Increase physical exercise time Cultivation to correct eye habits

Protecting children’s vision is an important part of school.There are many measures for primary and secondary schools in various places: implementing classroom lighting and lighting requirements, and introducing professional vision testing institutions; organizing students to do eye health exercises and strengthen physical exercise;The combination of hardware facilities, standardized daily teaching, and strengthening publicity and education can play the important role of schools in the prevention and control of adolescent myopia.

Improved hardware facilities–

Optimize the visual environment

Establish vision file

At 10 am, it was gloomy outside.Looking up, there were nine rectangular headlights hanging on the top of the shed, the lights were soft, and the corner of the classroom was still bright.

"This is the newly installed eye protection light. According to the personalized design drawings of each school classroom, ensure that each corner of the light can meet the standard." Principal Zhang Chunyan explained.Meihekou City Second Experimental Middle School was founded in the 1970s. In the past, the equipment was old. "The incandescent lamps used before, some were flickering, and some were dazzling." At the end of last year, the school was included in the classroom of Jilin Province classrooms.In the lighting transformation project, all 24 classrooms were replaced with eye protection lights.

Zhang Chunyan said: "During the period of school, the strength of the students is strong. The hardware of the classroom is not close, and it is easy to induce bad habits such as humpback and squinting. Therefore, in addition to government transformation, the school must pay attention to it."The school actively carried out the analysis of the visual hidden dangers of the classroom, and completed the hardware replacement of hardware such as light and light white curtains, adjustable high tables and chairs."The school also organizes students to adjust their seats every week, not only to move left and right, but also change the two rows in front and back to continuously change vision distance."

"In order to ensure the lighting of the classroom, when designing, we put all the classrooms in the south. And appropriately reduce the height of the window sill and expand the glass area as much as possible." At 4:15 pm, enter the newly built Meihe New District Boya Experimental ExperimentThe school, the sun can be seen in the classroom, the principal Zheng Xin introduced.

There are textbooks and school materials on the classroom desk. Open it, the paper is pale and yellow, and the printing is clear. "According to the requirements of the education department, we purchase genuine textbooks uniformly. When designing school -basedPay attention to the matching of pictures and text to avoid tiring with the eyes. The teachers should pay attention to the teaching and auxiliary materials that students choose themselves, and they should be prompted when they find that pirated and small fonts are too small. "Zheng Xin said.

"Classmates, we put the" simulator "in front of our eyes. This is the world of 200 degrees of myopia." In the Health Street Central Primary School Health Room in Meihekou City, student volunteers are explaining the usage of vision training equipment for students.Looking around, electronic standards are neatly placed on digital vision gauges and vision training tools.The school is also equipped with two full -time health caregivers to organize 2 vision tests each year.

It is simple and convenient to digital vision, but it cannot detect problems such as myopia and astigmatism. The price of computer optometry is high. Most schools are difficult to afford it. What should I do?"In order to make up the shortcomings of hardware facilities, the school and professional testing institutions are established. The latter provides equipment, and it will conduct more free testing every year. According to the detection data, the school establishs vision files for each student. After discovering the problems, the parents will notify the parents in time, Realize the problems of vision and intervene early. "Said Wang Jinrong, President of Jiefang Street Central Primary School in Meihekou City.

Standardize daily teaching–

Do good eye exercises

Add sports courses

At 9:45 am, eye health music sounded at the Qinhuangtai Central School of Bincheng District, Binzhou City, Shandong Province.The children sat upright, closed their eyes lightly, adjusted their breathing, accompanied by passwords, and a pair of small hands pressed the acupuncture points rhythmically.

Prevent myopia, prevent greater than governance.Since 2021, Bincheng District has been incorporated into the key tasks of the construction of the "Health Bincheng" and the government’s annual assessment rules, refine the responsibility for the prevention and control of myopia, do a good job of daily teaching intervention on campus, and strictly organize primary and secondary school students to do their eyes every day and afternoon.Health exercise.

"According to the requirements of the district, we earnestly implement the process of eye health exercises, actively carry out eye health exercises and sitting posture comparison to ensure that students have the right and correct posture; incorporate eye health exercises into the schedule, and organize teachers to inspect on -site inspections and urge them. "Du Hongjian, Director of Moral Education, Qinhuangtai Central School.At present, the coverage rate of eye health exercises in Elementary and Middle Schools in Bincheng District has reached 100%.In April of this year, Bincheng District was selected as pilot prevention and control of children and adolescents in Shandong Province.

To say no of "small glasses", you have to increase outdoor activities.Entering the Boxing County Experimental Primary School in Binzhou City. On the playground, several students were waving the racket, rubbing the ball on the top, and back to pull the ball.

Table tennis is a traditional sports of Boxing County Experimental Primary School.In order to take care of the children’s eyes, the school is set up a table tennis class per week in addition to the full -scale and regular physical education classes. Professional teachers teach students table tennis skills to students, and edit their own characteristic table tennis, colorful rope exercises, etc.Curriculum content guides students out of the classroom to relieve eye fatigue.

