In addition to drinking boiled water when they are thirsty, they can also try these three beverages, which is good for fetal treasure development.

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The girlfriend Xiaowen is for the healthy development of the fetus during pregnancy, and does not drink carbonated drinks during thirst. This is a kind of torture for small texts that usually drink various flavored drinks.There is no way. During pregnancy, because of the change in physical fitness, Xiao Wen is easier to feel thirsty than before. She tried to drink boiled water to relieve her thirst. HoweverIf you want to vomit, sometimes Xiaowen can’t distinguish whether this is caused by pregnancy or drinking.She told me this confusion and asked me to help her think of a way to be a treasure mother of the two children. I also encountered a small text on supplementation of water during pregnancy, but in the end I carried out these three drinks.Water supplements have successfully spent the pregnancy.

1. milk

Milk is a kind of nutrients rich in protein. Specific mothers can not only drink it during breakfast to make it better absorb nutrients. During thirst, expectant mothers can also replace fresh milk instead of drinking water to achieve supplementary water effects.At the same time, the protein rich in milk can better take the fetus in the body and make the fetus healthy.The expectant mothers ingest the amount of milk scientifically according to their personal physical fitness, because drinking too much milk will increase the stomach, and some expectant mothers will feel full after drinking milk due to gastrointestinal digestion.Essence

Second, fruit juice

During pregnancy, expectant mothers should consume a lot of fruits to supplement vitamins. If there are juicers in the family, expectant mothers can squeeze fruits into fruit juice, which is not only conducive to preservation, but also allows expectant mothersThe taste of freshly squeezed fruit juice not only satisfies the discerning taste buds of expectant mothers, but also allows expectant mothers to drink juice instead when drinking white water.

Third, soak some sweet dates red dates water

If the expectant mother thinks that the taste of the white water is too light, and after drinking it, there is a feeling of surge in the stomach, then the expectant mothers can soak some nutrients in the white water to adjust the taste, such as red dates, honey, etc.The problem of quasi -mother’s thirst also supplemented the sugar in the body, conditioning the body, and the sweet taste is more conducive to the problem of the mothers solved the taste of no taste in her mouth.

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