In 2008, the massage girl played with a married man, and was locked into the iron box after pregnancy.

On June 21, 2008, under the bridge section of a highway in a highway in Jiangyan District, Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province, a blue iron box floated on the floating.When I saw it, I saw a red -headed fly around the iron suitcase, which exuded a stinky smell of rot. Everyone looked at the gap between the damaged corners and saw that the stomach of the rotten "unknown creature" had swollen, and the death appearance was very.Tragic.

One of the villagers felt that things were not good. I am afraid that they were a "murder case", so they immediately called the alarm call. After the police of the Public Security Bureau of Jiangsu Taizhou arrived, they lifted the blue iron suitcase lid.Broken their three views.

This is a highly "corrupted pregnant female corpse", hidden in the blue iron suitcase, died of mechanical suffocation, and was wrapped around the neck by the wire.What is even more changing is that the female corpse passed "after death" after death.When a full moon, when the police lifted the corpse, they fell out of the female corpse’s crotch more than five pounds of "fetus".The severe degree of the case is unimaginable. It can be said that it is "one corpse and two lives". If the fetus in the belly of the female corpse, if it is born normally, it can be "alive".Who is that, so cruelly killed a pregnant woman?What story is hidden between the two?

The "pregnant woman" locked in the iron suitcase is not a native of Taizhou, Jiangsu, but a woman Wang, a woman who worked in Jiangsu from Puyang, Anhui. She was born in a small village in Liyang, Anhui.I got married and had children early, and lived a small life.

However, Wang’s husband Liu is not only delicious and lazy, but often faces Wang Mou. The marriage of the two has only maintained two years. In 2003, Wang, who was physically and mentally exhausted, proposed a divorce.The nephew was tied up, trying to kill with a rope, and even threatened Wang "Dare to divorce, just make their family difficult for a lifetime."

It was just that Liu did not succeed. The police rescued the kidnapped boy in time, but Liu had long disappeared. Wang was afraid that Liu would continue to retaliate, so he left his hometown and came to Jiangsu to find a chance to make money.

In 2006, Wang finally came to an "little girl" in a shampoo house. Because he did not have strong ability, he could only rely on this marginal occupation to maintain his livelihood.Most of them are in the heart. Among them, a man named Wu is a large truck driver. He often patronizes Wang’s shampoo. Although Wu already has a family, he still has not been able to converge his "flower intestine".Time runs to the shampooing room, named Wang to serve himself.Wang had never seen any world, thinking that he had encountered the "real emperor", and the two gradually became familiar and often dated outside the shampoo house. Over time, Wu Mou took into account the family while enjoying the family, so he gave Wang Wang, so he gave Wang Wang, so he gave Wang Wang.Someone rented a house in the community where he lived. The two were almost loved me every day. In the evening, Wu could go home to eat on time.

Although Wang knew that Wu had a family, he still believed that Wu would divorce with himself, so he brought Wu to the two relatives of Anhui’s hometown, and Wang’s two brothers did not know Wu.A family had a family, but instead advised Wang to get married with Wu, but Wang said, "I don’t care about that piece of paper."

This matter has been put on hold for a while, but after a long time, Wang even found that he was pregnant, so the idea of becoming a legal couple with Wu was more and more intense, but Wu was just a truck driver.Divorce is not interesting to ask himself.

So he always "painted big cakes" for Wang, but Wang’s belly became bigger every day, and the relationship between the two gradually rigid. Wang finally couldn’t bear it. He had a fierce quarrel with Wu.In a certain family, confront her wife.

After hearing Wang’s extreme remarks, Wu was instantly scared. The anger in his heart could not be controlled., And the wires were wrapped around the neck several times.Later, a "blue iron box" was customized near the community, and Wang’s Wang was installed, driving his big truck late at night, and throwing a corpse under the bridge near Jiangyan.

Wang was killed by the lover. The two relatives did not find something wrong, but at the end of the year, he began to contact his sister, but Wang had no news and did not go home when he was Chinese.

With a sorrowful mood, the two came to Jiangsu to find Wu. Wu saw Wang’s brother looking for it. He immediately made a delicious and delicious hospitality, showing a grief look, telling Wang Mou’s brothers"The little girl died of bleeding due to ectopic pregnancy." Because of the sudden incident, he had created Wang Mou before he had time to notify Wang. Although the two brothers were somewhat suspicious, Wu took out five generously.10,000 yuan, pretending to be, "I heard that there is a 90 -year -old father in the family who needs to take care. I cautiously, I hope that the two brothers can accept it and end this matter."

After Wang’s two brothers saw 50,000 yuan in cash, the younger sister’s "ectopic pregnancy death" defaulted, and she returned home with the money. So far, the family has never mentioned Wang.Not in vain, no life.

Ten days after Wu’s killing, the villagers living by the bridge found the blue iron box.Rotten, has been soaked by the river for several days, and has not extracted effective DNAs. Although "biological information" from the body has not been able to confirm Wang’s identity. The police took a month to investigate the nearby population information nearby nearby.Unfortunately, no identity of the deceased was found.

Later, the police then monitored the probe to find suspicious vehicles that passed in June 2008. The vehicles that could pass in Jiangyan reached hundreds of thousands of vehicles a day.Cover the case.

It’s just that the police in Jiangtai Taizhou have not given up. On the day of 2020, the case of the case in the past twelve years, once again restarted the "Blue Iron Case Pregnant Women Case" through the "Cloud Sword Action".After a breakthrough, after the "biological information" left, compared with the information in the DNA database, it quickly confirmed that the deceased’s identity was "Wang".

Two months before the incident, the police had been processed by the police once because of gathers gambling, so detailed information was also recorded in the case.The Taizhou police quickly found Wang’s two brothers. Although the family stated that her sister died by an accident, during the process of the police gave them a law, the two were afraid of responsibility, so they took the initiative to explain "the existence of Wu".Essence

In the end, Wu was successfully arrested. Although the matter has passed twelve years, Wu refused to admit the crimes committed at the time, but in the face of the facts of the iron plate, he no longer quibbled, telling the truth of the "passion crime" of the year.Essence

However, Wu Mou’s "one corpse and two lives" and his harsh cases were cruelly killed two innocent lives.The moral "big counterattack" is even more disgusted, so the final result of Wu can be sentenced to "death penalty."

"The wicked is finally punished, fairness and self -employment". People must have a basic bottom line in the world in order to keep the original intention of being a person and truly become a "one person."

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