In 2021, the company’s female employees were fired by the company as soon as they were pregnant.

On June 21, 2021, a woman who was pregnant on the streets of Zhengzhou, Henan Province cried in the face of the reporter: "I have been married to my husband for nine years, and I have worked with my children, but now I work.I just want to ask the company, is it legal to resign during pregnancy? "

Before being fired by the company, the lady encountered a series of unfair treatment. She first transferred her out of her original position and reduced her salary from 9,000 yuan to 2,500 yuan.

In the face of the camera, the female employees who were pregnant in their 30s were difficult to hide their grief. She couldn’t imagine that as the oldest employee of the company, why was it relentlessly abandoned by the company after pregnancy?

The female employee who was dismissed after pregnancy after the pregnancy was called Shi Wenjing. She was an authentic Zhengzhou native.Shi Wenjing college did not take a long time after graduating from his university to marry his boyfriend, but the two had no children after marriage.

As a wife, the crystallization of the two people’s love for her husband has always been a big heart disease.

Out of family considerations, Shi Wenjing did not want to develop the development of big cities after marriage. He thought about finding a job in Zhengzhou City. On the one hand, he was close to home, and on the other hand, he could work with her husband to give birth to a child.

In August 2017, due to the poor operation of the company, Shi Wenjing became an unemployed tourist.She didn’t want to drag her husband’s back legs at home, so she used major recruitment platforms to find a suitable job.

I was free for more than a week at home, and accidental opportunities. Shi Wenjing saw a Zhengzhou Yisaer Interface Design Co., Ltd. in the recruitment platform.Go to the company for an interview.

Yisaer Interface Design Co., Ltd. is an old computer service company. He is headquartered in Beijing and registered in Zhengzhou on August 2, 2017.

Shi Wenjing was very satisfied with the details of the company on the Internet, so he drew a delicate light makeup and went directly to Zhengzhou Yichener Interface Design Co., Ltd. to apply.

After arriving at the company’s specific location, Shi Wenjing did not expect that he was actually the first person to interview the company, and successfully passed during the interview process to become the company’s veteran.

In October 2020, Shi Wenjing, who has been working for 3 years, has always performed very well. He has become one of the most trusted employees of the company’s owner, and signed a labor contract with Shi Wenjing to pay social security.

As a veteran in the company, the boss also intends to promote Shi Wenjing as the management, allowing her to manage some of the company’s business. At the same time, she had a basic salary of Shi Wenjing from more than 3,000 yuan to 4,500 yuan.

In the face of the company’s trust, Shi Wenjing was fully responsible for work. She felt that the company was warm, and even Shi Wenjing had thought about being retired in the company.

But it was such a company, but after Shi Wenjing’s pregnancy, a great change of 180 degrees, completely hurting Shi Wenjing’s heart.

In December 2020, Shi Wenjing’s company held an annual meeting. During the period, Shi Wenjing was seriously responsible for his work with his work seriously, won the commendation of the "best employee", and gave Shi Wenjing a certain material reward.

The company’s affirmation of Shi Wenjing made her very moved, and expressed her gratitude and knowledge of the company at the "Excellent Employee" commendation.

Shi Wenjing has been married to her husband for nine years, but his stomach has not responded at all. Both of them are ready to go four, but they can’t wait for love crystals, which has a great blow to Shi Wenjing.

In order to have a child, Shi Wenjing and her husband also saw a doctor, but found that the two of them had no problems, but their luck was bad.

Finally, in March 2021, Shi Wenjing suddenly felt his body uncomfortable. After taking a leave of the company to the hospital for examination, he was informed by the doctor: "You have no problem, but you are pregnant."

When he heard what the doctor said, Shi Wenjing looked out, and immediately called the good news of the husband who was working, and also told the company about his pregnancy.

After 9 years of marriage, he finally ushered in the approach of love. Shi Wenjing couldn’t hide the joy in his heart. When the husband returned home for a day, Shi Wenjing also specifically called his parents to make a rich news of pregnancy.

Early the next morning, Shi Wenjing had not got out of joy and returned to the company to prepare with a smile.But when Shi Wenjing was just sitting in his job, the manager of the personnel department called Shi Wenjing in the conference room.

The manager of the personnel department said to Shi Wenjing: "After discussion by the company, I decided to mobilize you. If you have no opinion, you can change to a new position today."

Shi Wenjing is very strange. He works well in his original post. How can he suddenly adjust his post?However, it was the company’s decision. Shi Wenjing didn’t think too much, so he agreed to the personnel of the personnel department and replaced the job.

What Shi Wenjing didn’t expect was that the so -called position transfer of the company was not a flat transfer at all, but a premeditated reduction.

Shi Wenjing obeyed the arrangement of the personnel department. The job was adjusted from the original central position to the edge, and even the computer was not equipped.For three days, Shi Wenjing did not receive any work arrangements. In desperation, she had to ask the company leader.

However, Shi Wenjing got a answer from the company’s leadership: "There is no job arrangement for the time being."

At this time, Shi Wenjing had felt the company’s obvious changes in his attitude and intentionally marginalized himself.After all, Shi Wenjing had a deep feelings for the company, and she didn’t want to make trouble at the company.

