(International Observation) China does not carry this black pot

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, July 18th (International Observation) China does not carry this black pot -the bottom of the United States Fantnea abuse the root cause

Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhu Ruiqing Qiu Xia

Some members of the US Congress Senate have once again taken the issue of Fen Tai Ni to make difficulties to China. The abuse of this opioid in the United States has blamed China in the United States. It also claims that it will promote legislation to sanction in China.

In recent years, the abuse of drugs in the United States has exceeded gun violence and car accidents, which has become the main reason for the accidental death of Americans.Among them, Fentney is the most serious drug.The root cause of this issue lies in domestic factors such as the poor supervision of American psychiatric drugs and political polarization hindered the anti -drug process.American politicians knew that this problem was difficult to solve in the short term, and it began a contradiction transfer operation- "shake the pot" to China.

In recent years, American politicians have become more and more addicted to China.The United States has discredited slander and dumping the pot, making Fantne, a well -known drug name that was not known in the world.However, forcing others to "take medicine" cannot cure their "disease", as the Peninsula TV said, "this is a disaster created by the United States."

(Title) In the United States, how can opioids flooded into disaster

Fentney synthesized in the 1960s. It was the first Fentny medicine applied to the clinic.Pain treatment, especially the preferred opioids for postoperative analgesics.Following the fentanyl, the Fenne family has successively appeared a series of new analgesic drugs such as Schafinne, Affinney, and Ryfen Tony.So far, Fentney is still the main auxiliary medication and extensive use of analgesic drugs for general anesthesia.

As a medicine, Fentney relieves pain for countless patients with its good results.But in the United States, it has become a drug that endangers society.

According to data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, opioids based on fentanyl are the main causes of Americans’s excessive death.Over the past ten years, the number of deaths caused by this type of drug has increased by about three times.In 2021, this number increased to more than 80,000 people, more than 10 times that of the U.S. military in the War of Iraq and Afghanistan.

In fact, there have been three waves of abuse of opioid drugs in American society. Fentany is just the third wave of the "protagonist".The first wave of abuse began around 1991. At that time, some pharmaceutical companies invested a lot of funds to fund relevant experts and institutions to sell "the theory of benign drugs", encouraging doctors to open more prescriptions and pharmacies to promote it.

On the one hand, this approach has formed a "pain relief culture" in American society. People are accustomed to using analgesic antipathy to cure the disease and cure the disease. On the other hand, the number of prescriptions for opioid drugs at that time increased sharply, and the number of opioid drugs to death was killed.rise rapidly.The most typical example was the drug developed by Purdue Pharmaceutical Company at the time.From 1999 to 2017, a total of 200,000 Americans died of excessive use of Oshikang and other prescription opioid drugs.In the end, Purdue Pharmaceutical was sued.

The second wave of drug abuse began around 2010.At that time, the prescription opioid drugs became difficult to obtain, and people turned their attention to heroin -a lower -cost and more powerful opioid drug.According to data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, since 2010, the number of deaths caused by excessive use of heroin increased rapidly.From 2010 to 2014, White American Heroin’s excessive intake rate increased by 267%, African -American Americans increased by 213%, and Latin Americans increased by 137%.

The third wave is Fantney abuse that is currently occurring.In recent years, Fantanic substances have become more and more popular among American addicts.According to data from the US Centers for Centers for CDC, from August 2021 to August 2022, the use of excessive use of drugs has taken more than 100,000 people, of which about two -thirds of them are caused by vendini -based opioid drugs.

Looking back at the above three waves of abuse, it is not difficult to find that the addiction to being abused by drugs is stronger than once.And each wave of abuse is paved with the more serious abuse of the next wave, deepening the American addictive drug dependence again and again.

"It’s too late to put the devil in the bottle again." "The fire and the fire have broken through the fire line." Angus Don, a professor of Princeton University, and Nobel Prize in Economics Anges, "What’s wrong with the United States: Despair: Despair"The Future of Death and Capitalism" is so described in the book of opioid drugs in the United States.The book reads: "Other drugs have become a anesthesia of the public."

(Small titles) How can pharmaceutical companies and politicians in -depth?

Under the pressure of public opinion, the U.S. government has also taken action in response to drug abuse in the past decades.For example, the former President Obama signed the "21st Century healing Act" during his administration, and took out a crisis of abuse of opioid prescription drugs used to treat severe pain in the treatment; Trump took this issue as the White House priority after taking office.One of them has also listed the opioid drug crisis as a "national emergency event"; the Bayeng government will solve the problem of drug addiction issues as part of its "unity agenda", and Fentny and non -opioidThe mixed problem with sedative methanes is listed as the "latest threat" of the United States.

