In contraceptive pills, are you really taking it right?

The epidemic in foreign countries has intensified, so the butterfly effect produced is constantly refreshing history.No, the world’s largest condom manufacturer has also been suspended due to the epidemic.Presumably many friends can’t help but feel bald. Such an important combat supplies will be in a hurry in minutes. In the future, they will start to count their fingers with their fingers, and they will never be passionate anytime, anywhere.

In fact, don’t you have to be so nervous. Don’t you still have short -acting contraceptives? Why don’t you get a schedule such a reliable thing?

When talking about contraceptives, many people always think of emergency contraceptives like "Yuting" afterwards.However, I asked everyone to put on the agenda is not emergency contraceptives, but short -acting contraceptives!

Emergency contraceptives are not recommended as a regular contraceptive method, because it is not effective, only 74%-85%, only suitable for impulsive people, forgetting to use condoms or falling off halfway.The failure rate is so high. Once you are drawn, you must be alert to the possibility of ectopic pregnancy.

For short -acting contraceptives, the effectiveness of taking contraceptives is as high as 99%. During taking short -acting contraceptives, the ovaries temporarily rest and stop ovulation, which also prevents the combination of eggs and sperm.This is a recognized and safe and reliable conventional contraceptive method recognized by the World Health Organization.As long as it is not a fool, you know who you should choose!

In order to achieve the effect of regret after the emergency contraceptive pills, the medicine is obtained, and the hormone content is relatively large.Therefore, for women’s endocrine, it is simply a tramps, which can easily cause problems such as endocrine disorders.In addition to nausea, headache, menstrual disorders (early or after mistakes), common side effects may even cause contractions and cause endometrial falls. This is why some students have stomachache. In this caseMedical treatment in time.Therefore, emergency contraceptives can only be used as after -remedial measures, and it is generally not recommended to use it.

Short -acting contraceptives are just the opposite. As the name suggests, the reason why it is "short -acting" is because of its low dose and rapid drug metabolism.Imagine that you drink a bottle of beer, and the alcohol in the body is naturally metabolized. It will not accumulate in the body. The metabolism speed of short -acting contraceptives is the same.

Emergency contraceptives generally need to be taken within 72 hours after the incident (remember to eat quickly afterwards, it is best to eat cinerically, the later you take it, the worse the effect).And just take the medicine before taking medicine.If you take medicine again after taking the medicine, no protective ground sex/contraception fails, sorry, you can’t control it.

Most of the short -acting contraceptive pills are 21 pieces and one box. Take You Siming as an example. For the first time, you need to start eating on the first day of menstruation.Take 21 days in a row. After taking a box, do not take medicine for 7 days (the auntie during the visit), and then the next box.This cycle naturally establishes a regular menstrual cycle.Let you be intimate at any time, and go to the pinnacle of life.(If it wasn’t for the first day of the aunt, the contraceptive effect of short -acting contraceptives continued to exist from 7 days after taking the medicine.)

Writing here, everyone must know it. Emergency contraceptives are just a remedial measure for the dead sheep. Short -acting contraceptives are the conventional contraceptive methods that can really prevent accidental pregnancy.

Short -acting contraceptives are a reversible contraceptive method. After the drug is discontinued, the ovaries will return to ovulation. After the menstruation is once, pregnancy can be prepared.

A large number of survey information shows that after the drug is discontinued, about 1/5 women can get pregnant within one month, about 2/5 women can get pregnant within 3 months, about 4/5 can be pregnant within one year.This is the same as the normal husband and wife in the natural state.

Women who have taken short -acting contraceptives are similar to the chance of pregnancy that have not been taken, and they have not found a bad impact on the baby, and will not increase the teratogenic rate.

As we all know, contraceptives are used for contraception, but the goose short -acting contraceptive pills also take into account many sidelines. It is a commonly used "holy medicine" for gynecological regulation. In addition to contraception, it can also help conditioning endocrine.Menstruation can be regular.It has been 60 years since the development of short -acting contraceptives. The latest generation of short -acting contraceptives take You Siming as an example. The progesterone -alcohol ketone is very close to the natural progesterone secreted by the human body.Anti -edema.It can be said to be very good.

So, dear, please refer to short -acting contraceptives in combat supplies.Don’t be stupid, treat emergency contraceptives as conventional contraceptives.

Author: Chief Physician Zou Shien, Affiliated to Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital of Fudan University

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