In the middle of the night, my stomach hurt, thinking that I had a bad stomach, and the result was the bleeding of the digestive tract!

The 38 -year -old man Xiao Liu has recently been "Yang". His symptoms are not too serious: fever, sore throat, and occasionally headache.Xiao Liu was treated in a timely manner for the first time. After seven days, the symptoms of the new crown almost completely disappeared, but lived in the digestive ward due to digestive tract bleeding … This is Professor Chen Xiaoyang, director of breathing and critical medicine at the Second Affiliated Hospital of Fujian Medical UniversityA friend who treats treatment.

"My friend called me at two or three in the morning at night, saying that he was treated at home after being infected with the new crown virus. At first he didn’t ask him what drugs he took. He only said that the treatment of the abdomen in the middle of the night one week after the treatment was one week after one week.There was a burst of tear -like pain, accompanied by a small amount of vomiting, he mentioned that he had chronic gastric ulcers. I said that this situation is not good. It is a typical gastric bleeding manifestation.

"At that time, my friend also murmured that it would not be serious enough to be an emergency department. I told him that even if a small amount of vomiting blood was dangerous at the time, because the gastrointestinal tract was an empty organs, and the appearance was a small amount of vomiting blood, but the actual interior might have bleed bleeding.250-300cc, so you cannot measure the seriousness of the amount of blood that spit out, and the total blood of the human body is 7000-8000cc. The amount you vomit is the "iceberg corner" of the actual bleeding amount., Shock and even life -threatening. "

It turned out that the reason for Director Chen’s friend Xiao Liu stomach to bleed the wrong medicine after being infected with the new crown.

First, the patient has a basic disease of chronic gastric ulcers. On the first day, he had a fever to 37.8 ° C, but he took a grain of ibuprofen on an empty stomach as soon as possible.

Warning: All anti -inflammatory drugs, antipyretic drugs, and hormone drugs cannot be taken on an empty stomach. Patients with chronic basic diseases of gastrointestinal gastrointestinal should be taken after half an hour to one hour after meals to avoid the stimulation of drugs to gastrointestinal tract;

Secondly, the patient continued to take a grain of ibuprofen on an empty stomach on the next morning to maintain an antipyretic effect. Before lunch, he felt a headache due to the pain in his throat.

Warning: The drugs such as ibuprofen have an analgesic and anti -inflammatory effect. Poor pain is also analgesic anti -inflammatory drugs. This superimposed analgesic anti -inflammatory drugs have greater damage and stimulation caused by gastrointestinal tract;

Third, the patient has taken two ibuprofen in the seven days after the infection, and has taken pain, scattered pain, and acetic acid tablets.The treatment lasts for seven days until the body temperature is completely returned to normal, and the symptoms of the upper respiratory tract disappear.

Warning: Anti -inflammatory drugs must be taken in accordance with the doctor’s order. Generally, do not take more than 1 week in a row. It should not be excessive every day (strictly executed according to the prescription of the physician).

Director Chen told us that the new crown symptomatic treatment usually involves taking antipyretics and anti -inflammatory drugs. It must be reminded that you need to follow the doctor’s advice before using these symptomatic drugs, because these drugs will more or less cause damage to the digestive tract.Due to personal physical differences, even some people only take one medicine can cause digestive tract bleeding. Therefore, doctors will recommend which drugs to protect gastric mucosa according to the specific circumstances of the patient. It is safer to treat gastric drugs and then treat them with symptomatic treatment.

Director Chen said that it is possible to treat the symptomatic symptoms in a timely manner after infection, but his friends Xiao Liu’s wrongdoing is exactly what we are worthy of each of us. In particular, there are basic diseases of chronic digestive system.Patients need to pay attention that the upper abdomen pain is a common manifestation of stomach hemorrhage, including dull pain, pain, tearing pain, and vomiting.Stomach bleeding, be sure to seek medical treatment in time.

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