In the weeks of pregnancy, the mothers of pregnant mothers are easy to collapse?If you want the fetal development, you are not affected, you need to do three things

"Pregnancy is like going to jail, the mentality often collapses, and I can’t look at it at a glance …"

Hearing the complaints of neighbors Feifei, thinking of his time when he was pregnant, he really suffered.Many people may feel that they are pregnant in October, and they are serving them when they eat and drink. What can be complained?

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It turns out that it is easy to say many things, only the hardships that have experienced it.Especially when pregnancy is not only uncomfortable, but emotional problems also need to be valued.

According to statistics, it is found that the mood of general pregnant women in the early stages of pregnancy is the most unstable, and the detection rate of anxiety is 17.4%, which is higher than other times.

Among them, there are two pregnancy weeks, which is the most emotional period. Many mothers said that in these two times, they can’t eat, sleep, and often get angry, and they will secretly cry.

1. Week 10 of pregnancy

Some time ago, Guan Xuanhuai actor Zhong Jiaxin shared his early pregnancy on social platforms.

"I became very irrational, emotional, and even tears, which made me very scared, and I couldn’t even sleep well."

Judging from this sentence, the psychological pressure she suffered at this time was relatively large, and the tenth week of emotions collapsed.

And Zhong Jiaxin’s feelings, most pregnant mothers should understand.In the early stages of pregnancy, especially in the tenth week, the mother may have to bear the following pressure:

A: Endocrine disorders.By the tenth week, the secretion of various hormones in the pregnant mother’s body was relatively disordered (such as estrogen, progesterone, and HCG), and the value may be 100 times before pregnancy. These changes will affect the emotions of pregnant women.

B: Early pregnancy reaction.In the early pregnancy, in order to withstand the development of the fetus, the mother’s body will change a lot. The most obvious in the early days is various early pregnancy reactions: pregnancy, drowsiness, heartburn, stomach acid reflux, and so on.Essence

C: Psychological pressure.There are two main types of this: one is to worry about the health of the embryo, because at this time the embryo is in bed, it is not stable, and the probability of accidents such as tire stop and fetal deformity is relatively high, which makes the mother worry about it;

One is that the change in the role may make the mother have not adapted to it for a while, especially the novice mother or the unexpected pregnancy mother, witnessing the breeding process of a small life, it is inevitable to make them feel helpless and worry about whether they can do well.

2. Week 38 of pregnancy

Let ’s show you a few real feelings of those who come over:" 38 weeks of pregnancy, belly falling, difficulty in breathing, frequent insomnia, itching of stretch marks, etc., I want to "unload" quickly. "" If you want to experience it, you canTry to put a big watermelon in the clothes for a day, you will understand what we are suffering. "In the production level, can we survive smoothly? "

As the mothers above said, the third trimester is actually a very special stage. On the one hand, the fetal development in the third trimester is too large, and the physiological discomfort caused by the squeezing of the mother’s uterus and other internal organs of the body.

Another point is that it is about to cause delivery, and the psychological pressure of the mother will increase, which will cause the mother’s anxiety.However, in any case, I hope that pregnant mothers can try to try to regulate their emotions as much as possible.

1. Affect the body’s body development

A large number of scientific research shows that when pregnant women are often in negative emotions such as fear, anxiety, and anger, the body will secrete adrenal corticosteroids. This hormone will enter the fetus with blood circulation.

Not only affects the baby’s body organs development, but also causes problems such as deformities and dysplasia, but also may cause premature birth.

2. Affect the fetal brain development

During pregnancy, if the pregnant mother fluctuates a large fluctuations, it will often cause blood pressure to rise, the oxygen supply of the fetus will become less, and the development of brain cells may be affected.

The mother who maintains a peaceful mood during pregnancy has laid a good foundation for the child’s brain development.

In addition, the mood of the mother may also affect the child’s character, as well as the weight at birth, and the degree of nutritional development.

So if you don’t want to affect your baby’s development, you need to control your emotions, so what can you do?

1. Let your body "relax"

Moms during pregnancy may face various physical discomforts. One by one will teach you to deal with methods, learn these, and relax your body, and emotions can also be relieved.

★ Nausea and pregnancy

Eat less meals, you can choose some sour fruits or plums, ginger slices to stimulate appetite, try not to let yourself be hungry;

Replenish water in time, especially mothers with frequent pregnancy vomiting. It is easy to dehydrate with the body. Drink more water. If you really feel tasteless in your mouth, you can use milk, yogurt or juice to relieve it;

When you feel like you want to vomit, you can smell lemon or mint, which can hold a little vomiting.

However, it should be noted that if the pregnancy vomiting is serious, it affects normal eating, and the mother’s weight decreases a lot. Looking at it, I look at the hospital in time.

★ Difficulty breathing, chest tightness

It is not recommended to eat too much in diet, and the action is as smooth as possible. Usually, you can also practice more relaxed pregnancy yoga during pregnancy.

When you sleep, try to lying as much as possible to reduce pressure on the heart. You can suck oxygen at a necessary moment.

★ pubic pain, back pain

Avoid standing for a long time or sitting for a long time. You can get up every one or two hours and walk around. When you sit or lie down, try to put a thing in the back.

★ Constipation, frequent urination

Pregnant women with constipation are recommended to add foods rich in dietary fiber, such as celery, fresh green vegetables, etc., to promote gastrointestinal motility and alleviate constipation; usually exercise more to avoid sedentary.

It may be more troublesome to deal with frequent urination. What is more effective is to exercise the power of the bottom muscles of the pot. You can do the Kigel exercise and put pressure on the bottom muscle.

2. Let your emotions "relax"

You can divert your attention through exercise (yoga, swimming, etc.), hobbies (flower arrangement, reading, meditation, etc.), and other entertainment activities to avoid always falling into negative emotions.

In addition, family members must do a good job of work, usually pay more attention to the emotional changes of pregnant women, and accompany them more, these will help alleviate their anxiety.

Another point is: you can learn more scientific pregnancy and parenting knowledge. You can avoid thinking blindly after you have some understanding.

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