In autumn, it is the season for chestnuts. Try it in this pot to solve the appetizer. Don’t know how to eat

“”Entering autumn, the leaves have begun to yellow, and the temperature slowly begins to cool down. Recently, it is the season for chestnuts. It is usually used to stir -fry, and it can be used to stew or burn it.A new way of eating chestnut -chestnut roasted chicken wings. The cost of this dish is not high. The chicken wings are particularly elastic, soft and rotten, and it tastes beautiful.

Recently, my husband often has to work overtime and has no time to eat. After returning home, you have to write code. I do n’t care about themselves. I ca n’t eat on time.In the company, heating with a microwave oven is simple and easy to eat.Today, share a dish of our dinner -chestnut roasted chicken wings. Many people do not make this chestnut roasted chicken wings. How do you make it?Take a look at it in detail.In the autumn, it is the season for chestnuts. Try it in this pot to solve the appetizer. Don’t understand eating.

[Details of chestnut roast chicken wings]

Ingredients details: Choose about 320 grams of high -quality chicken wings (chicken wings are my favorite ingredients of my children, you can usually burn or burn them, tender meat, always eat it), a little cold water, a little rocky, a large piece of ginger, a few ginger, a few pieces of ginger, a few pieces of ginger.Root green onions, some cooking wine, 200 grams of chestnut, a little salt, half a spoonful of chicken essence and monosodium glutamate, a little soy sauce, other condiments.

Specific cooking order:

Step 1: Buy chestnuts, chicken wings and ingredients, clean the chestnut first, cut a mouth of the chestnut top, cook some hot water in the pot, sprinkle a spoonful of salt, cook the chestnut for several minutes, soak it in cold water in cold water, Dip out of the chestnut shell, control the water for splitting.

Step 2: Trose the chicken wings in advance, chop the chicken wings into chopsticks, and open a mouth for chicken wings, so that the chicken wings are more flavorful and spare.

Step 3: Put a kind of cold water in the pot, throw some ginger slices and green onions, add cooking wine and rice wine, simmer for 2-3 minutes, remove the fishy smell of chicken wings, and remove the dry water.

Step 4: Heat the bottom of the pot in advance, add some rock sugar, stir -fry a sugar color in advance, add a spoonful of soy sauce, pour the marinated chicken wings (add some cooking wine and salt, remember to place it for 20 minutes)

Step 5: Put some chestnuts, throw some onion ginger, quickly stir -fry evenly, add a little water, cover the pot with high heat and boil.

Step 6: Stew for about 25 minutes on high heat, wait for the chestnut until the powder is rotten, the chicken wings are stewed until it is soft and rotten, and a little salt and chicken essence.

Step 7: Add pepper to pepper, stir fry quickly, collect the juice out of the pan, this chestnut roasted chicken wings are made.

Cooking tips: The chestnut roasted chicken wings are my home -rated dishes. It is not difficult to practice. You need to thaw the cold water of the chicken wings. Chicken wings must be marinated in advance to remove the fishy fish.Remember to heat the cold oil, stir -fry the sugar in advance, fry the chicken wings in advance until golden, put in the chestnut, stew in the appropriate amount of water, simmer for a while, add some condiments, and get out of the pan.

Have you mastered the correct practice of this chestnut roasted chicken wings?(The above picture comes from the Internet)

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