Internet celebrity Mai Xiaofeen was pregnant and just held a wedding before January. Vomiting in early pregnancy was severely thinner.

On July 8th, there was a good news from the Internet celebrity circle. The net red "Mai Xiaodeng" official with 15 million fans announced the good news of pregnancy. She revealed that she was tested on April 22, because there were three.The month can be announced to the outside world, so after so long, she was officially announced. In the video, she couldn’t hide her excitement and shed tears happily.

At present, the good news of Mai Xiaofeng Xuan’s pregnancy is on the hot search list 1, which is enough to see that she is indeed famous in the Internet celebrity circle. Many fans have gathered to the comment area to bless her. Many netizens ran to her comment area to pick upGood pregnancy.

Mai Xiaoden revealed that he has worked alone for so many years, and now he finally has a family and his own child. How easy is it? To say, Mai Xiaodong’s tears rotated on his eyes.

After learning about the good news of pregnancy, Mai Xiaodong was preparing to tell her husband Shihao as soon as possible. At this time, Shi Hao, who was still unaware, was overwhelmed by his wife’s smile. When Mai Xiaoyeng told her husband to be pregnant, Shihao even turned out to be.Some of them were embarrassed, and he couldn’t help asking whether Mai Xiandeng had to lie to him, not to tease him to play.

After confirming that Mai Xiaochen was pregnant, Shihao cried and said, "I really want to be a father." He also wiped tears with his arms, like a big boy, and was overwhelmed by this sudden happiness.

At the end of the video, Mai Xiaoden said something very distressed. She said, "I have not had a mother yet, I will be a mother, I am afraid that he or she will be wronged."

Shihao, who kept crying with his wife, comforted her, and would not let him be wronged. With me there, seeing the picture of the husband and wife cried with headache, I really felt that it was not easy at this moment.Let the relationship between the two be sublimated, and the heart is tightly leaned together.

Mai Xiaodeng also said that his wish is that he had a baby before the age of 30, and it is now realized. It is great.

In the comment area, Mai Xiaoyeng told fans that it has now passed the early pregnancy and has stabilized. The custom of her family will tell her friends and relatives after three months, and she has been holding it for a long time.

In addition, Mai Xiaodeng revealed that he had a strong response in the early pregnancy, and he was very bad and uncomfortable with pregnancy. As a result, she was thinner. I can see that her recent videos can be seen that she did lose weight.Worried that her husband and family have been taking care of her and replenishing her body. Now they can eat and drink.

Now, she and her husband will work hard to learn the role of her parents. In addition, she also let fans do not worry about her dental surgery. Experts say that this problem will not be delayed, just bring a keeper.

Looking at Mai Xiaodong’s account, looking back at the day of April 22, she tested on the day of pregnancy. Her father’s condition suddenly worsened. She was very blame in her heart.I made a chicken pot for my father in person. I did not disclose that I was pregnant at all.

In addition, Mai Xiaodeng just held a wedding on May 26. From time to time, Mai Xiaodeng had been pregnant for more than a month when she got married. At that time, many people felt that her belly was raised and guess whether she was pregnant.It seems that it is really being said.

Of course, there are still people to calculate time. See whether Mai Xiaoden is pregnant before marriage or pregnancy after marriage. In fact, Mai Xiaodeng registered in March. The pregnancy time should be before and after.After her marriage, she also went to Xinjiang with her husband, and it seemed that she went out to disperse.

Mai Xiaoden also said that she also recorded her father -in -law and mother -in -law learned that her reaction after pregnancy may be released.

Although the early pregnancy, I still have to take more rest. I wish the baby coming soon and upgrade a family of three as soon as possible. Congratulations!

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