But even so, why is the abuse of drugs in the United States repeatedly banned?Why can add addicts always find alternatives again and again?The fundamental reason is that, for their own interests, politicians in the United States always introduced the anti -drug policies that treat the standards and not the root cause, and are unwilling to implement the drug supervision.

On the one hand, politicians have obtained a large amount of political contributions from pharmaceutical companies. As a exchange, politicians need to "open their eyes and close their eyes" when formulating the management and control policy of related drugs.As a result, the United States, as a big country of raw materials for global chemical workers, has not permanently tube fennei.

A 2017 report in the British "Guardian" pointed out that in the past ten years, pharmaceutical vendors have invested nearly $ 2.5 billion for lobbying and funding for US Congress.About 90%of the Republic of the United States and 97 of all the 100 Congress Senators have accepted the campaign donation of pharmaceutical companies. These companies seek legislation from various aspects such as drug costs to new drug approval methods.In addition, in the US medical system, medical representatives have a great role. They encourage doctors to prescribe prescriptions by lectures and funding, causing many human medicine addiction.

Gao Jingzhu, former assistant minister of the US Department of Health and Public Services and a professor at Harvard University Chen Zengxi School of Public Health, pointed out that the donation of opioid drug manufacturers continued to affect policy decisions to politicians.There is almost no "calm period", "this (drug abuse) crisis represents multiple system supervision failures."

On the other hand, political polarization hinders the processes of drug control.In view of the severity of Fantne’s abuse in the United States, both parties in the United States have admitted that they need to make efforts to deal with this problem, but the two sides "stumbling" each other and did not want to make each other a "hero" to solve this problem.Just in May this year, the Republican House of Republican House of Republics House voted to consider the "Stop Deadly Feniti Trafficking Act". 133 members voted against the votes, of which 132 were from the Democratic Party.

The US "Washington Post" reported that the U.S. Congress did not pass a bill specifically for fentanyl until December 2017. However, it has been nearly 4 years before the legislators have received the danger of the drug for the first time."Congress has become incompetent and unable to deal with the challenges of our time. Fenne is the latest example."

(Small title) Internal disease and external treatment will only harm others

Faced with the increasingly increasing situation in the United States in the United States, the US government and politicians have nothing to do with the key tasks such as reducing domestic drug demand, strengthening prescription drug control, and strengthening the publicity and education of drug hazards.In response to the pressure of public opinion, they played "traditional skills" -the "shake the pot", and the main object of "shaking the pot" is China.

In recent years, the United States has repeatedly accused China on the problem of anti -drug, saying that "China has imported a large number of Finni into the United States" and "Chinese chemicals into Mexico to make Fenti into the United States."Illegal trade. "Recently, the United States has frequently prosecuted and sanctified some Chinese companies and several Chinese citizens on the grounds of suspected production and sales of predecessor and related equipment.

Some American politicians are always trying to make Chinese black pots on the issue of fentanyl and dress themselves into "victims", but the US statement can’t stand at all.

China has always held a "zero tolerance" attitude towards drugs and adopted the strictest control and stricter punishment.Fentany has never formed scale abuse outside the United States.

Not only is China effectively anti -drug in China, but also in the attitude of humanitarianism and responsibilities, it has assisted the international community including the United States to respond to the abuse of fentini.In May 2019, China took the lead in giving the first category to manage Feni.According to the anti -drug law enforcement authorities such as the US Customs and Border Protection, from September 2019, the United States has not seized Fantanic substances from China.

China also earnestly fulfills the obligations of the United Nations’ 1988 Convention, and implements import and export permits and international inspection systems for all management chemicals to effectively prevent the flow of drug -making channels through international trade clubs.

The United States sued and sanctions Chinese enterprises and citizens on the grounds of suspected production and sales of chemical pre -chemicals and related equipment. However, these materials and equipment are non -tube chemicals and equipment, which have extensive legal use.According to international practice and traffic, ensuring that international trade goods are not used for illegal purpose is the basic responsibility of imported enterprises, and it is also a legal obligation of the import country government.The responsibilities shall not be imposed by the importer should be imposed on the exporter.

Regarding the so -called fentanyl from the recent hype of the United States, Fantini has flowed into Mexico from China. The actual situation is that China has never received the relevant information about Mexico’s "China Easy Poisonous Chemical Export to Mexico for poisoning".It has not been provided for the fact that Chinese chemicals flow into Mexico to make fentanyl.

The above facts fully indicate that the United States has no reason to accusations about the Chinese side on the Fantani issue. The purpose is to mislead the public and pass the responsibility of poor governance.As the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China pointed out, "the United States attempts to solve its concerns on the problem of drug control through pressure, coercion and illegal means. In fact, it is actually internal and external.(over)

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