But Shi Wenjing didn’t know that the company had intentionally crowded her and even wanted to force Shi Wenjing to leave.To this end, the company directly reduced Shi Wenjing’s basic salary from 9,000 yuan to 2500 yuan, which is far lower than the average salary of Zhengzhou. The purpose is to let Shi Wenjing voluntarily leave.

Shi Wenjing has noticed that because of her pregnancy, the company’s attitude has changed, but after all, Shi Wenjing is pregnant, even if she is pregnant, even if she finds the next job, it is not easy to find, and Shi Wenjing still has a hint of hope for the company.The company will be so ruthless.

Shi Wenjing insisted on 3 months in the position of 2,500 monthly salary. The company saw Shi Wenjing’s plan to leave, so he directly gave her a "notice of lifting the labor contract", which included Shi Wenjing’s "three major major majorityoffense".

Article 1 Shi Wenjing attendance abnormalities: The company attended 22 days a month, and Shi Wenjing had 11 days of attendance abnormalities;

Article 2 Shi Wenjing once occupied the company’s assets with power: the company had remitted 180 yuan to Shi Wenjing and asked him to buy benefits for employees, but Shi Wenjing only purchased 78.9 yuan benefits;

Article 3: Shi Wenjing detained employee labor contract: The company signed a labor contract to the employees who worked for three years. Due to Shi Wenjing’s seizure, some old employees could not sign labor contracts in time.

After seeing these three, Shi Wenjing was furious, and she couldn’t imagine that the company actually deducted so much hat in order to expel herself.

In order to recover a fair, Shi Wenjing contacted the local media, and asked the company’s personnel manager accompanied by her husband.

After the company’s personnel manager saw Shi Wenjing, he didn’t want to explain to her what he just said: "The company is the wrong party for Ms. Shi as the wrong party. The other party seriously violates the company’s rules and regulations. ThereforeThere is no need to bear any legal responsibility. "

Hearing the explanation of the personnel department, Shi Wenjing’s husband was angry, but he still endured his anger and asked: "I saw that I saw the termination of the labor contract notice that my daughter -in -law violated the company’s rules,So I ask where the specific violation is it? "

The personnel manager responded: "The notice has been written very clearly, her attendance is abnormal." Before the personnel manager finished speaking, Shi Wenjing’s husband asked angrily: "You said that the attendance is abnormal.The attendance is abnormal? You didn’t even inform you that month, isn’t this deception? "

Unexpectedly, the manager of the personnel department directly said: "The attendance record is the company’s secret. We cannot provide Ms. Shi to see that if there is a problem, we can go to labor arbitration or legal procedures."

Seeing the manager of the personnel department, Shi Wenjing’s husband did not want to be entangled on a question too much, and then asked: "What does Article 3 of the notice mean? My daughter -in -law purchased benefits in accordance with the requirements of the personnel department.Even the online shopping records are still there. There is no less money for a penny, and we are corrupt for a hundred dollars? "

The manager of the personnel department was dumbly speechless, or was a vigorous manner that Shi Wenjing violated the company’s regulations, and the company unilaterally lifted the labor contract.

Shi Wenjing also asked: "You said that I seized the labor contract of the employees of the company, which caused them not to sign the contract. The company gave me the labor contract to me. Who would give him if I asked me, when will I seize it?"

Shi Wenjing’s husband became more and more angry, and again issued a soul question: "My daughter -in -law, as a company veteran, was raised before pregnancy, and was rated as an excellent employee. Why did everything change after pregnancy? If she had so many, she had so much.Why no longer say before pregnancy? Just wait until my daughter -in -law is pregnant? "

The questioning of Shi Wenjing and her husband also caused the personnel department manager to fall into a state of madness. If you want to explain what, he is unclear. After the manager of the personnel department is calm, he said fiercely: "Anyway, the company is right. "

The reporter was also very speechless, and asked: "Do you think the company does not violate the labor law?"

The manager of the personnel department responded directly: "Of course not to violate it. If you violate it, do you think we will terminate the labor contract with Ms. Shi?"

In the face of the arrogant person manager of the personnel department, the reporter and Shi Wenjing did not want to be too entangled, so they went directly to the Labor Supervisory Team of the Zhengzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone for complaints.

When Shi Wenjing and the manager of the personnel department were sitting on the seat of the Labor Supervisor, a staff member directly criticized the personnel of the personnel department: "Labor law is Dafa of our country.Employees have involved illegal acts. Women are resolutely unable to dismiss during pregnancy and breastfeeding. This is people -oriented. "

After hearing the words of the staff of the labor supervisory team, the manager of the personnel department was very obedient, but he nodded and admitted his mistakes.

The staff of the Labor Inspection Team also gave a solution: "The company unilaterally gives Ms. Shi’s termination notice of lifting the labor contract invalid, and Ms. Shi will restore Ms. Shi.After the end of the breastfeeding period, remember that it is the end of the breastfeeding to make corresponding punishment measures. If you have any different opinions, you can apply for labor arbitration. "

For such a result, the manager of the personnel department finally agreed, but for Ms. Shi Wenjing, it was not the best ending.After all, the company has torn her face and let Shi Wenjing see the company’s true face.

There is already a crack between an unpopular company and a pregnancy employee, so is this company’s meaning to be going on?

Most of the employees where Shi Wenjing is located is a woman. Whoever is not pregnant is one day. If every pregnancy employee is treated unfairly by the company, who will be willing to work for the company in the future?

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