In order to wash her illegitimate daughter, she did not hesitate to conceive a child who hates her man

"Important thing?" Ling Han’s lips set up a leisurely smile, "What important things do you want grandma to say? Um?"

His unknown low smile made Ye Huanyan’s goose bumps born, and she widened her eyes, watching him get up from the chair, picking up the suit jacket step by step approaching her.

For so many years, one thing that cannot be denied is that she is afraid of Linghan, and she is very afraid.

His gloomy personality and bad behavior can always scare her and tremble.

Whether it is in bed, or in bed, she is afraid of him.

At this moment, Ling Han was only less than half a meter away from her, and his eyes narrowed the risk of arc.

She wanted to take a step back, but the handrail of the stairs stopped, and she had no way back.

"If I didn’t guess it was wrong, the important thing you wanted grandma to announce the most was your marriage?"

For her shocking eyes, Ling Han’s footsteps finally stopped, and the two of them fit closely. His 185’s upright figure completely shrouded her petite body.

The atmosphere was stiff for a while.

"I …" Ye Huanyan stared, shook his head, "I didn’t …"

"Don’t deny, don’t pretend to be innocent in front of me. Ye Huanyan, do you think I don’t know what the abacus you hit in your heart?"

In his gorgeous and lazy voice, he was mixed with bright irony, "Climbing to my bed, conceived my child, and became a grandma of Lingjia, since then, washed your dirty illegitimate girl status before."

Men speak slowly, and each word bites extremely clearly.

Ye Huanyan’s face was white, and even though his heart was already humiliated, he still didn’t dare to show a little.

She strongly argued for herself, "It’s not what you think, it’s just an accident that time …"

"Accident?" Ling Han seemed to hear a very ridiculous word, but his tone was cold and made people feel like an ice cellar. "You mean, you sleep on my bed, and then see it by grandma. Is this just an accident?"

Ye Huanyan’s complexion was already interested in Qinghong. The moment she was crumbling, her wrist was grabbed by Ling Han coldly.

He was covered with chills and locked her face. "Or do you really think that with grandma, you can marry me as you wish?"

"No, no …" Ye Huanyan’s face lost blood.


In the second when Ling Han’s thin lips were slightly opened, the two doors of the villa suddenly pushed away, and Joeter, the suit and leather shoes, came and stood on his side.Go to the company. "

The atmosphere of the sword is suffocating.

"I know." The man sinking, but his eyes did not leave from Ye Huanyan’s face.

Qiao Mu glanced at the two who fits closely in their bodies.

"Cold …" Ye Huanyan’s pale lips and teeth overflowed a weak call.

However, Ling Han was shocked, and his eyes were all emotional, but in the shortest time, he was gathered by him.

He stared at the clear face in front of him, laughing and thought, thinking that he was deep, "Do you know why I acquiesced in my grandma’s behavior and let you live here?"

Ye Huanyan puzzled.

Welcome to her confused eyes, Ling Han laughed and said, "because there is a free bed companion, but any man, I am afraid that it will not refuse."

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