Infertile mothers notice, 4 major changes in breasts during pregnancy!

As a novice mother, no one told me before pregnancy that the chest will change after pregnancy.For example, the chest becomes bigger, painful, black, etc. After seeing these changes, I was still uncomfortable for several days.Finally, I know that these are normal physiological phenomena during pregnancy. So what changes do pregnant mothers’ breasts experience?

Big itching

A large number of estrogen will increase during pregnancy, so the breasts of pregnant mothers will grow up, and it will feel itchy because of the bigger breast growth.While the breast becomes larger, the breast suspension of the breast will extend. At this time, due to the stretching of the breast suspension of the breast during pregnancy, the breasts may have a certain degree of sagging breasts after pregnancy.The more times the number of pregnancy, the more obvious the drooping situation.So at this time, choosing a branched bra is critical.When the breasts grow in the early pregnancy, pregnant mothers will start to change breastfeeding underwear.Because the elasticity of breastfeeding underwear, high expansion, will not compress the breasts of the pregnant mothers, but also relieve breast pain.

Breast pain

A second -born mother said to me such a sentence, your breasts may be earlier than you, knowing that you are pregnant.Breast pain is the earliest signs of our pregnancy. Its tenderness is very similar to the feeling of us before menstruation. Generally, it will start in one and a half months of pregnancy.It may continue until you have a baby.Pregnant mothers should pay attention to different constitution according to our physique, it may be accompanied by itching, tenderness, and falling symptoms. These are normal physiological phenomena. Do not be afraid of pregnant mothers.

Big nipples become larger

In order to prepare for breastfeeding, the nipples will become larger during pregnancy. This is a normal phenomenon. At the same time, there will be some small nodules on the nipples. It will secrete oil to moisturize the nipples and avoid the phenomenon of breaking skin on the nipple.Note: You don’t need to deliberately remove these small nodules, just keep your breasts clean normally during pregnancy.These changes in the body also represent that the baby in your stomach is thriving.

Blast turbine

Due to the changes in estrogen during pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s body has excessive pigmentation in some parts of the body of the pregnant mother, such as the isola black.At that time, because I suddenly turned black, I couldn’t accept it, and I usually recovered after breastfeeding.


When pregnant mothers have completed breastfeeding, there will be ticking milk within a few days of the due date.This is normal, don’t worry!

Moms who have just become pregnant or are preparing for pregnancy, if you encounter these phenomena later, do not have to be afraid, these are normal physiological phenomena during pregnancy!

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