Is it better to marry or not to marry?

Everyone has a different answer to it. Someone once interviewed some people asked them what good after marriage?Why are you getting married?What can I do if I do n’t get married?Is it against morality if you don’t get married?After asking these questions, they all thought about it for a long time and couldn’t think of it. It seemed that they had to get married when they saw a certain age.They seem to look at the children when they grow up like a task to be completed. It seems that after getting married, they can breathe a sigh of relief and complete the task.

I feel puzzled and puzzled by this, why?Why do I have to get married?Why do you want to restrict the age of marriage for granted?What will he bring to me after I get married?Are the two of us really happy?Can we really be happy in the future?I’m really ready for future planning?Can I really accept another trace in my life?

I also asked my mother these questions. The answer she gave me was "You must get married in the future. If you do n’t get married, you will point you.What is an irresistible disease and so on. After getting married, the two of you support each other. "

When I heard these words, my inner monologue is particularly rich. I haven’t planned my future way. I can’t accept another person’s traces in my life. I can’t accept it.In the future, why should I listen to the opinions of others, and what else’s opinion is on what I do. They want to say that I can’t stop their mouths and do not let them say that if you have a good person, why do you care about the views of others?EssenceCan I work alone by myself, can’t I feed myself?Will I be happy when I get married?Will I not be able to take care of society after pregnancy?Can I keep my job after pregnancy?Can you accept if you don’t have a job with your hand to ask others for money?

If two people think about getting married, it is the affairs of the two families instead of only the love and love of the two of you. You have to try to integrate into a new family. Living in this family for a lifetime, you may have contradictions in your mother -in -law and daughter -in -law.You may be reduced to housewives. After giving birth, your appearance is no longer bodyless, or even like a bakery on the fire. You are very painful. After weighing the advantages and disadvantages, can you really accept these?

Of course, if you choose not to get married, you may have to accept your parents’ puppets and the opinions of others. After receiving the loneliness of the elderly, there is no one after the old age.

In fact, marriage or not getting married is your own choice. It is right to choose which way you choose, and you ca n’t distinguish between mistakes and right, but the pursuit of each person is different.

I have a simple plan for future planning. I do n’t plan to get married. I work hard in the future. I will go to watch movies, travel, go shopping, etc. with my friends at my spare time.

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