In addition to the pregnancy measurement paper, these 4 symptoms tell you that you may be pregnant

Yingzi was very embarrassed recently. He had no symptoms of discomfort, but it was the toilet that had been running a few times a day. It was originally a copywriting. The office was very quiet.Take a break and go to the hospital for examination. The results of the examination were getting pregnant.Although he has been married for two years, he can have been taking contraceptive measures with her husband because of her work. She has never thought of children too early, but she never thought about it.After returning home with confusion and was not sure, she found that her routine holiday did not come to patronize.This made her determine the fact that she was pregnant.The symptoms of pregnancy are not delayed for a single holiday. In some irregular menstruation, there will be a case of regular holiday delay. If you are not sure, see these symptoms, you will know if you are recruited.

1. Do not come on a holiday

No routine holiday is a way for female compatriots to judge the best way to see pregnancy.For women with regular holidays, if menstruation is postponed for a week, you are likely to get pregnant.Of course, it is not necessary to exclude some other factors of the body to delay the holiday, such as oral contraceptives, and hormone levels are disordered.There are also very few women who are pregnant, but they will still have a menstruation once or twice, but the blood volume of the holiday is much less than usual, and the time will be shorter, which causes many reasons for this situation.

2. "Love" to the toilet

As the saying goes, people have three anxiety, hungry, anxiety, and internal anxiety. At the beginning of 5-6 weeks in the early stages of pregnancy, you will find that some women love to run to the toilet, because the hormonal secretion in the body prompts the uterine swelling, and immediately learn to learnSqueezed the left neighbor’s house and squeezed the closest bladder.After reaching 10 weeks, the uterus will enter the abdominal cavity, and the symptoms of frequent urination will be reduced.

Third, mental state

If the rest time is good, the diet is regular, but the mental state is not good. If you want to rest early at night, you can’t get up during the day. You will be tired when you visit your companions for a while.pregnant.

Fourth, bed bleeding

A few mothers will go through the symptoms of bed bleeding. When the fertilized eggs start to bed in the uterus, the vaginal bleeding can be caused.This is the chaos of the human body. It can promote glandular hormones and cause symptoms such as the sleepy, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms.

Pregnancy brings a small life. If these symptoms are available, the prospective mothers are ready to welcome this little life!

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