In the twelfth week of pregnancy, you can stop taking folic acid, but remember to supplement calcium supplementation

I believe that during this time, your baby baby brings unlimited joy and hope to your family. What’s even more gratifying is that you have gradually got rid of the trouble of nausea and vomiting, fatigue and lethargy. You are much easier than before, but don’t take it lightly.Essence

important hint

For the first official check -up, if you have not established a pregnancy test file, you should act now.Since it has entered a relatively stable stage at this time, general hospitals will handle the "pregnant women’s health manuals" for mothers.In the future, when doctors perform various birth checks for each expectant mother, they will also perform and record them according to the inspection items recorded in the manual.Avoid increasing unnecessary weight: try to avoid increasing unnecessary weight, especially not to blindly overeating for the fetus, because excessive weight will increase your discomfort, increase the opportunity to produce stretch marks, and make postpartum weight loss more difficult.By the weekend, the basic tissue of the nervous system and circulatory system has been basically improved, and you can stop taking folic acid.But remember to continue calcium supplement!

12 weeks of pregnancy fetus pictures

This week, the fetus is already a villain. His top hips grow about 61-70 mm. His fingers and toes are completely separated. Some bones have become hard and joint prototypes appear.However, the proportion of the head and the body is still large. Although the limbs have been formed, they are still short, but it has increased significantly compared with last week.

Your baby is getting more and more uneasy. He sometimes kicks his legs, and sometimes stretches his waist, like a dancer.The fetus’s fingers can fists; muscles such as frowning, sloppy, and closed mouth, etc. He can suck, swallow amniotic fluid, and urinate.Observing the external genitals with the naked eye can be divided into men and women.At this time, if you touch your abdomen gently with your hands, the fetus will move, but you still can’t feel the movement of the fetus.

At this stage, the chance of miscarriage decreased accordingly.

At this moment you may change

The early pregnancy reaction of expectant mothers will be weakened or even without this weekend, and you have begun to adapt to this huge physiological change.You will find that, in addition to the stomach, there have been obvious changes in other places. For example, the breasts become larger and sometimes have a sense of soreness; the legs are thick, and both sides of the body are fat.

At this time, a vertical dark brown pregnancy line will appear from the navel to the pubic bone, or there are dark brown pigmentation. Some pregnant mothers have different sizes and different shapes of brown spots on their faces and necks. This is pregnancy.Paea, some pregnant mothers also have vascular changes on the surface of the skin, such as watching spider moles, hemangioma, capillaries, etc., red on the skin surface will deepen, and the palms will be reddish, which is called palm erythema.The color of the nipples and areolas will also deepen, and these vascular trait changes may be caused by the elevation of estrogen during pregnancy.It will disappear or reduce after childbirth.

Three things you have to do

1. Moderate exercise

After pregnancy, some pregnant mothers who like sports do not dare to move easily, especially when the baby is not very stable in the first 11 weeks, now you can rest assured to participate in some mild activities.So what extent does the exercise have no effect on the baby?Here are several relatively gentle exercises, such as walking, swimming, soft exercise, squat exercise, etc. You can move according to your physical condition. The basic principle is not to feel fatigue.

2. Pregnancy

This week’s prenatal education is still based on nutritional prenatal education and touched prenatal education. While appropriately increase sports prenatal education, it can also be supplemented by music. Although the fetus has not yet formed, the pregnant mother appreciates relaxed, humorous, and beautiful music.It can calm down the mood, relieve the depression of early pregnancy, and help the fetus healthy.Recommended prenatal education music: "Ode to Joy", "Moonlight Sonata", "Panda Mimi" and so on.

3. Pregnant mothers can do some housework appropriately

In the 12th week of pregnancy, the risk of abortion is small, but some prospective dads are still afraid of "something". The pregnant mother has a little action and is frightened, let alone let my wife do housework.It turns out that some housework and proper physical exercise during this period have great benefits for pregnant mothers’ psychology and physiological.

The question you may face

■ Can eating more vegetables replace vitamins?

Vegetables and vitamin makers cannot be replaced. Vegetables are one of the main sources of vitamins required by the human body, and non -ferrous vegetables are rich in vitamins.However, … vegetables and vitamins cannot replace each other

■ What should I do if I have too much stomach acid?

This week you may also feel a burning sensation from the bottom of the sternum to your throat.This is usually excessive gastric acid, (also known as stomach burning). Usually this is a common "side effect" brought by pregnancy, which is caused by changes in hormones and their bodies.

■ Can I travel out?

During this period, early pregnancy reactions have passed, life is restored, and the abdomen is not too large. The movement is flexible. Pregnant women travel out, can replace the living environment, breathe fresh air, and watch the beautiful scenery, which can help pregnant women’s physical and mental health.Therefore, you can travel appropriately, especially to travel to the scenic spots.But pay attention when traveling …

Recommended for your nutritional food

Assorted juice rice

Material: 250 grams of rice noodles, 150 chicken liver liver, 50 grams of green onions, 100 grams of loofah, 300 grams of peanut oil (about 60 grams), 5 grams of salt, 5 grams of sugar, 10 grams of wet starch, green onion flowers, cooking wine, fresh fresh, fresh fresh, fresh fresh, fresh, fresh, freshTang Shao.


1. Wash the chicken and liver separately, cut into small slices, put in the bowl, add a little salt, sugar, wet starch and cooking wine, mix well on the slurry;Peel, wash, cut into strips; beef the noodle noodles are scalded with boiling water, remove and control water.

2. Put the fire on the fire, put the oil to 5 to 60 % of the heat, and the naked chicken hepatic slices, open it with chopsticks, slip for about 1-2 minutes, and mature until seven or eight. Remove the oil control.Leave the bottom oil in the original pot, put it back on the spot, burn it to 70 %, pour the rice noodles and a little salt, stir fry for 3 minutes, stir -fry until soft, put it in the pan into the plate.

3. Use another pot to get angry, put a little oil, boil to 70 % heat, add loofah tablets, onion headline, stir -fry for about 2 minutes, until half cooked, add the slippery liver slices, add the remaining salt, white sugar andSummary of fresh soup, adjust the taste, boil the juice for a while, sprinkle with green onion and stir well, and put on the rice noodles on the rice noodles.

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