine frequency is easy to occur.At this time, it must be treated in a timely manner, and another reason for frequent urination is psychological effects.So at this time we must diverse in time.

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