Inventory of the weird pregnancy customs in various countries, the third is a bit incredible. How many have you heard of?

Writing: Chen Fang

Editor: Liu Yizhi

Fixed manuscript: After Su Zi

In different places in the world, due to the influence of cultural differences, there are also large differences in the customs of pregnancy. Among them, some of them are more strange. Let ’s take a look at it below ——

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A friend got married a few days ago, because everyone was far apart, so it was a formal party for a long time to go to the wedding for a long time.

However, on the day of marriage, friends came here. Among them, the most lively little dream did not come. Everyone was surprised but afraid that she had delayed something, so she didn’t ask much, but until the end of the wedding, she did not show up.

Later, she explained in our friends group, saying that she was pregnant. The family said that she could not attend the wedding. She was not auspicious to the bride because she was afraid of affecting the bride’s life, so she could not choose.

At that time, we felt ridiculous after listening to this custom, but in the eyes of the older generation, we must follow the rules.And not only in China, in many countries, there are many surprising customs.

One, China

A. In our country, pregnant women cannot eat rabbit meat or even hold rabbits during pregnancy. Otherwise, children may carry rabbit lips after birth. This custom is widely circulated in my country;

B. Do not move during pregnancy, because this will touch the fetal god and affect the development of the fetus;

C. Go to the wedding or the young couple who have not yet given birth to the house, cannot sit on their bed, otherwise it will affect their fertility;

D. Do not participate in weddings and funerals, mainly in this custom to avoid collision.

2. Mongolia

In their traditional customs, pregnant women and pregnant women cannot have any physical contact, otherwise the gender of the fetus may change.

Third, Russia

Although their national love is very fierce, there will still be customs during pregnancy. After they are serious, the husband and wife should tell the other party’s own name, so that they can be smoother during production.This estimation is a bit incredible to us, and it is estimated to tell the pregnant mother even more!

Fourth, Portugal

In their eyes, pregnant women cannot hold or even contact animals with hair during pregnancy, such as dogs and cats, because this will cause children to have long hair after birth.

Looking at these customs from the eyes of modern people, most people will scoff at it, thinking that it is feudal superstition and cannot be believed.

However, some customs can indeed protect pregnant women to a certain extent, which is why it can spread to this day.

For example, in the customs of our country, pregnant women cannot participate in weddings and funerals, and they are afraid of collision. This does have a certain sense.

There are usually many people at weddings and funerals, and they are crowded. For pregnant women, it is not convenient to act in itself. In this environment, it is difficult to support their bodies and prone to falling.

In addition, the crowd is too dense, the ambient air is poor, and the oxygen content will be relatively low. For some ordinary people, there will be discomfort. For pregnant womenEssence

Therefore, when facing the customs of pregnancy, you must not be rejected in one vote, but you should look at it with a scientific perspective, take the essence, and remove its dross.

1. Supplement nutrition overdose

According to the doctor’s advice, the weight of pregnant women is about 12.5 kg throughout pregnancy.

After pregnancy, many families feel that a lot of nutrition must be supplemented, so all kinds of nutrients and various foods are constantly feeded every day.

Finally, a series of problems are brought about. Pregnant women have difficulty exercising, fetal fetal is too large, increased childbirth difficulty, postpartum obesity, and so on.

What we need to know is that in the early stages of pregnancy, except for several fixed nutrition (such as folic acid) need to be obtained, other diets are basically the same, and there is no need for too much intake, because the fetus has not been formed.There is no need to absorb too much nutrition.

In the later stage, the amount of pregnant women will increase itself. If she also takes the initiative to take more food, she will only support the appetite greater, and it will be difficult to recover in the future.

2. Celestial and forbearance

Try to take medicine as little as possible during pregnancy is almost our common seriousness. In fact, there is no problem with this. However, some small problems are just two days. When the body appears seriously and uncomfortable, I still want to rely on tolerance.The fetal irresponsibility.

Therefore, when there is a problem with the body, you should first consult your doctor. Whether you are eaten by forbearance or taking medicine, you need to obey the doctor’s arrangement.

3. Refuse exercise

No matter how many times, there will still be many pregnant mothers who basically do not exercise during pregnancy. However, this will cause a serious burden on their bodies, and it is not conducive to the healthy development of the fetus.

As long as the doctor is healthy, doctors do not specifically explain that they need to rest for a long time to rest and cannot exercise.

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