"The school is close to the integration of the prevention and control of the classroom teaching, campus culture, and daily behavior specifications. Since 2018, the myopia rate of students in our school has declined year by year." Said Zhang Qingming, president of Boxing County Experimental Primary School.

Jinan Huibo Elementary School also worked hard on "adding", and promoted the "wake -up and elemental" vision exercises under the guidance of the concept of Chinese medicine to create a two -exercise model of eye care and vision exercises.At the same time, the school has also established a student’s health data file to use "height, weight, vision, lung volume, sleep" as the basic data of health, encrypted monitoring frequency, formulate personalized exercise solutions based on students’ vision conditions, and carry out stratified physical exercise.

"Reduce students’ eye burdens, and they must also make an article of ‘minus’." Yang Jingqin, president of Huibo Elementary School, introduced that the school is close to the prevention and control work as the "Breakthrough Project of the Party Branch Secretary" and is included in the annual key task list.Since the implementation of the "dual reduction" policy, in order to effectively do a good job in the prevention and control of student myopia, the school strictly controls the total number of homework, and is based on the grade group.At the same time, optimize the layered operation settings, and adopt a combination of work design models to promote students’ high -quality personalized learning.

In 2023, Huibo Primary School was identified as a pilot school for myopia prevention and control in Jinan.Yang Jingqin said that in the future, the school will further move forward and work hard on daily teaching management to help children develop good eye habits.

Strengthen publicity and education-

Eye protection course

Organize experts to preach

"Classmates, we just understood the role of the eyes and the reasons for the formation of myopia. Let’s talk about it first, how can we protect our eyes?"(6) Class, the teacher of the health education class throws the problem, and the next podium raises a small hand.

"I know! Do not write homework under the dim light", "Do more outdoor activities", "Don’t always play mobile phones" … The students rushed to answer, and the classroom atmosphere was warm."Teachers often teach us to protect our eyes. I have changed a lot of bad eye habits." After class, student Ou Yanjun said.

"Primary schools are a key stage for developing good eye -eye and eye -catching habits." Deng Shusong, president of Evergreen Primary School, said that healthy eye habits are not developed in one year and a half.Eye health education is carried out during the year: first and second grades are mainly to correctly hold pens, sitting posture and eye health exercises; the third and fourth grades focus on understanding the protection of the eyes, preventing myopia, and learning to use the eyes reasonably, controlling the time and time of electronic products and the time of seeing the electronic products and the time.Play the frequency of games; grades 5 and six of you understand the relevant knowledge of eyeball composition, myopia formation and correction from a scientific level, and strengthen the correct eye habits.

Xinyu City is a pilot zone of children’s and adolescent myopia prevention and control reform. "We offer health education courses, stipulating that each school’s eye health education per semester is not less than 6 courses, which normalize and standardize students’ good eye behaviors."According to the relevant person in charge of the Education Bureau of Xinyu City.

"Why do more outdoor activities can effectively prevent myopia? First of all, reducing close eye time and relieve eye fatigue; second, outdoor sunlight can promote dopamine secretion and help prevent myopia …" A few days ago, the Honggutan Branch of the Primary School affiliated to Nanchang University held one and one of the schools.Liao Hongfei, deputy dean of Nanchang University Affiliated Ophthalmology Hospital, answered the 30 questions about myopia prevention and control.

On the stage, Liao Hongfei explained in simple and easy -to -understand language and vivid images; on the stage, the lecture hall that could accommodate more than 500 people had no seats, and teachers and students listened seriously."The distance between the eyes and the book is kept about 30 cm; you can’t lie in bed and read a book …" The fourth grade (1) classmate Hu Tianyu’s notebook was written.

"Experts preach more deeper and more convincing." Zeng Ronghua, the principal of the school, introduced that the school will invite experts from Nanchang University Medical College, Nanchang University Ophthalmology Hospital and other units to give lectures for the students to explain myopia prevention and control related to the students.Knowledge, letting eye cares and eyesight become a habit and consciousness for students.

For myopia prevention and control, rural areas are often weak.In the first school of staying in Checao Town, Xunwu County, Ganzhou City, the school first organized the parent meeting of adolescent myopia prevention and control.At the parent meeting, doctors from Xunwu County People’s Hospital Dr. Huang Haizhang explained the basic knowledge of myopia classification, myopia’s symptoms, myopia symptoms, etc. through the form of reflecting slides, playing videos, and telling cases.

"It turned out that myopia is so great. If the child is close, changing glasses often is a lot of expenses." Chen Shuchun, the parents of the third grade of the middle school students in the car middle school, did not care about their children’s vision.After the parent meeting, he and the reporter carefully harvested: "I must remind the children often to get up to rest for about every 40 minutes; the lighting of the family should not be too dark; pay attention to the balanced diet, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits …"

"In rural areas, bad visual environment and unhealthy visual behavior are likely to cause myopia. Many parents do not pay enough attention, and they are not conscious. Family is an important environment for students to learn growth.Huang Haiyu said.(Liu Yiqing, Li Rui Zhou Huan)

"People’s Daily" (13th edition, June 01, 2023)

Source: People’s Daily -People’s Daily

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