In addition to the pregnancy test stick, the two pains of the body also represent pregnancy

How did you find that you are pregnant?Most of the pregnant mothers who have planned babies are testing with pregnancy test sticks to confirm that they are pregnant.If there is no pregnancy test stick at hand, some small signals in your body will remind you that the uterus is changing.

After eating seafood abdomen, I thought "diarrhea", but I didn’t expect to be pregnant

Wu Ke, who was just married for more than a year, found that he was pregnant because of "stomach pain".

Things start from July last year.Taking advantage of the annual leave, Wu Ke and her husband went to Qingdao Qingdao to play for a week. After eating a lot of seafood, the night when he returned to Beijing, Wu Ke suddenly felt that his belly was faint pain, a bit like diarrhea, but he did not feel the bowel movement.Occasionally, it was tingling like a needle, which scared the little couple.

The next morning, the symptoms of abdominal pain were relieved. Wu Ke decided to go to work as usual, thinking that it was too much indigestion to eat seafood.When I went to the toilet in the lunch break, Wu Ke found that there was a faint blood on the underwear, and the sharp abdominal pain occurred again.

He did not dare to delay. Wu Ke quickly asked her husband to go to the hospital for examination.Who knows that the doctor listened to Wu Ke’s description, but the first sentence was asked: "When was the last house without safety measures?"

It turned out that Wu Ke was not bad in seafood, but was pregnant!

Wei Xiaoyu, deputy chief physician of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of Peking University First Hospital, explained that the fertilization of egg cells after the same room becomes fertilized eggs and will swim in the uterus in about a week to bed.In fact, the fertilized eggs are actually "tear" a small mouth in the inner wall of the uterus, eroding a part of the endometrium of the uterine, and caught themselves in it. Therefore, the pregnant mother may feel tingling at this time, and sometimes bed bleeding occurs.Phenomenon.

Sometimes the pelvic cavity is congested after pregnancy, causing the lower abdomen to swell, or the back is sore, and the leg edema.Normally, this tingling or falling pain is not very serious, and it will disappear in a few days. If you have always felt pain, or the pain is severe, there is continuous bleeding, you must seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

If you have not found you pregnant, after more than 4 weeks of pregnancy, the pregnant mother will feel the swelling and pain in the chest, and it is like the pain of the aunt before coming.This is because under the action of estrogen and progesterone, the chest is the first part of the change. The purpose is to produce sufficient milk in time after childbirth.

In most cases, the feeling of chest pain at 4-6 weeks is the most obvious, and the chest changes are the greatest. Many pregnant mothers have found that their breasts are "secondary development".Fat piled up nearby, and the chest became larger.About 3 months of pregnancy, the changes in hormones tend to be stable, the body gradually adapts, and chest pain will be relieved.

The guidance of medical care experts can be tried to relieve breast massage and hot compresses during pregnancy. It can not only relieve pain, but also clear the breast ducts. It also has certain benefits for later breastfeeding.Note that the technique must be gentle, do not squeeze or hold the breast vigorously, let alone damage the nipples.

If you feel that the underwear is a bit tight, you can put on a comfortable steel -free underwear to avoid excessive squeezing the breast.

Pregnant women do not just look bigger in appearance. In fact, the blood circulation and visceral systems of the entire body have changed a lot.

The reproductive system has changed the most

As the main place of fetal growth and development, the uterus has the most obvious changes. The endometrium will no longer fall off, and ovulation will be suspended. Therefore, for ten months, my aunt will not come to visit you.After that, the uterus continues to expand, especially in 4-6 months, and it is expanded almost every hour. When it is about to produce, its volume will become 20 times the original, storage of about 5L amniotic fluid and fetus.

Internal organs "reset"

Many pregnant mothers have experienced that they always feel hungry in the later stages of pregnancy. They ca n’t eat much, and often constipation. She has become particularly frequent, and she ca n’t bear it for almost a minute.

This is because after the size of the uterus becomes larger, the internal organs such as the stomach, bladder, large intestine and small intestine are squeezed aside. The space becomes very cramped, especially the bladder closest to the uterus.If you don’t pay attention to postpartum, you may also produce bladder prolapse.

A large increase in oxygen and blood supply increase

About 7 months of pregnant mothers must pay attention to the value of blood -red pigment during the birth check, because the anemia during pregnancy is very common. This is because in addition to her own blood supply, pregnant mothers also have to supply blood to the fetus, and the blood in the abdomen and pelvis is particularly increased.Therefore, the heart of pregnant women will become larger than usual, and the heartbeat will become faster. The blood volume of the entire pregnancy will increase by about 1400ml. We must pay attention to iron and blood to ensure nutrition.

In addition, because the oxygen demand for themselves and the fetus should be satisfied at the same time, the vital capacity of pregnant women will increase by about 40%compared to usual. At the same time, because the uterine swells and squeezes the lung diaphragm muscle, pregnant mothers in the third trimester often feel that "you can’t breathe in panting.Qi ", this is also normal.

In short, pregnancy is really not a simple matter. The body of the pregnant mother has undergone tremendous changes in a few months, which requires the care and consideration of people around them.Pregnancy is not the responsibility of mother alone. Dad should not be a shopkeeper!

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