If you want a baby, what should I do if I encounter tubal obstruction?

1. The cause of fallopian tube blocking

Among women’s infertility, about 25%-35%are fallopian tube factors, of which tubal obstruction is most common.According to the blocking site, it can be divided into proximal blocking, remote obstruction (umbrella end lock).

1. The proximal obstruction of the fallopian tube can be temporary -mucus block obstruction causes temporary spasm; it may also be permanent obstruction caused by gorge fibrosis.

2. The remote obstruction of the fallopian tube is mostly locking of the umbrella end caused by pelvic inflammatory diseases, which causes the fallopian tube to accumulate water, or it is not smooth.

Second, clinical manifestations of fallopian tube blocking

In general, there is no typical clinical manifestations of fallopian tube obstruction, and most of the patients are discovered by infertility examination after marriage.Even if there is a tubal water, only a small number of women occasionally feel the lower abdomen swelling, and lack of special performance.

3. How to find tubal obstruction

Some patients may find pelvic blocks during the women’s examination. Ultrasonic prompts: fallopian tube stagnation?

For patients with infertility, it can be checked by fallopian tubal liquid, uterine fallopian tube angiography, and laparoscopy tubal liquid.Clinically, first of all, the uterine fallopian tube is recommended.This examination can classify near or remote obstructions, or to be unobstructed, which can provide certain reference value for subsequent treatment plans.

4. What should I do if I find the fallopian tube obstruction?

The most helplessness of patients with fallopian tube obstruction is the choice of treatment schemes. Surgical repair or directly test tube baby?

When formulating a treatment plan, comprehensive factors such as the patient’s age, ovarian reserve function, past pregnancy history, whether there are other infertility factors, and men’s semen are analyzed.

For young women with a normal ovarian reserve function and no other infertility factors, especially the fallopian tubal angiography indicates the remote obstruction of the fallopian tube (fallopian tube water, not smoothly), we also recommend the infertility surgery under the mirror mirror.

This method is not only to further clarify whether there is pelvic inflammatory sequelae, but also to improve the structure of the pelvic organs and improve the environment in the pelvic cavity by restoring the normally pelvic organs.

5. How long can I get pregnant after infertility?

Patients with smooth surgery and a successful liquid fluid of the uterine fallopian tube can prepare pregnancy after recovering menstruation after surgery.Under the assistance of ultrasonic detection of ovulation, guide the same room to increase the surrogacy rate.Six months to one year after surgery are golden pregnancy.

*Source of this article: Beijing Huabo Hospital infertility

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