Improper physical examination report is not a good reason

Source: Southern Daily

In August of this year, the incident of "pregnant women unable to do chest transparency and was rejected" attracted attention.During pregnancy, the parties participated in the teaching and recruitment examinations organized by the Henan Xinxiang Plain Demonstration Zone to organize the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, and the Plain Demonstration Zone Cultural and Education Sports and Health Bureau.Not accepted.Recently, the parties filed a request for the first trial of the administrative lawsuit that the two departments had requested to withdraw the decision and failed to be sentenced in court.

Before discussing this incident, it is necessary to clarify a prerequisite: my country’s labor law, employment promotion law, and women’s rights protection law all stipulate that employment discrimination shall not be implemented, and women shall not refuse to recruit women or improve women’s hires on the grounds of gender. standard.Fertility is an important right of women and an inevitable requirement for the continuation of human society.Regardless of reasonable or legal, employers cannot refuse to be hired on the grounds of women’s pregnancy.

Looking back, according to the logic of the local Cultural and Education Sports Health Bureau, it is required to submit a complete inspection report because of security reasons. The recruitment announcement also explained that the candidates did not seriously read the announcement and were rejected to blame themselves.This logic seems to be smooth, but the reality is that the chest transparent during pregnancy may cause fetal malformation and abortion.should.According to the surging news report, the parties had twice asked the hospital to do their chests and were rejected by the hospital.Therefore, pregnant women cannot do chest transparency, and they are not qualified if they do not perform chest diarrhea. In fact, the pregnant woman refuses to refuse outside the door and contradicts that "pregnant women should not be rejected".The Cultural and Education and Sports Health Bureau claims that "there is no deliberate obstacle". Even if the public believes, it involves the vital interests of a considerable part of the group, and you must not use "I am not intentionally" to confuse things.

The key to contradictions is that it is not as reasonable to submit a complete medical examination report at the same time at the same time.The medical examination notice issued by the Plains Demonstration Zone and the Cultural and Education Bureau in 2019 mentioned that "the medical examination refers to the relevant standards and regulations recruited by civil servants."According to the relevant documents of the State Civil Service Bureau, when recruiting civil servants in various places, they adopted the practice of postponing candidates for pregnant candidates and publicized the record after completing the physical examination.The suspension is not a rejection, but a full consideration based on the need to reflect the reality of the special group, gives understanding, tolerance, and support, and making policy changes.The "reference" of the suspended admission of conditions has become a non -admission."So are you considering the incompetence, or do you try to reject pregnant women through the request?

Some people mention the practical problems of hiring pregnant women. For example, "I immediately gathered before going to work. After work, I immediately rest in maternity leave, so that our students should do it."As everyone knows, this exactly reflects the hidden discrimination of women’s employment.Breeding and maternity leave are all legal rights for women. If you only consider the utilitarian factors such as "anxious people" and "not raising people", you always feel that "what may happen to women", which will not only harm the applicant’s rights and interests, but violate the fair selection.It will also intensify social contradictions.In recent years, the state has continued to adjust the age structure of the population by liberalizing a series of policies such as the second child.When talking about women’s "or not," to give birth, at least let women dare to get married and childcare.Recruitment discrimination prohibited by the law is difficult to obtain evidence and exists in hidden discrimination. Before the introduction of more powerful measures, pick up legal weapons to be worthy of recognition from employers.(Du Xian)

Editor in charge: Xu Ke

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