In the summer, there are more insomnia patients. Can melatonin that is popular in recent years can it be eaten?

· The most clinical application of melatonin is to treat sleep disorders as a sleeping promotional agent, but it is not a conventional drug for the treatment of insomnia.Take it, but it usually does not exceed 13 weeks.Sleeping for less than a month is recommended to see a doctor, and then judge how to intervene after evaluation.

Summer is coming, and it is getting longer and longer during the day, and it has begun to whiten in more than four days.The recent outpatient insomnia patients have gradually increased.A young guy Xiao Li, who is less than 30 years old, came to the doctor because of poor sleep.After asking, in fact, I ca n’t sleep well for 3 days. It is mainly manifested in sleeping difficulties. It can be reluctant to sleep for 2 hours every day. After falling asleep, I dream of dreaming overnight. It is less than 5 o’clock.Strongly beating to work.He told me: Doctor, I don’t want to take medicine. I heard that there is a health product called melatonin. Can I eat it?

What is melatonin?

The melatonin is an endogenous hormone secreted by a pineal body in the human brain. It is also known as the night hormone and is an important messenger to help the body enter the night mode.The current research has found that the secretion of melatonin has the rhythm of day and night, which is lower during the day, and gradually increases after the night. It reaches the peak from 23:00 to 3 am the next day, and then drops sharply before dawn.When the external light is bright, the secretion of melatonin will be suppressed. When the external light is dim, it will stimulate the secretion of melatonin and help us enter and maintain good sleep [1].

Melale is proven to be an important guarantee for maintaining the rhythm of the human body. In particular, it can improve the sleep cycle and maintain the time and quality of sleep, which has an irreplaceable role in sleep.Melale is allowed to be used as a health food raw material in my country. The health care function is limited to improve sleep. The daily recommended amount is 1-3mg.

According to statistics, from 1996 to 2015, my country has approved 740 health care varieties that can improve sleep. There are 164 products containing melatonin. At present, there are no drug -related drugs in China.It is recommended to take it from a small dose. The higher dose does not bring benefits, but there is excessive risk.Unless doctors suggest, large doses should be avoided for a long time.

The role and application of melatonin

The most clinical application of melatonin is to treat sleep disorders as a sleeping promotion agent [2], but it is not a conventional drug for treating insomnia.You can take it down, but it usually does not exceed 13 weeks.The half -life of melatonin in the body is very short, only about half an hour, which means that taking melatonin can only maintain the effect of about 1 hour; secondly, it is not easy to enter the melatonin with mouth.Through the blood -brain barrier, entering the brain to play, and long -term use may affect its own synthesis and secretion, bringing side effects such as poor mental and sleepy.At the same time, it can also cause other hormone disorders, increase the risk of women’s menstrual problems, polycystic ovary, etc., and also have certain risks to the liver. Women during pregnancy and pregnancy should not be used.

In addition, melatonin plays a neurological role in many nervous diseases, which can improve the cognitive ability of patients with mild cognitive disorder, reduce the mortality of patients with muscle atrophy side sclerosis, and reduce delayed causing dysfunction.Severe levels, etc.Melalene is also an auxiliary drug for routine treatment of cancer patients. It participates in a variety of anti -cancer mechanisms, including induced tumor cell apoptosis, inhibit tumor cell proliferation, reduce tumor growth and metastasis, reduce side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, reduce cancer treatment in cancer therapyDrug resistance, enhance the treatment effect of conventional anti -cancer therapy.In cardiovascular system diseases, melatonin also plays a key role. It can prevent and improve cardiovascular risk factors by effectively regulating oxidation stress, inflammatory response, metabolic activity and blood pressure [2].

Drugs related to melatonin

Agmeratine is a long -lasting melatonin receptor agonist. It has a dual mechanism that promotes sleep and antidepressant. It is different from the traditional promotion of sleep drugs to directly produce the function of inhibiting the center excitement. AgmeratineThe main action mechanism is to stimulate the melatonin receptor in the pine fruit, so that more melatonin is used to regulate the human body’s rhythm.To put it bluntly, Agmeratine can make people produce more melatonin at night, which is more sensitive to changes in light and time and is more likely to produce asleep. In the daytime, Agmeratine can reduceThe secretion of melatonin makes people more energetic, so it is not easy to cause adverse reactions such as dwelling and fatigue and fatigue in patients with insomnia.Agmeratine can also affect the hydroxylidin receptor in the brain, thereby creating antidepressant effects.

Agmeratine is a antidepressant drug and has the role of helping sleep. It can be used for chronic insomnia, but this is a drug after all. Although the safety is generally better, there may still be a certain gastrointestinal response.Dizziness, sweating and other side effects. If you use it for a long time, you need to follow up with liver function.It must be used under the guidance of a doctor.

Insomnia is the most important

The causes of insomnia are complicated.The noise around the living room, too strong indoor lights, high room temperature or too low or too low, the air dirty and humid, changes in the place of residence, strenuous exercise before bedtime, a lot of food or exciting substances, and frequent changes in day and night shifts may cause sleep.obstacle.Therefore, good sleep first requires good sleep habits.

If insomnia is used as a disease diagnosis, a professional doctor is required.For example, chronic insomnia takes at least 3 days of insomnia, and the symptoms durate for 3 months, resulting in obvious social functional damage to diagnose.Chronic insomnia requires standardized treatment. In addition to improving sleep and hygiene habits, some drugs can be used to help adjust, but they need to be used under the guidance of professional doctors.

Back to Xiao Li’s case.Xiao Li’s sleep is not good for 3 days, which is acute insomnia.For short -term and occasional insomnia like this, you can adjust it by alleviating your psychological pressure, appropriately enhanced aerobic exercise, regularly adjust the schedule time, and create a comfortable sleep environment. You can stick to it. Generally, you can recover by yourself in about a week.You can also use small doses of sleeping pills to temporarily use medication to help fall asleep. Sleeping improves for about a week.

Finally, I want to say: Sleeping is not good for more than a month, and I am recommended to see a doctor for a month, and then judge how to interfere after the evaluation.

(Author Ye Chen, deputy chief physician of the Department of Psychological Medicine, Affiliated to the Zhongshan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University, deputy chairman of the Youth Committee of the Chinese Medical Association Behavior Medical Branch; the author Qin Yan, a pharmacist at the Department of Pharmacy Department of Zhongshan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University.)


[1] Zhang Yan. Save insomnia, scientifically take melatonin cautious [n]. Chinese Women’s Daily, 2023-03-29 (008).

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