In 2011, the Jiangsu woman met a bleaus in a car accident. After April, the belly became larger.

In January 2011, a woman in Jiangsu Province became a vegetative due to a car accident and was lying on the bed. Life could not take care of themselves.Strangely, four months later, the woman’s belly gradually became bigger, and the doctor knew that she was pregnant as soon as she checked it.Can vegetatives get pregnant?Has the baby in her belly finally gave birth to?Let’s take a look at this strange news together.

Villagers Gaodejin and Zhang Rongxiang in Muyang County, Jiangsu Province are a loving couple. The two have two children together, and the family lives happily.Gaodejin usually depends on the crops in the fields. When he is leisure, he enters the city to pick up tricycles. Although he has a small income and his work is not very decent, he is satisfied with his life.

In January 2011, it was the season when it was warm and cold. Gao Degin accompanied his wife Zhang Rongxiang to go to her mother’s house to see the old man.They have no other transportation, only one tricycle, so the couple rode the car and took their little daughter out of the door.The family said and laughed. Gaodejin rode a car in front, turning his head to speak to his wife and daughter from time to time, and his spirit was not fully concentrated.

When I walked to a crossroad, a small car suddenly rushed from the blind spot of Gaodejin’s vision. He didn’t notice for a while. When the two cars met, it was too late to make actions.Even though Gaodejin twisted the steering wheel, the two cars hit together, and a serious traffic accident occurred.

The car was severely collided and triggered the airbags in the car. Except for the pain of the driver, there was no major in the overall pain.However, there were no safety measures on the tricycle. The family of three was thrown out. The couple of Gaodejin were unconscious on the spot. Only the little daughter who was held in her arms was better, but was frightened and produced some skin skin.trauma.

The car driver over there quickly slowed down, opened the door slowly, and got out of the car to check the situation.The driver was shocked to see the tragic situation of the Gao Demin and his wife, and quickly called the 120 emergency call to send the family to the hospital for treatment.The Gaodejin couple’s injuries were more serious. Among them, Zhang Rongxiang was even more urgent, and for a long time in the ICU.

Gaodejin’s situation was slightly better, and his mind was restored after emergency treatment.The doctor was very vague about his wife Zhang Rongxiang’s condition, and only said that the hospital would try his best to treat it, but the result should not be very good.Sure enough, Zhang Rongxiang barely saved his life after the operation, but it also became a vegetative, and it was likely that he would spend the next half of his life in bed.

This news makes people sad, and what makes Gaodejin be overwhelmed: the two still have high hospitalization fees and his wife’s follow -up treatment costs to be paid.They are all farmers’ families. In the early years, they worked hard and saved some money, but compared to astronomical digital costs, this money was a good salary.Soon, Gaodejin spent the savings at home, and he couldn’t get money for follow -up treatment.

It is worth mentioning that Gaodejin itself was also very injured. His skull and chest cavity had accumulated blood and did not discharge.However, in order to reduce some expenditures, he went through the discharge procedures for only 3 days in the bed. The money at home was used on his wife’s subsequent treatment and tuition fees and living expenses of two daughters.He recovers with pain.

However, it is difficult for his wife’s follow -up treatment costs to be provided.His wife Zhang Rongxiang does not know when to wake up. Every day, it is not a small number, which is too difficult for an ordinary family.

So Gaodejin, who had no choice, wondered if the traffic accident could get some compensation and filled the loopholes with this money.But he missed the calculation, not only failed to wait until the compensation, but even lost money for others.

After an accident, the car driver Zhang Gang sent the injured Gaodejin family to the hospital, and also called the traffic police to conduct an accident exploration.By retripping the camera at the scene of the accident, the traffic police obtained half of Gaodejin and Zhang Gang’s judgment of half of the responsibility. That is to say, both of them were wrong, which caused this tragedy together.

Why is this so?It turned out that Gaodejin was a speeding driving at first. In addition, he drove agricultural tricycles. He should not be carried on this road section, so the traffic police would make such a penalty for Gaodekin.

On the other hand, the car driver Zhang Gang also violated the traffic regulations. He did not decelerate and press the horn when he turned around, which caused Gaodejin to not respond in time, resulting in the accident.Therefore, both of them have been mistaken and each takes half of their responsibilities.

