Is it difficult to get pregnant during breastfeeding?6 reliable methods for postpartum contraceptives

Recently, a friend who has always claimed that she didn’t want a second child suddenly told me that she was pregnant by accident.I am very surprised. I want to know that her child is only one year old. Do you want the accident?Yes, the boss is still too small and is still in breastfeeding; don’t, abortion hurts the body, and there are restrictions on medication during breastfeeding.

She was also very aggrieved by herself: didn’t she say that she was not easy to get pregnant during breastfeeding, so she relaxed her vigilance.

In fact, the so -called postpartum uterus has not been recovered, it is difficult to get pregnant, and the mothers of breast milk are not easy to get pregnant. There is no scientific basis.Ask the doctor at the hospital to know, how many postpartum mothers have to go to the hospital for abortion due to improper contraception, hurt the body without saying that because the body is weak and the uterus has not fully recovered, it can easily cause uterine perforation, major bleeding, etc.accidents.

Therefore, postpartum mothers, if there is no second child plan, postpartum contraception must be paid attention to!

Many novice mothers believe that the first ovulation period after childbirth should be after the auntie recovered, so the first aunt after delivery does not need contraception before the aunt came.

In fact, the first formal ovulation after childbirth was before the first aunt came, so the insurance was on the third week of the postpartum. Starting from the third week of delivery, contraceptive measures should be taken when the husband and wife live.

As a traditional contraceptive measure, condoms are not only practical, convenient to use, but also can effectively prevent disease transmission. This contraceptive method is strongly recommended.

Oral contraceptives include emergency contraceptives, short -acting contraceptives, and long -term contraceptives.

Emergency contraceptives are remedied afterwards. After the husband and wife live, they are worried about accidental pregnancy and can take emergency contraceptives to prevent pregnancy.However, this is just a remedy, which has adverse effects on the body. It cannot be taken for a long time. It is recommended to not exceed 3 times a year.

Short -acting contraceptives and long -acting contraceptives are taken beforehand, and the principle of contraceptives is to suppress ovulation.The difference is that the cycle of taking is different. One is to take a period of time daily, and the other is every month.

This contraceptive method is used very common when planning for family planning.

The principle of contraception is to place the uterine ring in the uterus and continuously rubbing the uterine wall through the uterine ring, causing the uterine inflammation, causing the embryo to abort with the bed, thereby achieving the purpose of contraception.

The upper ring is a long -term contraception, and the time of a uterine ring can last for more than ten years.If you have the needs of pregnancy after the ring, you can go to the hospital to ask the doctor to take the ring.

There are not many people who use this contraceptive method. It is to place the cervical cover and the cervix in order to block the sperm and achieve the purpose of contraception.

The vaginal ring is placed in women’s vagina. The vaginal ring itself contains hormones and contraceptives. It can absorb vaginal absorption to achieve the purpose of contraception. The vaginal ring needs to be replaced every month.

There are very few people in modern society.There are two types of ligation, one is the ligation of men’s vasters, and the other is the lady’s tubal ligation.After the theoretical ligation, if you want to restore fertility in the later stage, you can also do dredging surgery and restore the fertility function.

The above are the six methods of postpartum contraception. Mothers can choose the most suitable for them according to their own conditions. Postpartum contraception is not careless!

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