In June, the hemorrhoids were held, and the doctor painted her ointment, and the child was gone!

Ms. Lu, who lives in Nanhu, Wuhan, Hubei

A 6 -month -old baby

She will go away suddenly …

Why is there a sudden abortion?


Doctors apply musk hemorrhoid cream for them

On the afternoon of the 23rd of this month, she went to Wuhan Fangtai Hospital for hemorrhoids. The doctor applied her to Ma Yinglong’s musk hemorrhoids.Unexpectedly, more than two hours later, Ms. Lu saw her redness, and her family sent it to the Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital. The fetus in her stomach was still not kept.

On the evening of the 24th, the local reporter met Ms. Lu at the obstetric ward of the Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital. Her family kept a prescription list and the tube Ma Yinglong musk hemorrhoid cream.

I know the doctor is pregnant

After two hours of medicine, the lower body sees red

Ms. Lu introduced that she was pregnant for 6 months. On the afternoon of the 23rd, she was almost 5 o’clock in the afternoon. Due to the hemorrhoids, she accompanied her husband to the Wuhan Fangtai Hospital near home and inform the doctor who had a doctor.Born.

Dr. Wang who took the consultation asked Lu Nu to lie down in the change of the drug room and took medicine for her affected area. At the same time, he asked Ms. Lu’s husband, Mr. He, to pay.Ms. Lu said that at the time, she didn’t know what medicine the doctor was applied to her. Afterwards, the doctor asked her husband to take the Ma Yinglong musk hemorrhoid cream and continue to apply it.

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Ms. Lu said that she felt uncomfortable afterwards. In the evening, she went to her husband to dinner with her husband’s house because she was uncomfortable and did not eat.

Just at 7 o’clock in the evening, Ms. Lu’s lower body saw red, and her family urgently sent her to Hubei Maternal and Child Health Hospital at the street. After the doctor checked, she regretted telling her that the male baby in her belly failed to keep it.

Ms. Lu said that she was pregnant with the first child and regularly went to the Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital for a production inspection. The last medical examination was December 10, everything was normal.

She and her husband did not know about Ma Yinglong’s musk hemorrhoid cream. Afterwards, she found that the outsourcing of the drug was printed with "pregnant women with caution or obeying your doctor."

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"I have been pregnant with children, and I dare not use this medicine during pregnancy." Ms. Lu’s eldest sister said.Ms. Lu and her family believe that abortion is related to the medicine on the doctor.

Doctor: Patients have had abdominal pain for two or three days before diagnosis

Let her go home and don’t take medicine anymore

The reporter saw that the ingredients of this pipe Ma Yinglong Musan hemorrhoids were artificial musk, artificial beef, pearls, glyphosate powder, borax, borneol and amber.Note that there are indeed "pregnant women with caution or obey your doctor".

Ms. Lu said that on the afternoon of the 24th, her family found Wuhan Fangtai Hospital, but the hospital said that Mr. Wang was in the field.

On the morning of the 25th, the reporter came to Fangtai Hospital in Wuhan. The propaganda information suspended by the hospital showed that Dr. Wang, who was diagnosed with Ms. Lu at the time, was the attending physician. He was good at the diagnosis and treatment of common diseases and trauma surgery.

The medical staff of the hospital said that Dr. Wang had a rest after going to the night shift on the same day and went to the country and was returning.

Afterwards, the hospital called Dr. Wang to understand the situation.Dr. Wang said that Ms. Lu complained that she had been in the hospital for two or three days before she came to the hospital for two or three days.Because Ms. Lu’s hemorrhoids were removed, he used Ma Yinglong’s musk hemorrhoid cream as a lubricant, stuffed out the out of the part, and then wiped out a part of the medicine, so that Ms. Lu went home and did not use it anymore.

After learning that Ms. Lu had a miscarriage, the hospital also sent a text message to her husband and proposed to visit Ms. Lu in the hospital.The hospital said whether the abortion of Ms. Lu was related to the hospital’s medication and was confirmed by medical appraisal or medical experts.If Fangtai Hospital needs to bear relevant responsibilities, the hospital will not escape.In the later period, the hospital will also allow doctors to strengthen their studies and be familiar with the use and taboos of various drugs.

"If I don’t let me use it, why should I take me back?" Ms. Lu did not recognize the doctor’s explanation. She said that she had no abdominal pain before the doctor."If abdominal pain, I went to the Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital for examination. How can I go to Fangtai Hospital to see hemorrhoids?" Ms. Lu said.

At present, the Hongshan District Health and Family Planning Commission has been involved in investigating the matter.

Can pregnant women use hemorrhoid cream?

Pregnant women are high incidence of hemorrhoids

The incidence of hemorrhoids in pregnant women is as high as 76%

Pregnant women are high incidence of hemorrhoids, and the incidence of hemorrhoids in pregnant women is as high as 76%.Pregnant women’s hemorrhoids usually appear in the second stage of pregnancy 28-36 weeks, especially in one week before childbirth, there will be constipation, which will cause local varicose veins to form hemorrhoids.

This is because during pregnancy: the blood supply in the pelvic cavity increases. As the fetus grows day by day, the uterus also swells, and then compresses the veins, causing blood flow to be blocked.

Coupled with the relaxation of pelvic tissue during pregnancy, the occurrence and aggravation of hemorrhoids.In addition, because the rectal anus is oppressed and blood stagnation is stagnant, which will also cause hemorrhoids.

Pregnant women’s hemorrhoids cannot be improved for a long time

It will affect the normal development of the fetus

If the hemorrhoids of pregnant women are not improved for a long time, they will cause anemia to varying degrees, which will affect the normal development of the fetus.At the same time, in addition to being unsatisfactory, the bowel movement is easy to cause hemorrhoids, which also causes human waste to stay in the intestinal tube. After a long time, the moisture in the metabolites in the body is evaporated, and it is more difficult to excrete the body. At the same time, some toxins are spread.Metabolic products are absorbed by the human body, which can cause poisoning.This will cause a lot of harm to both pregnant women and fetuses.

Ms. Lu’s miscarriage

Is it caused by musk?

Musk is a kind of Chinese herbal medicine, which is the secretion in the male beast incense gland of the deer animal musk.


Oral service: enter the pill, loan, 3 to 5 %.Topical use: blowing throat, convulsions, eyes, tuning or plaster application.

Note: Pregnant women should avoid using it.

However, for Ms. Lu’s miscarriage, is it caused by musk -containing hemorrhoid cream?Netizens are also different.

Some netizens believe that as in the palace fighting drama "Zhen Huan Biography", using musk can cause abortion of pregnant women:

Some people believe that the musk content in hemorrhoid cream is very low and cannot directly lead to abortion.

The use of musk -containing hemorrhoid cream will cause abortion to unscientific. There should be other reasons for Ms. Lu’s abortion:

In the end, it is because of the musk hemorrhoid cream

Or is it caused by other reasons?

Looking forward to the results of the investigation!

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