Such a result is unacceptable for Gaodejin, because he originally thought that he could get compensation, but the responsibility of both parties was equal, and he could not get money to pay for his wife’s hospitalization costs. This is a big deal.Fortunately, the car driver Zhang Gang is a reasonable person. When he saw the difficulty of Gaodejin’s family, he compensated them more than 50,000 yuan through insurance and gave Gaodejin’s breathing space. It was considered the wife’s life -saving money so that she could stick to it for a while.

But this is not a long time.When the wife is hospitalized, someone needs to be accompanied. The eldest daughter in her family is in a middle school. The younger daughter is only a few years old. They are not useful, only Gaodekin himself.However, Gaodejin not only had leg injuries and was inconvenient to move, and if he was bound to the hospital, no one would make money, and his wife had to be forced to be discharged sooner or later.This is a dead cycle. Unless there is an external force, it is another tragedy in the end.

At a difficult time, Gaodejin’s eldest daughter quickly grew up.In addition to going to school, she took the initiative to take care of her mother and helped care for her sister to take on the task of cooking at home. It was very hard every day, so that Gaodejin made a shot to make money.But even so, the father and daughter never thought about giving up, and kept gritting their teeth. They must wait until Zhang Rongxiang woke up and the family was reunited together.

At this time, a strange thing happened on the patient.Over time, Zhang Rongxiang’s belly was slowly growing, and she looked like puffiness, but it was not very similar to it.After a comprehensive examination, the doctor found that the vegetative was pregnant.For the time, she was the child who had just pregnant a few days before the accident. The accident and continuous surgery did not have a miscarriage, and the fetus had been stubbornly survived.

Plants without consciousness can still be pregnant and survive in accidents and disasters, which is a blessing.The news is good news, but it is not very good to put Zhang Rongxiang.

Because a plant man had no consciousness at all, the brain was severely damaged, and there was no response to the external stimulus.During pregnancy, Zhang Rongxiang itself needs to maintain his life, and his body is extremely weak. This will cause a bad impact on the fetus.

As soon as Gaodejin heard the doctor’s words, he wanted to shed his child, because a baby who struggled with his mother was too harmful to his wife Zhang Rongxiang.Now this situation must be rescued first. In the future, there will be opportunities to ask for children.

The doctor also gave a suggestion of miscarriage.But even abortion is dangerous, because Zhang Rongxiang is in an unconscious state, it may cause major bleeding, leading to two lives, and the risk is extremely high.The hospital was unwilling to perform surgery like this, so the situation stiffened there for a while.

No matter who faces such a choice, it has a lot of risks on the left and right, which makes it difficult to make judgments.At this time, Gaodejin was even more entangled that because his wife was hospitalized for treatment, and there were already two children in the family. If one more, the expenses would be even more powerful.

If no accidents, he could not go out to work in the past few years to make money.With the meager income of zero work in the local area, the family will soon fall into an incompetent state.Therefore, from the perspective of reason, Gaodejin tends to abortion, first actively keep Zhang Rongxiang’s life, and then discuss it from a long -term.

However, Gaodejin’s eldest daughter did not agree with miscarriage. His parents always wanted a boy. If he missed this opportunity, he would likely be unable to realize his wishes in the future.The eldest daughter said that she could drop out of school and subsidize her family so that the family would not be so nervous.And in the eyes of her daughter, her mother’s belly is a lively life, her younger brother or sister. This is not to say that she can be deprived. She must be thoughtful.

Gao Degin was persuaded. He wanted to try his best to keep Zhang Rongxiang’s child in his belly.Such difficulties have come over before, there is no reason to be afraid of this time.After making this decision, Gaodejin was relaxed. Now that he had a choice, then he did his best to keep Zhang Rongxiang and the young life that was not born and fought with God.

At this time, Zhang Rongxiang has passed the dangerous period, and theoretically there is no danger of life, as long as you take care of it.Therefore, in order to save money, Gaodejin went through the discharge procedures and took Zhang Rongxiang home to take care of it.The Zhang Rongxiang’s family was more lucky. The news of the vegetative pregnancy was naturally topical. It was soon reported by the media and attracted the attention of the public. Gao Dejin took this opportunity to get a donation. The life was greatly improved. It was not as embarrassing in the past.

