Is it difficult to get pregnant after the uterine position?That’s that you didn’t master this technique

Preparation of pregnancy is a very magical thing. Some people do n’t want it, but some people have always wanted it but they ca n’t come. In fact, except for our living habits, some are issues of their own reproductive organs.In position, the front position of the uterus is relatively easier to get pregnant, because it is closest to the cervix, sperm can enter the shortest time, and the rear position of the uterus is relatively not easy to get pregnant, so we must consider some skills.So, how can we make the uterine reference for pregnancy?

Women in the back of the uterus are not easy to get pregnant. The reason for changing the position of the cervix is changed. Because the cervix of a woman in the back of the uterus is upturned, the semen cannot be soaked in the cervix in the same room, which causes the sperm to enter the uterus.However, this situation does not need to be nervous. You can improve it through some simple methods. For example, do not get up immediately after the same room. Keep your hips raised for about 20 to 30 minutes to help sperm enter the uterus, thereby increasing the chance of conception.

1. Women must do lean lying and kneeling exercise, two to three times a day, 15 to 20 minutes each time.

When menstruation comes, women should also insist and exercise once a day.

The uterus is softer when menstruation comes, and exercise is obvious for improving the rear back of the uterus.If the rear of the uterus is very powerful, women should often exercise knee -knee and chest.

The knee and chest lying on the knees refers to: kneel on the ground, the body and the ground form 90 degrees, and then the waist is bent down.Women exercise this kind of exercise for 15 to 20 minutes at a time.

2. When the same room, you can put a pillow under the hip of the female to raise the hips, so that the semen can be concentrated in the vaginal dome.

3. After sexual life, women take a prone position for about 30 minutes, so that semen is concentrated in the vaginal dome, and the cervix can be immersed in semen.

4. After sexual life, women should not go to the toilet immediately, so as not to flow out of the body.

The above content is some of the simple introductions of the rear position of the uterus. I hope to help everyone. It is difficult to get pregnant after the uterine position, and the pregnancy position to help pregnancy. I also hope that you can get pregnant as soon as possible during pregnancy.

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