In 2011, the single mother -in -law was pregnant unexpectedly, and was burned to death. The daughter kneeling to the prisoner and thanked the prisoner.

In 2012, a middle -aged man wearing a prison uniform in the Lu Liang County Detention Center in Yunnan Province was accompanied by the police to the meeting room.Seeing a few people in the meeting room for a long time, they greeted them quickly. One of the young men and prisoners hugged tightly, and the two cried.

The two are brothers, and their brother Gui Xiaolin is detained.In addition, there is another relationship between them, the murderer and the family members of the victims.Not long ago, Gui Xiaolin killed Bao Xiuqing, the mother -in -law’s mother -in -law.

Some people may say that even if there is a family, the younger brother must at least take into account his wife’s feelings.However, a more bizarre scene appeared, and his brother and brother -in -law actually knelt in front of his brother Gui Xiaolin. The three kneeled together and cried with headache.The younger brother kept saying sorry in his mouth, but instead of the murderer Gui Xiaolin, he showed extraordinarily calmly and kept soothe the emotions of his younger brother, and told them to live well.

What happened to this family?Why did the victim’s daughter and son -in -law apologize to the murderer?What kind of mystery is hidden between this?

Things start from June 8, 2011.

On this night, a residential house suddenly burned a fire somewhere in the village of Hefang Village, Yunnan Province.After receiving the alarm call, the police led the firefighters to the scene of the incident.

Then it was strange that under the strong rescue of the fire truck, after an hour, the fire was extinguished.The fire was so fierce that the police could not help but doubt the existence of the burning. The subsequent investigation also verified the police’s judgment. All the furniture in the house was torch, leaving only a little ash.According to experience, it is difficult to get all the furniture at home, because the furniture in the family is not all burned, because it does not reach such a high temperature, unless there is gasoline and alcohol aid.Sure enough, the police found a lighter and a broken glass bottle in the bedroom.

All signs show that this fire is likely to be artificially caused, a bad premonition, lingering in the minds of the police.I may not be able to think of good things. Thinking about bad things must come true. The police officer opened the thick ashes, and a female corpse, who was completely burnt, appeared in front of everyone.

The female corpse was weird everywhere, facing upwards, without any struggle, as if she had accepted death frankly.However, the police knew that no one could bear the pain of burning fire, and the calm state showed by the deceased was the biggest wrong.So reasonable speculation is likely that the deceased has been killed before the fire occurs.Subsequently, the forensic anatomy of the deceased also confirmed this judgment.After the forensic medicine cut the throat, it was found that the deceased’s airway was clean and there was no trace of dust, which was not in line with the fire and death.At the same time, the detection of Chinese forensic doctors discovered that the deceased’s liplasm was broken, and this injury generally appeared on the corpse that was strangled. Therefore, it was possible that the deceased burned the corpse after being strangled to death.

After the murder case was determined, the Public Security Bureau immediately launched an investigation.Through the neighbor’s response, the police confirmed that the male owner of the house was named Gui Xiaoqin. He had always lived with his wife and mother -in -law, and the deceased was his mother -in -law Bao Xiuqing. Strangely, Gui Xiao did not find Guo Xiao when the firefighter was fighting the fire.The trace of the Qin couple, in the middle of the night, did they go there?What’s even more weird is that this sky -high fire burned Bao Xiuqing’s bedroom clean. Why did the bedrooms of the Gui Xiaoqin couple not far from far away were not damaged?

Another doubt of the police was the murderer’s murder.When the fire was burning, it was already midnight. It was possible to knock on the door of Bao Xiuqing in the middle of the night.What is the purpose of the murderer?

Everything seems to be a mystery, covering the dust, no trace to find.

The next morning, the couple of the Gui Xiaoqin finally showed up, but the first sentence that the deceased daughter Yun Xia said to the police was doubtful. She asked how the house was, and no one hurt.It is too common to not mention the character of the mother’s safety. Even if the relationship between the mother and daughter is average, it is impossible to care about it, unless the death of Bao Xiuqing is related to the Gui Xiaoqin couple.

At this moment, the police visiting the village heard the rumors about Bao Xiuqing.Bao Xiuqing, who has been pregnant for many years, has been pregnant for more than two months, and even more bizarre is that no one knows who the child’s father is.According to the villagers, Bao Xiuqing is kind and rarely disputes with others. Only when facing the daughter -in -law, he changed a person and often abused and accused the two of them.Guo Xiaoqin, as a junior, tried to ignore her.

Faced with the forbearance of her daughter -in -law, Bao Xiuqing was inching. Without her, she scolded alone, and could even scold for several hours in a row.In the past two months, after the news of Bao Xiuqing’s pregnancy spread, the conflict between the two sides became more and more fierce. The quarrel became a normal meal. A small noise in three days, a big noise in five days.At first, the neighbors also came to persuade. Later, too many times, the villagers were used to it.

However, according to the villagers, when Bao Xiuqing first came to Lu Liang County three years ago, he got along well with his daughter -in -law, but he did not know what happened later. The mother and daughter became revenge and often quarreled.When the police asked Bao Xiuqing’s affairs, Gui Xiaoqin seemed to want to fall into bitter water, but couldn’t talk about it.

In the past two months, Gui Xiaoqin has been under tremendous pressure, which is related to the children in the husband’s belly.The mother -in -law’s mother -in -law was inexplicably pregnant at the son -in -law’s house. As soon as the news was passed out, everyone’s instinctual response would feel that this child was related to the son -in -law. This kind of stain beyond ethical, Gui Xiaoqin jumped into the Yellow River.What’s more, although Xiu Qing is a mother -in -law, she is still at the age of 40, as if she is a little daughter -in -law.

