In the process of pregnancy, is it pregnant?

Bringing life is a very great thing, and it is also a very hard thing. What is the process of pregnancy?Many women have doubts that when they are pregnant, they often start to think about whether they are pregnant when they are pregnant.So what is the process of pregnancy? Come and see!

Each menstruation has backache and breast tenderness. It should not belong to the symptoms of pregnancy. It is generally asymptomatic when I was pregnant.

Many expectant mothers want to know what the fetus grows in her body. The following is a concern for you to pay attention to you.

1. The first month of pregnancy (week 1 ~ 4)

The first month of pregnancy refers to the time for pregnant women from the first day of menstruation.

The physiological characteristics of the first month of pregnancy and the instructions for pregnant women:

Physiological characteristics:

If the menstrual cycle of the pregnant woman is a combination of essence eggs on the second weekend of pregnancy at 28-30 days.The essence of the cytoplasses that split into a cytoplasm after fertilization reaches the uterus along the fallopian tube.In the third week, the cell group took off the outer membrane to prepare in bed.The fourth week of embryos has been firmly planted into the uterus.

The first month of pregnancy is called fetal buds.The fetal buds are 0.5-1 cm like a hippocampus.

Notice of pregnant women:

Most pregnant women have no response in the first month of pregnancy.The first month is the period when the neural tube, limbs, and eyes begin to differentiate. At this time, the cells and organs of harmful substances are encountered.

Do not go to places where the theaters, ballrooms, shops, and other people gather to avoid contact with patients with influenza, rubella, infectious hepatitis.Try not to take medicine.Both viruses and drugs may affect the baby’s development.

Stay away from electromagnetic pollution listening to sound, and keep a certain distance when watching TV.Try to use computer, microwave oven, mobile phone, etc. as possible.When the heating is just stopped, pregnant women do not sleep on an electric blanket because it can produce electromagnetic fields to pregnant women and fetuses.

Avoid drinking strong tea, coffee and cola drinking women. The most ideal drink for pregnant women is boiled water.

Washing powder should not be used with soap; washing dishes should be used to use detergent without harmful substances.

After you cut raw meat, you must wash your hands and stir -fry, eat mutton, etc.In order to prevent the fetus infected with the gifted bodies in the raw meat.

Do not immerse your hands directly into cold water in cold water.Families without water heaters need to buy a few palory gloves.

There are not many nutrition that babies need in the first month of pregnancy.However, from now on, we must cultivate good eating habits, not picky eaters, nor partial eclipses to maintain nutritional balance.

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