However, this popularity is not long. Soon the audience lost interest, the media left, and the life of the Gaodejin family returned to peace.However, the income he obtained from it has not been recovered. The money comes in a timely manner, and it is also very important. Let Zhang Rongxiang have the opportunity to get enough nutrition and can give birth to a child.

October conceive, once gave birth.The baby in Zhang Rongxiang’s stomach may know the situation of the family, so there was no mess, and he developed calmly to the time of childbirth.Knowing that Zhang Rongxiang’s situation is special, the hospital is fully prepared, and all kinds of plans are available, and you must do your best to do this.

Plants can naturally only be born in a caesarean section. This time the operation is very smooth. Although Zhang Rongxiang’s physical conditions are weaker than ordinary pregnant women, they are not reaching the level of childbirth.To this world.

At that time, Gaodejin, who was holding the child at the time, wept, and everything was worth it. Looking at the child’s naive face, this is the greatest happiness.

The only regret is that Zhang Rongxiang still maintains the status of the plants, even if he has not woke up such a major node.This is a very dangerous signal, and the second half of her life is likely to have been like this.Moreover, the child’s birth after birth is very high, and the various costs make people breathless, and the burden of the Gaodejin family is heavier.

After being forced to be helpless, Gao Dejin thought of the accident again. He could only give up his face and claimed the original car driver Zhang Gang, asking the other party to compensate for a part of the cost again.

Zhang Gang could have rejected reasonably, because when he saw that Zhang Rongxiang became a vegetative, he had compensated more than 50,000 yuan.However, after hearing that Zhang Rongxiang gave birth to a child, the family’s life was sleepy. Zhang Gang still did not have a hard heart. Instead, he chose to compensate again.

According to the disability appraisal made by Gaodejin to his wife, Zhang Rongxiang is a third -level disability, paralyzed in bed, and unable to sober.However, the previous responsibility judgment was still in effect. Gaodejin himself was also responsible, so Zhang Gang paid much of his mind. In the end, he paid 50,000 yuan again to ensure the subsequent life of Zhang Rongxiang and the child.

After winning this money, the media came to report again, so Gaodejin used the heat to obtain some of the benefits, which was a good news.The public welfare groups in the society also noticed Zhang Rongxiang’s situation, and often donated and donated and donated their houses to give some help.The local community also handled Zhang Rongxiang for a minimum guarantee. His family could receive a certain amount of money every month and obtained long -term guarantees.

With various help, the situation of the Gaodejin family gradually improved.Although the days are still tight, it is obviously hopeful.And as the two daughters grew up day by day, they can also help their homes more, so their lives are still too much.The only constant is Zhang Rongxiang. She still has a plain gesture and has no reaction to outside things.

In this case, when the son was more than two years old, he changed. Zhang Rongxiang’s eyelids suddenly began to shake, and then slowly opened his eyes and had consciousness.This made the family happy, and the hard days finally passed. Zhang Rongxiang obviously recovered from the status of the vegetative state. The expectations of day and night before were effective.

Sure enough, it didn’t take long for Zhang Rongxiang’s consciousness to recover with people.Although she was paralyzed in bed and could not act, at least she could take care of herself and no longer take care of others. This is a great progress.

During the conversation with her family, Zhang Rongxiang said the reason why she was awake. She heard that a child around him had been calling her to let her come out of the darkness and give her hope.

Zhang Rongxiang’s waking up is not an example. There are many touching stories in real life, or because of family affection, or because of love, the plants who are in a coma are awake from the coma, and finally return to the lives of normal people.Perhaps the plants bring despair, but as long as they believe in persistence and the power of time, miracles may happen.

As for Zhang Rongxiang’s pregnancy, this is not outrageous, because there are also related cases at home and abroad.Women in the state of plants are a problem, but it is not unable to solve it.With the continuous improvement of medical methods, the success rate of such cases has become higher and higher. The children born to the mother of vegetative mothers are also very healthy, and they cannot see the difference from ordinary people.

The words are home. Under the guidance of the doctor, Zhang Rongxiang, who is awake, can gradually get out of bed and walk around, and walk slowly with the help of the crutch.And looking at her state, it will only get better and better in the future.

The biggest regret has been made up, the children grow up healthy, and his wife Zhang Rongxiang also wakes up. This has made Gaodejin confident in life again. It is a happy ending.In the future, the Gaodejin family accompanied each other, and I believe it would be happiness.Do you have anything to say about this?

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