Bao Xiuqing has also been rumored in the village, saying that the child will be given to Yunxia to raise it after being born, which makes Gui Xiaoqin feel desperate.He wanted to help his mother -in -law find his child’s biological father, but Bao Xiuqing refused to say information about the child’s father, but insisted on giving birth to the child. This decision was strongly opposed by the Gui Xiaoqin couple.The absurd things of the mother -in -law’s pregnancy have made Gui Xiaoqin lose their faces. Every time he felt the strange eyes of the villagers, he couldn’t wait to find a sewing drill in. If the child was born, he could imagine what would be.Rumors will definitely press the death.

The daughter -in -law daughter -in -law persuaded that Bao Xiu was ignored, and even noisy at home. For a while, this unborn child became the lingering nightmare of the Gui Xiaoqin couple.

Based on the above factors, the police speculated whether the Gui Xiaoqin couple, in order to maintain their face, they were angry and killed?But Yun Xia firmly denied that she said that she could not kill her mother in any case anyway. On the night of the incident, they were not at home because they quarreled with Bao Xiu that night and went to the grandmother’s house of the neighboring village.She wanted to ask her grandmother to persuade Bao Xiuqing to kill the child or find the child’s father.

Yun Xia’s testimony was confirmed by her grandmother, which means that they did not have the time to commit crimes, and the police eliminated the suspicion of the two.So who is the murderer?

At this time, some villagers reported that Gui Xiaolin entered the house of Gui Xiaoqin that night.The police immediately rushed to Gu Xiaolin’s house to investigate. When they saw each other at first glance, they basically concluded that he was the murderer.Of course, the police did not lie down, but they saw that Gui Xiaolin had a new scratch on his face. In the end, the police also found a few drops of blood on his clothes. After identifying, the owner of the blood was Bao Xiuqing.

Under the mountains, Gui Xiaolin quickly explained the truth of the facts. Bao Xiuqing did kill him.After the news spread, the villagers expressed incredible that Gui Xiaolin was a well -recognized person in the village. On the character, he ranked second, and no one dared to do the first.He has done good things like good things, and he is concerned about the private affairs of the public.Why do such a recognized old man kill his brother’s mother -in -law?Where does he place his brother and brother?

According to Gui Xiaolin, he killed Bao Xiuqing for his brother.He wanted to save his brother’s reputation and export his brother.It turned out that when Bao Xiuqing came to his son -in -law’s house, he did a laziness, refused to help his daughter to do a little housework, had nothing to do every day, and often reached out to ask for money.You guys. "

Bao Xiuqing’s father advised her to help Yunxia dry and live and cook.However, Bao Xiuqing said with a lot of words: Why do I help them work.She didn’t want to want to eat in vain.

However, as a junior, the Gui Xiaoqin couple could bear tolerated at first. However, Bao Xiuqing did not know the shame and became increasingly not decent. He actually proposed to find a man to live in.This man did not know where to hook up a few months ago. The two of them were in harmony with each other, and they actually had the idea of living together.However, if you want to live together, what do you do if you love your home? What happened to the wild man to the daughter -in -law’s house?It’s so shameless.

Gui Xiaoqin’s couple resolutely opposed this unreasonable request. Bao Xiuqing’s parents and neighbors of the neighborhood also persuaded her to dispel the idea, but whoever persuades is useless.She had no trouble day and night, leaving Gui Xiaoqin’s couple lost her face in the village.Can’t afford to hide. In desperation, Guo Xiaoqin chose to go out to work and stay away from this trouble.

Gui Xiaoqin was not at home, and Bao Xiuqing ran to Guixiaolin’s house to make trouble. In three days, he blocked the door to make trouble, and even carried a knife to cut Gui Xiaolin.After two months of endless, Gui Xiaolin couldn’t bear it anymore, so he called and called his brother and brother.

The daughter’s son -in -law is back, and Bao Xiuqing is still not honest. On June 7, 2011, the day before the incident, she did not know the news of promoting her pregnancy in the village without knowing her.When the house lived, the Gui Xiaoqin couple once again became the laughing stock of the villagers’ tea after dinner.

The rumors of the sky -flying rumors were inserted into Guixiaolin’s heart like a knife. He could tolerate Bao Xiuqing to make trouble, but he must not tolerate the reputation of Baoxiu and his brother.So that night, he carried a flashlight and went to Bao Xiuqing, hoping to do her ideological work, so that she would not make trouble with her daughter -in -law, live a good life, and persuade the child.

Gui Xiaolin said to Bao Xiuqing: Yunxia is your girl, Xiao Qin is your aunt, half a child, you can’t do this, so everyone will laugh.

Facing Gui Xiaolin’s bitter persuasion, Bao Xiuqing not only did not listen to it, but made a lot of noise. He scolded Gui Xiaolin for many nosy things. What made Gui Xiaolin’s most angry is that Bao Xiuqing insisted on giving birth to a child of his lover.

Gui Xiaolin remembered the anger of his younger brother in recent years, and then looked at the unreasonable woman in front of him. He decided to end all of this with sin …

Maybe some people standing without back pain will say that they can find the police to mediate, but I want to say that without the suffering of others, I don’t advise others to be good.

After Gui Xiaolin was arrested, Gui Xiaoqin was depressed throughout the day. He always felt that he had harmed his brother, while Gui Xiaolin deeply felt sorry for his brother -in -law Yunxia.I want to say that it is not them who is wrong. The wrong person is dead. Maybe Gui Xiaolin will pay the price, but at least you can breathe a fresh air. The only role of some people living in the world is to pollute the environment and makePeople are disgusting.

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