Inventory 15 women’s low back pain culprit

We may encounter many female friends and often say that we have back pain, so there are many reasons for female back pain. Today we ask gynecologists to take stock of some reasons for women’s back pain?Female friends with back pain, if you want to know the cause of your back pain, let’s take a look at the introduction below, so that it has certain benefits to our maintenance of the waist.

1. During pregnancy and puzzle period tired

During pregnancy, as the fetus grows grows, the joints of pregnant women lumbosacral and pelvic ligaments are relaxed. At the same time, the weight of the uterus also increases with the increase of the fetal age, resulting in the physical center of gravity move forward.In order to keep your body balance, your waist is up forward. If you don’t pay attention to rest, it is easy to cause back pain.During pregnancy, fetal development requires sufficient nutrients such as calcium and phosphorus. If the diet is insufficient in diet, it can cause the softening of the bone quality of pregnant women and cause back pain.Excessive bleeding during puerperium, or premature labor, too tired, and cold, can also cause back pain.

2. kidney deficiency

Women are like men and are prone to kidney deficiency. Women’s kidney deficiency is similar to that of men’s kidney deficiency, which can cause back pain.If it is kidney deficiency and low back pain, you must pay attention to kidney tonic. In addition to taking some health care products that nourish kidney, you can also eat those can nourish kidney, such as some animal offices, or other vegetables and fruits.

3. Lumbar muscle strain

For people with some characteristics, it is easy to cause lumbar muscle strain, such as hairdressers, sales, nursing workers, and so on.This is due to the continuous standing, causing ligament to damage to the waist, causing pain.Or often carry heavy objects, cause too much burden on the waist, cause lumbar muscle strain, and back pain.

4. Lumbar disease change

Many women have increased their back pain with their age.This is because the bone of the elderly is susceptible to loose, causing vertebral collapse fractures.Old people’s osteophytes can cause persistent low back pain.This situation is common for the elderly.Not only that, bone crispy loosening can cause lumbar spinal stenosis, and then compress the nerves and cause pain.

5. Blood stasis and back pain

Lumbar muscle strain or sprains cause local blood stasis and poor qi and blood to cause blood stasis back pain. This kind of low back pain is also more common. The pain is manifested as local tingling and pins.In this case, we must first rule out organic diseases, such as lumbar disc herniation, renal stones, nephritis, etc.The duration of low back pain caused by organic diseases will be relatively long. Early, it is not easy to distinguish from blood stasis back pain, and it should be checked.

Through the introduction of the above article, we already know that there are many reasons that cause women’s back pain. For example, there is no well -maintained during the confinement period, and back pain may also occur. In additionWe must take different treatment methods. It is best to go to a regular hospital to check first, and do well in maintenance and care under the guidance of a doctor.

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