If you want to be weaned, what should you get back to milk is the best?

Many mothers want to be weaned to the baby, but I do n’t know how to return milk, it is also a more distressed issue, especially some mothers with a lot of milk. How to accept it, it ’s still a lot of milk.Pain.

Missing method A: Missing the baby and forced himself to return to milk.In order to be weaning as soon as possible, some mothers will take compulsory isolation measures, separate from the baby, so that the baby will not drink milk or feed for a few days, there will be no milk.If the first baby may be separated by the first baby, the first baby may have separation and anxiety because he can’t find it. Because the second mother suddenly does not breastfeed, the milk will not be fully released, it will rise, it will be painful.It can cause breast blockage and become mastitis.

Error method B: As soon as you raise your milk, you can empty the breasts with a breast pump.Some babies have been weaned, but when the mother encounters milk, she immediately uses a breast pump to empty the breast, which causes the effect of the milk to collect very slowly, and even some dairy mothers return milk to get more and more.Because the breast is a very smart organs, the amount of milk will be adjusted according to the baby’s sucking. If the milk is emptied as soon as the milk is raised, the breast will continue to produce milk, and the more row.The above two methods will also seriously affect the health of the breast. After returning to milk, many mothers find that their breasts are severely sagging and reducing cups, even much smaller than before before pregnancy.

The correct approach should be: ★ Baby weaning, first increase the intake of other dairy products, extend breastfeeding intervals and breastfeeding intervals, because when the brain receives a signal of reduced production, the breast will reduce milk production and less and less.★ When the milk is raised, do not pass the emptiness at a time. The correct posture is: when the breasts are uncomfortable, squeeze it with your hands and squeeze it.Milk) Adjust until it is comfortable, and then raise milk for a while. The above actions should be repeated in time to avoid blocking the breast.Doing so, you can slowly collect milk to allow the breasts to slowly absorb breast milk, and you can keep the breast shape and elasticity as much as possible (but you must know that the breasts will indeed be smaller than the breastfeeding after the milk is collected).At that time, I was able to collect milk in about two weeks.

Do you want to return milk quickly, or slowly get back to milk?

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1. Return to milk quickly, don’t wait for someone

2. Go back to milk slowly, or be patient

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